Antique rare maps of England


1581 - Nordovicum Angliae Civitas

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Important early view of Norwich, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th Century. This fine view of Norwich is based on William Cuningham's plan of 1558. Viewed from...


1608 - [East Coast of England - Great Yarmouth to Newcastle] Eijgentlijck ontwerp vande Noortcuste van Engelandt, tuschen Iarmunen en het Coggen eijlandt...

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Early Sailing Chart of the East Coast of England. Rare sea chart of the east coast of England, with Great Yarmouth at the far left (i.e., south) of the chart, stretching through The Wash, and mouth of the Humber, to Newcastle. The chart appeared in J...


1639 - De Noort Cust van Engelandt tuschen Crammer en de Revier van Nicasteel / Les Costes Marines d' Engleterre et Escosse entre Crammer et Orcades.

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Rare Dutch Sea chart of the Coast of England, published by Jacob Colom, circa 1639. The map appeared in Colom's The New Fierie Sea-Colomne, one of the earliest of Colom's works. Oriented with west toward the top, the chart extends from Cromer in the...


1658 - Ancien Royaume de Northumberland aujourdhuy Provinces de Nort ou sont les Comtes de Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Westmorland Lancaster, et Yorck.

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Nicolas Sanson's double-page engraved map of northern England, focusing on Northumberland. The map was published in Paris in 1658. The map features an impressive cartouche of horses and putti.


1676 - The Kingdome of England

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Striking map of England, with costumed figures, a compass rose and a detailed table of the Shires of England, published by John Speed and engraved by Abraham Goos. Originally drawn from the map of Christopher Saxton, this is the second of Speed's maps...


1690 - Parte Settentrionale Del Regno D'Inghilterra . . . (with) Parte Meridionale Del Regno D'Inghilterra . . .

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Nice example of Coronelli's attractive and beautifully engraved map of England and Wales. England is divided within the boundaries of the seven ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, and some alternative place names are given (marked with an asterisk) based on...


1693 - Carte Nouvelle des Costes D'Angleterre depuis la Rivieree de la Tamise, jusques a Portland . . . 1693

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Nice old color example of Romain De Hooghe's regional chart of the southern coast of England, including the Thames and London. Includes large views of Portsmouth and Chatham. The chart is richly embellished with rhumblines, compass roses, sailing...


1693 - Angliae Regnum Tam In Septem Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna...

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Nicolaes Visscher II's highly decorative map of England and Wales, with elaborate cartouche. Very nice example in old outline hand color. Includes a dedication to William III just below the title.


1693 - Carte Maritime de L'Angleterre depuis Sorlingues jusques a Portland ou l'on voit les costes et Ports . . . . 1693

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Striking large format map of the southwestern part of England, including Cornwall, Devon and part of Somerset, engraved by Romain De Hooge. The map includes a large view of Portland and two smaller views in the top left corner, an inset of the islands...


1695 - England By Rob't Morden

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Decorative map of England, published in London by Robert Morden for Camden's Brittania, perhaps the most enduring of all works on Britain. Shows towns, counties, roads, rivers, lakes, and many other details.


1695 - Britannia Saxonica

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Attractive map of Saxon England, engraved by John Sturt for Robert Morden. The map illustrates Saxon England and Wales, showing the kingdoms and counties that existed at the time.


1710 - Carte Particuliere D'Une Partie D'Angleterre . . . (Sandwich, Dover, Canterbury, etc)

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Fine example of Mortier's regional map of the British Coastline from the Isle of Shepy to the region just south of Dover. Larger cities shown include Canterbury, Margae, Dover, Folkstone and Ashford. The map is drawn from the map of Henry Frix.


1719 - Nouvelle Carte De L'Angleterre Dans Laqu'elle L'on Observe Les Cmtez Les Archeves, Chez Les Eveschez, Le Univeristez, Les Villes et Les Bourgs …

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Striking large format map of England, colored by Counties. Shows the major Cities, Churches, Universities and other points of significance within England. From Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique, one of the great compilations of the early 18th...


1720 - Magnae Britanniae Pars Meridionalis in qua Regnum Anglia tam in Septum Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna . . .

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Decorative map of England, title cartouche, two coats of arms and decorative vignette. Includes a scene of scene with the Royal Court presiding. Large allegorical cartouche and two coats of arms.


1728 - A Chart Describing Part of the Coast of Great-Britain, From South Foreland to Berwick

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Fine Sea Chart of Great Britain from an Influential Atlas Scarce sea chart of the coast of England and Wales, from the Atlas Maritimus & Commercialis, published in London in 1728. To the west is a coast of Ireland, while to the east are the Dogger...


1728 - Dnus. Hans Sloane Baronettus Collegy Regy Medicorum Londinensis, & Regiae Societatis Proeses &c.

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The Greatest English Collector of the 18th Century Rare Mezzotint of Sir Hans Sloan, executed by John Faber in 1728, from a half length portrait of Sloane painted by Thomas Murray. Sir Hans Sloane Sir Hans Sloane was the first Baronet PRS FRS (1660...