Antique rare maps of Sicily


1839 - Syracuse with the Remaining Vestiges of the Five Cities

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Highly detailed town plan of Syracuse, with a larger view of the City from its Roman Ampitheatre. One of the best published in a commercial atlas in the 19th Century. Plans of Syracuse are quite rare.


1597 - Tabula Aphricae II [shows Sicily and Sardinia]

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16th Century Italian cartography of Sicily, Sardinia, and North Africa based on Ptolemy. Striking example of Magini's map of North Africa, based upon Ptolemy. Shows part of the Mediterranean, including Sicily and Sardinia. Three sea monsters and an...


1802 - The Gulf of Palermo in Sicily

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Rare chart of Palermo, published by William Heather in London. The chart is oriented with southwest at the top. It includes soundings, some topographical features, anchorages, and currents. Palermo is shown, along with several mountains. Rarity...


1570 - Elba [and] Sicilia

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Fine example of Munster's map of the Island of Sicily (with Elba on the verso, from and early edition of Munster's Cosmographia. Munster's Cosmographia was one of the most influential works of the 16th Century. The work was first issued in 1545 and...


1535 - Tabu. Moder. Sicili & Sardi.

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Nice example of the 1535 edition of Lorenz Fries modern map of Sicily and Sardinia. First published in Strasbourg by Johannes Gruninger in 1522, Fries map is based upon Waldseemuller's map of 1513.


1513 - Tabula Secunda Africae [with Malta, Sicily & Sardinia]

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Waldsemuller's 1513 Ptolemaic Map of Northern Africa, Sicily and Sardinia antique map by Martin Waldseemuller, showing the ancient, Ptolemaic image of part of the Coast of North Africa and contiguous islands of Malta, Sicily and Sardinia. This map...


1548 - Sicilia Sardinia Nova Tabula (with Malta)

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Fine example of Gastaldi's modern map of Sicily and Sardinia, also showing Malta. Gastaldi's mapping of Sicily is of special note, as the map would unquestionably include the same information as contained in Gastaldi's Descrittione della Sicilia con...


1717 - Carte de l'isle et Royaume de Sicile . . . 1717 (large Malta inset)

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With a Large Image of a Volcanic Eruption at Mt. Aetna Finely detailed map of island of Sicily, with a large inset of Malta, published by Guillaume De L'Isle in Paris. The map extends to include the Aeolian Islands, which are here called the Lipari...


1698 - Tab. VII Europeae Complecten Sardiniam, Siciliam, ac Corsicae partem . .

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Nice example of Mercator's map of Sicily and Sardinia, from Mercator's edition of Ptolemy's Geographia, first published in 1578 and republished in Amsterdam beginning in 1695. Gerard Mercator published his edition of Ptolemy’s maps as what he...


1560 - [Sicily] Li Nomi Antichi e Moderni De l'Isola d'Sicila

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Rare and finely engraved early map of Sicily, published in Venice by the important Lafreri School mapmaker Ferrando Bertelli. Bertelli's map of Sicily is one of only a very few Lafreri School maps of Sicily. As with the other early maps of Sicily,...


1576 - Sicilia

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Fine early map of the Island of Sicily, from Porcacchi's L'Isole Piu Famose Del Mondo… Finely engraved, with compass rose and decorative cartouche.


1594 - Sicilia

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Decorative map of Sicily, with a portrait of King Philip of Spain and coat of arms. Matthaus Quad was a German cartographer based in Cologne, The map was engraved by Johannes Bussemacher and appeared in several Geographical works published by Quad and...


1619 - Siciliae Regnum

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Nice old color example of the first state of Mercator's decorative map of Sicily. An example of the second state, with revised cartouche, can be seen here: /gallery/detail/31471sm


1640 - Sicilia Regnum

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A gorgeous example of Blaeu's fine decorative map of Sicily, from his Atlas Novus. Blaeu's map is without doubt one of the most attractive of all 17th Century atlas maps of Sicily, with 2 ornate cartouches, large coat of arms, 4 sailing ships, sea...


1640 - Sicilia Regnum

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Decorative antique engraved map of Sicily, including two large coats of arms, title cartouche, 3 sailing ships, and a sea monster. The map is based upon Willem Blaeu's map of Sicily and was published in Frankfurt in 1640 by Matthias Merian.


1697 - Siciliae Antiquae Descriptio

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Striking map of Sicily, with a large decorative cartouche. Mt. Aetna can be seen in the midst of a volcanic eruption.