Antique rare maps of Sicily


1700 - La Sicile divisee en ses trois Provinces ou Valees scavoir Valle Di Demona, Valle Di Noto et Valle Di Mazara ...

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Fine Pierre Mortier edition of Jaillot's large decorative map of Sicily, showing the eruption of Mount Aetna both on the map and below the decorative title cartouche. The island is divided into 3 provinces including Valle Di Demona, Valle De Mazara...


1702 - Isle et Royaume De Sicile . . . 1702

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Detailed map of Sicily, showing towns, roads, rivers, harbors and a host of other details. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux . . .


1703 - Sicilia Antiqua

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Terrific map of Sicily and its neighboring islands, with ancient place names from antiquity. The map appeared in an early edition of Cellarius' Notitia Orbis Antiqui, Sive Geographia Plenior...et Novis Tabulis Geographicis, which was published in...


1720 - Sicilia

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Decorative map of Ancient Sicily, with an inset showing Sicily's relationship to the coast of Africa. Vignette shows Mount Aetna erupting, with a work scene below.


1747 - Regni & Insulae Siciliae Tabula geographica, ex Archetypo graniori in hoc compendium redata . . . Ao. 1747

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Fine detailed map of Sicily, published in Nuremberg by the heirs of J.B. Homann. Includes a coat of arms and an allegorical cartouche. Excellent detail in the interior of the map.


1750 - Plan de la Ville de Syracuse . . .

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Interesting mid-18th Century plan of Syracuse in southeastern Sicily.


1794 - The Island and Kingdom of Sicily, According to the best Observations, & Improved; from the Map, of the Baron de Schmettau.

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Old color example of this detailed map of Sicily by Robert Mylne, which appeared in Laurie & Whittle atlases in the 1790s. Mylne's map is a fine compilation of the most important cartographical sources of the time, including the maps of Austrian...