Antique rare maps of England


1824 - Manchester and its Environs Engraved from an Actual Survey Made in 1824, By William Swire, Leeds . . .

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Highly detailed map of Manchester, published by Edward Baines. Includes 2 views and multiple coats of arms and vignettes.


1824 - Ashton under Line

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Detailed map of the town of Ashton under Line, in Lancashire, just east of Manchester.


1824 - Rochdale

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Detailed map of the town of Rochdale in Lancashire, north of Manchester.


1824 - England and Wales

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Decorative and detailed map of England and Wales, published in Philadelphia by Anthony Finley. The map is colored by counties.


1836 - Liverpool

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Detailed plan of Liverpool, with inset views from the Harbor and Black Rock Lighthouse, along with a profile showing the 15 major buildings and churches and a small plan of Liverpol in 1729. Marvelous town plan.


1842 - England

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Arrowsmith's Map of England This is a striking example of Arrowsmith's map of England. The map is very detailed, naming thousands of towns and showing many roads, railways, rivers, mountains, and more. Wales is included in this map entitled England....


1857 - Map of England

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Scarce Charles Desilver map of England, published in 1857. The map is hand colored by county and shows towns, rivers, bays, lakes, railroads, roads, etc.


1862 - Colton's England and Wales

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Nice large format map of England & Wales, hand colored by counties.


1930 - A Chart of the Aintree Race Course [Liverpool, England]

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Rare pictorial map of the famed Aintree Race Course, home to the Grand National, drawn by pictorial artist George Annand, The two mile course boasts 30 fences, individually numbered, the race consists of two laps. Ditches and water features provide...


1944 - [Two Sheet Detailed Agricultural Map] Great Britain

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A fascinating map of Great Britain compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in June 1939 and printed by the Ordnance Survey in 1944. The map shows the types of agriculture which dominate in each region of the United Kingdom. Approximately...


1947 - Historic York

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Finely executed pictorial map of the City of York, published in York by by Ben Johnson & Co. The map is the work of York's own commercial illustrator Estra Clark. The map shows buildings, landmarks, sites of significant events, the city wall,...


1948 - Cambridge This immense & glorious work of fine intellegence...

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An attractive pictorial map of the idyllic and historical university town of Cambridge. The twenty-one constituent colleges of the university are all listed and shown around the map, save for Selwyn, Newnham, and Girton. The city is portrayed in...