Balearic Islands

Antique rare maps of Balearic Islands


1866 - Colton's Greece and the Ionian Republic

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Detailed map of the Greek Islands, showing towns, mountains, rivers, roads, lakes, gulfs, bays, etc. Decorative border. A terrific regional map, from JH Colton, one of the most prolific American mapmakers of the mid-19th Century.


1592 - Septentrionalium Regionum Descrip.

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Ortelius' Map of the North Atlantic Old color example of Abraham Ortelius's important early map of the North Atlantic, extending from Scandinavia and the Polar regions in the East, to the mythical Islands of the North Atlantic, Greenland, Iceland and...


1746 - Nouvelle Carte de la Mer Mediterranee Juscques au Cap S. Vincent et Cap Cantin

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Rare 2 sheet chart of the Mediterranean, published by Francois Olivier in Toulon in 1746. One of the most advanced sea charts of the period, which was produced as a working chart and for which there are very few surviving examples. To the upper right...


1855 - Valetta, the Capital of the Island of Malta [with] Balearic Islands [and] Corsica and Sardinia

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Detailed plan of Valetta, with a map of the Balearic Islands and a map of Sardinia and Corsica.


1610 - Turcici Imperii Imago [shows Cyprus]

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Fine Map of the Ottoman Empire from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Striking example of this map of the Ottoman Empire, showing their territories in the Balkans, Anatolia, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa. It was published by Henricus...


1835 - Greece

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Marvelous detailed map of Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Crete, and surrounding islands from this scarce American atlas.


1851 - Turkey in Europe

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Striking full color example of Tallis' map of European Turkey. Decorative Vignettes of Ali Pasha, The Bosphorus and Constantinople and a Greek Caloyer figure, also inset of island of Cadia. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas....


1581 - Insularum Aliquot Maris Mediterranei Descriptio [Sicily, Malta, Sardinia, Corfu, Elba and Zerbia]

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Fine example of Ortelius' maps of the islands of Sicily, Malta, Sardinia, Corfu, Elba and Zerbia, from the Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern Atlas of the World. Includes a number of sailing ships, including a sinking vessel off...


1791 - Dominons of The King of Sardinia . . . 1791

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Detailed map of the Kingdom of Sardinia, with a large inset of the Island of Sardinia. Includes Savoy, Aosa, Novarese, Canavese, the Province of Turin, Province of Pignerol, Marquesat of Susa, Province of Alba, Province of Coni, States of Genoa,...


1801 - Charte von Sicilien und Malta . . . 1801

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Rare early 19th Century map of Sicily and large inset map of Malta. Shows excellent detail in the interior of the Islands, including political subdivisions, topography and the location of Volcanoes on Sicily. This is the first time we have ever seen...


1863 - Johnson's Italy. Venetia, Kingdom of Italy, Piedmont and Lombardy, Aemilia Tuscany, the Marches & Umbria, and the States of the Church. (Large Malta Inset)

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Interesting map of Italy, which appeared in the later editions of Johnson's New Family Atlas of the World. Shows early railroads, among other details.


1640 - Insulae Balearides et Pytiusae

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A beautiful map of the islands of Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza, along with the contiguous Catalan Coastline. The map appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Novus. Includes sea monsters, ships, royal coats of arms, and an elegant title scroll.


1640 - Insulae Balearides et Pytiusae

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A beautiful map of the islands of Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza, along with the contiguous Catalan Coastline. The map is based upon a larger map which appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Novus. Includes Sea monsters, ships, royal coats of arms, and an elegant...


1707 - Les Royaumes De Valence et de Murcie . . . (with large inset of Le Royaume de Maillorque compose Des Isles Maillorque Minorque et Ivica)

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Detailed map of Valencia and Murcia, with a large decorative inset of the Balearic Islands. Includes 2 coats of arms in the title cartouche. Includes excellent detail, including the inset of the Balearic islands, which shows many place names and a...


1715 - [Majorca] Ergebung der auf dem Mittellandischen Meer gelegenen Balearischn Insul Maiorica

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Admiral John Leake's Attack on Majorca Finely executed engraved map and naval battle scene, depicting the September 1706 Seige of Majorca by the British Fleet under the command of Sir John Leake. The siege was part of the War of the Spanish...