Antique rare maps of England


1730 - [Manuscript Map of Gibraltar]

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Original Early-18th Century Manuscript Map of Gibraltar. Pen, ink, and wash hand-drawn map of Gibraltar, probably done by a French or Spanish mapmaker around the time of the 1727 Spanish siege. The map is unusual in its configuration and does not...


1738 - To the most High Puissant & Noble Prince Charles Duke of Marlborough &c: &c: &c: This Plan of Windsor Park is most humbly Inscrib'd by his Graces most Devoted & Obt. Survant J: Rocque . . .

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Rare early plan of Windsor Park, engraved by John Rocque. The Plan is oriented with west at the top and includes inset views of the Green House, The Duke of Marlborough's Lodge, and two views of Windsor Castle. Published in 1738, this is among...


1740 - Britanniae Sive Angliae Regnum, tam secunum prisca Anglo-Saxonum Imperia…

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Seutter's decorative engraved map of England. Incudes a coat of arms and an elaborate allegorical vignette.


1740 - A Map of England and Wales from the latest and best Observations . . .

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Fine mid-18th century map of England and Wales. The map provides a fine detailed snapshot ot the counties, towns, roads and other features.


1752 - Tabula geographica Angliae et Walliae ad emendatiora exempla . . .

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A nice example of this scarce map of England and Wales, published by the famous mathematician Leonard Von Euler. Decorative cartouce and privilege stamp below the cartouche. The map is quite scarce on the market.


1756 - Carte Topographique des pays et cotes maritimes Qui forment le Detroit de Gibraltar . . .

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Rare scientific sea chart, oriented with south at the top, showing the entrance to the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar. The chart illustrates in great detail the fortifications on both the Iberian and African coastlines, as well as the...


1773 - A Map of England and Wales from the latest Authorities and Observations

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Gorgeous large format map of the England and Wales. Includes a decorative compass rose. From John Blair's Chronology and History of the World, first published in 1754.


1778 - Le Royaume D'Angleterre, divise selon les sept Royaumes ou Heptrachie des Saxons, avec La Principaute De Galles, et subdivisie en Shires ou Comtes . . . 1778

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Detailed Santini/Remondini map of the English Heptarchy. An excellent large format map of England and Wales, divided by Heptarchies and showing towns, rivers, lakes, roads and many other details. Based upon De Vaugondy's map first issued in the early...


1780 - England and Wales Drawn from the most accurate Surveys . . . . By John Rocque

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Detailed 4 sheet map of England and Wales, by John Rocque, an immigrant Huguenot who worked in London from 1735 to 1762. Little is known about the early life of Rocque, who worked as a surveyor, engraver and publisher, even though he is mentioned in...


1793 - Regni Angliae et Principatus Cambriae Tabula Nova . . . MDCCLXXXXIII

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Decorative map of England and Wales, published in Nuremberg. The map is partially colored by counties and is based upon the map of Thomas Kitchin.


1794 - A New Map of England & Wales Drawn from several Surveys &c. On the New Projection; Corrected from Astronomical Observations & the Places marked whre teh Observatns. were made By Thos. Kitchin Geogr. The Canals inserted to 1792 by J. Phillips, Surveyor

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Fine large format map of England and Wales, published by Laurie & Whttle, based upon an earlier map by Thomas Kitchin. The map is updated to incorporate all British Canals through 1792. A number of annotations are shown along the coastlines,...


1798 - (Oxford) Merton College from the Fields. The Oxford Almanack For the Year of our Lord God MDCCXCVIII

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Scarce broadside Oxford Almanac for the year 1798. Appears quite rare with only 2 other examples, one at the British Library (on OCLC) and a second at the British Museum. Issued in 1798 by Dayes. The example at the British Museum is blank in the...


1801 - A Map of England, Wales & Scotland describing all the Direct and principal Cross Roads in Great Britain, with the Distances measured between the Market Towns and from London . . .

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Detailed map of England, Wales and Scotland focusing on the roads between the principal market towns and showing distances. The explanation notes the Great Roads, Mail Coach Roads, Cross Roads, Distances from London, Canals, etc.


1814 - An Accurate Map of England and Wales with The Principal Roads from the best Authorities

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Detailed map of England, showing towns, roads, rivers mountains, lakes, etc. Nice detail. From the 1814 edition of Carey's American Atlas.


1818 - Plan of an Estate called Mill Hill and New Lockers with Oak Farm in the Parish of Great Bursted and County of Essex belonging to John Ward Esqr.

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A Hand Drawn Survey Map on Vellum -- Great Bursted Township, Essex County Detailed cadastral survey map of New Lockers, Mill Hill and Oak Farm, "Surveyed by J and W. Newton, Chancery Lane, 1818." Very attractive example of the mapmaker’s art from...


1822 - Oldham

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Detailed map of Oldham, with a key locating 11 points of interest.