Antique rare maps of Sardinia


1619 - Corsica [and] Sardinia

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Old color example of Gerard Mercator's maps of Corsica and Sardinia. Includes decorative cartouches.


1823 - Carte Des Bouches De Bonifacio Levee a Dressee en 1821 et 1822 Par M. De Hell . . . 1823

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Detailed map of channel between the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia, with topographical and nautical details concerning the contiguous coastlines of each of the islands. Includes a profile view of the Coast of Corsica, along with detailed sailing...


1599 - Calaris Sardine Primaria Civitas

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Detailed view of Caliari, which appeared in Bertelli's Theatrum Urbium Italicarum, first published in Venice in 1599. Includes a large coat of arms.


1657 - Italie Corse Sardaigne et Provinces adiacentes

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Rare map of Italy, Corsica and Sardinia, which appeared in Picart's Tresor des carte Geographiques, published in Paris. Picart's map is based upon Jansson's map of the same region, published in his Atlas Minor in 1628. The first French version of the...


1658 - Isle et Royme de Sardaigne

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Nicolas Sanson's engraved map of Sardinia, published in Paris in 1658.


1700 - Cagliari oder Calaris die Haupt und Residentz Statt des Vice Konigs in Sardinien

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Detailed view and plan the town, harbor and fortifications of Cagliari, one of the capital cities of Sardinia, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1730 - Nieuwe en Nette Afteekening van het Eyland of Koninkryk Sardinia vertoonende alle desselfs Zee Havenen Anker Plaetsen Rivieren Dieptens Klipen Steeden en Vastigheeden als mede de Straet van Bonifcaio aent Eyeland Corsica . . .

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Highly detailed large format sea chart of Sardinia, including multiple sailing ships, compass roses, decorative cartouche, coat of arms, etc. Rare and decorative sea chart of Sardinia oriented to the East, which rarely appears on the market and even...


1751 - Insul und Konigreich Sardinien

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Detailed map of Sardinia, with an elaborate cartouche and coats of arms. The Bodenehr family of engravers and publishers of Augsburg began with Johannes Georg Bodenehr (1631 - 1704), a publisher of atlases and geographical books. His son Gabriel...


1836 - [Map of Italy] Карта Италіи

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. Rarity The map is very scarce. We have been unable to find any other examples in sales databases, libraries and archives, nor...


1700 - [Corsica, Sardinia, Northern Italy]

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Striking large and highly detailed map of the North part of Italy, with Corsica and Sardinia.


1718 - Sutte De La Carte D'Italie Depuis Mont Argentat Jusqu'a Messine, Les Cotes Du Nord De Sicille Et Celles De L'Est De Corce Et Sardaigne . . . 1718

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Striking chart of the Southern Italian Mediterranean coastline, from Mt. Argentate and Plages Romenes to the south tip of Calabria, north coast of Sicily, east coat of Sardinia and southeast coast of Corsica. Nice example of this scarce chart, one of...


1588 - Malta / Famaugusta / Rhodus / Calaris

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Nice old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's views of Famagusta, Rhodes, Malta and Cagliari. From Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th Century.


1609 - [Crete / Corsica / Sardinia] Corsica [and] Sardinia [and] Creta . . . [and] Insulae Mari Ionii

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Decorative example of Ortelius' maps of Corsica, Sardinia, Crete and the Ionian Sea, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world.


1535 - Tabu. Moder. Sicili & Sardi.

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Nice example of the 1535 edition of Lorenz Fries modern map of Sicily and Sardinia. First published in Strasbourg by Johannes Gruninger in 1522, Fries map is based upon Waldseemuller's map of 1513.


1513 - Tabula Secunda Africae [with Malta, Sicily & Sardinia]

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Waldsemuller's 1513 Ptolemaic Map of Northern Africa, Sicily and Sardinia antique map by Martin Waldseemuller, showing the ancient, Ptolemaic image of part of the Coast of North Africa and contiguous islands of Malta, Sicily and Sardinia. This map...


1548 - Sicilia Sardinia Nova Tabula (with Malta)

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Fine example of Gastaldi's modern map of Sicily and Sardinia, also showing Malta. Gastaldi's mapping of Sicily is of special note, as the map would unquestionably include the same information as contained in Gastaldi's Descrittione della Sicilia con...