Antique rare maps of Ukraine


1548 - Tabula Asiae II ((Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia)

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Fine example of Gastaldi's map of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and neighboring regions, based upon the work of Claudius Ptolemy. Giacomo Gastaldi's Atlas of 1548 has been called the most comprehensive atlas produced between Martin...


1694 - Carte Nouvelle De La Mer Mediterranee ou sont Exactement Remarques tous les Ports, Golfes, Rochers, Banks, de Sable &c . . .

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The Most Lavishly Illustrated Map of the Mediterranean of the 17th Century Covens & Mortier edition of Romeyn De Hooghe map of the Mediterranean, embellished with 38 inset maps and views of the major ports and harbors of the Mediterranean. Fine...


1706 - Carte De Tartarie dressee sur les Relations . . . 1706

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Nice example of this detailed map of Tartary, consisting of the Eastern part of Russia, Central Asia, China and Korea, first published by Nicholas De L'Isle in 1706. The map extends from the Peninsula of Korea in the east to the Caspian and Black...


1736 - Charte der Kriegs Operationen am Donn und Dniepr Ihro Russisch Key Serl: Maiest: Glorieusen Armeen A: 1736 gestorchen bey der keyserl: Acad: der Wissensch: in St. Petersb.

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Very rare separately published map of the southern part of Ukraine, published by the Royal Academy in St. Petersburg. The map provides a detailed account of the battles between the Russian and Turkish Armies. The map was later copied in Augsburg by...


1737 - [Ochakov] Plan veritable de la fameuse Forteresse d'Oczakow Prise d'assaut sur les Turcs par l'Armee Russie Sous le Commandement de S. Exc. Mr. le Marechal Comte de Munich le 2 Juillet 1737 et deffendue vaillammant par Mr. le Major General de Stoffel, con

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Exceptional Original Color Finely colored example of Antoine du Chaffat's exceedingly rare map of the Siege of Ochakov, published in Augsburg. The plan includes a detailed treatment of the fortifications and 7 item key in French and German locating...


1770 - Tabula Geographica Generalis Gubernii Kioviensis In X. Legiones divisi Comp. J. F. Schmidt Acad Scient Petrop. Adj

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One of the Earliest Maps of the Kiev Guberniya Rare separately published map of the Kiev region, published in St. Petersburg. The map depicts the Kiev Guberniya in fine detail, perhaps more so than any prior map. The map is issued at the end of the...


1776 - Carte Des Environs De La Mer Noire ou se Troubent l'Ukrayne, La Petite Tartarie, et Les Confins de la Russie Europeene, et de L Turquie . . . .

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Scarce regional map centered on the Black Sea, published in Venice by Francois Santini. One of the most detailed maps of the region published in the mid-18th century.


1792 - [Map of the Kiev Region] КАРТА КІЕВСКАГО НАМѢСТНИЧЕСТВА

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19th-century photo-lithographed facsimile of a map of the Kiev region from Alexander Wilbrecht's famous 1792 Atlas of the Russian Empire (Российский атлас). Pale of Settlement The map is interesting for many reasons, not least of which...


1803 - КАРТА ВСЕГО АЗОВСКАГО МОРЯ сочинена съ описи, вновь учиненной 1803 года, на компасъ имѣющей склоненіе 8, Западное. Глубииa моряозначена футами. [Map of the Whole Azov Sea...]

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Detailed Map of the Sea of Azov, issued Upon the Creation of the Taurida Governate by Alexander I. Separately issued Russian engraved map of the Sea of Azov, published in 1803, after a period of improved surveying of the body of water. The map far...


1850 - Black Sea

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Scarce decorative map of the Black Sea, pubilshed by Rapkin.


1853 - Teatro de la Guerre Presente Entre Rusos y Turcos. 1828

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Rare separately issued map illustrating the Theater of War between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire, dated 1828 and issued by the Fermin, with a later imprint for the Direccion Hidrographia. Includes a large inset plan of Istanbul.


1864 - [Odessa] ПЛАНЪ ГОРОДА ОДЕССЫ Составл. Землемѣр. Крыловымъ [Plan of the City of Odessa. Compiled by the Surveyor Krylov.]

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One of the Great Maps of Odessa. A stunning lithographed map of Odessa, Ukraine, published in Odessa in 1864. The map separates Odessa by its constituent neighborhoods and depicts land classifications pictorially. The map has four detailed inset...


1910 - [Bukovina] Harta Etnografica a Bucovinei Intocmita Pe TEmeiul Recenzamantului Oficial Din 1910 De I. Nistor

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Detailed Ethnographic map of Bucovina, identifying the ethnic make up of the cities and towns in the region. An explanation of the color coding is shown at the left, including 8 different ethnic groups, including: Roma Ruthenians (Eastern Slavic...


1947 - [Schematic Plan of the City of Lviv] Схематичний план мiста Львова

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Interesting Ukrainian-language post-World War II map of Lviv, Ukraine. The map is focused on firefighting, with the upper-left corner including an image and slogan entreating people to join the volunteer fire brigade. In the upper-right corner is a...


1954 - Етнографічна Карта Буковини | Carte Ethnographique de la Bucovine | Ethnographical Map of Bukovina

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This fascinating map is a rare look into the distributions of various ethnicities through the historical region of Bukovina, prior to the world wars, with insights regarding Jewish history in the region. The map was based on work by the famed Ukrainian...