Antique rare maps of Ukraine


1963 - [Ukraine Tourist Map - In the Ukrainian Language] Україна Туристська Схема (на украінском языке)

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Rare 1963 Ukrainian-language pictorial tourist map of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. Major roads for tourists are noted, as are hotels, restaurants, gas stations, auto repair workshops, and...


1965 - [Kiev Map with City Transport Lines.] КИЇВ КАРТОСХЕМА З ТРАСАМИ МІСЬКОГО ТРАНСПОРТУ

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Ukrainian-language color-printed folding map illustrating the mass transit lines in Kiev. Published in the city in 1965. The map features an inset of the city center in the upper right and a key in the lower left. An extensive list of points of...


1972 - Київ Ілюстрована Схема (Illustrated Map of Kiev)

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Attractive illustrated Soviet-era map of Kiev, with text in Ukrainian, especially highlighting areas of interest to tourists. The inset at the lower right shows the "ЦЕНТР МІCТА" (Downtown), the inset at upper right shows...


1980 - ОДЕССА (Odessa) - ЦЕНТРАЛЬНАЯ ЧАСТЬ ГОРОДА (Downtown) [Inset]

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Attractive color-printed folding map of Odessa, issued in Moscow as part of a series of tourist maps for medium to large cities in the USSR. Points of interest are shown. Various parks, places for leisure activity, and public transit are all described...