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Antique rare maps of France


1750 - Orange [Vauban Style Fortress]

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Refined Plan of a Star Fort and Walled Settlement in Orange, France. Manuscript plan outlining the fortress at Orange complete with moat, bastions, inner and outer walls, and several building outlines. The plan is finely wrought, showing similarities...


1787 - Carte d'Etude [Study Map]

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A superlative example of its kind; an 18th-century French manuscript map drawn by a student (possibly a student surveyor or military officer) to demonstrate competence in the art of classical map drafting. The map incorporates a diversity of...


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh] Spirit of St. Louis

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Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris.


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh / New York to Paris View] Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris. At the left, the Lindbergh's plane flies over New York and past the Statue of Liberty. At the right, a view of...


1944 - World War II in the North Sea Area

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Excellent "NavWar" pictorial map of the North Atlantic and Western European Theaters during World War II. The map is a very effective persuasive piece, which sweeping arcs depicting Allied naval power in the Atlantic combined with its air power over...


1951 - [Stop The Fake News!] Halte au Menteurs! Les Colo Bacilles Sement La Haine!

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Halt The Liars! Stop The Fake News! Rare separately published political broadside, decrying the channeling of Stalinist Russia's lies, fake news and disinformation campaigns via the French Communist Party, after World War II. As described in greater...


1696 - Carte De La Manche faite par ordre du Roy pour le Service de Les Armees de Mer. Reveue et Corrigee Par le Sr. Sanson . . .

  • $14.99

Striking large and highly detailed map of the English Channel, based upon A.H. Jaillot's map, but with significantly more detail, especially on shore. Includes Compass Rose, Rhumblines and other features more typical of a sea chart. Extends inland on...


1779 - Carte de la Manche, avec tous les Bancs de Sables, les Courants, les profondeurs d'Eau, et l'heure de la Maree, d'apres celle construite par ordre de sa Maj. Britannique . . . 1779

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Finely executed sea chart of the Channel between England and Europe, published in Paris in 1779. The map covers the coast of England from South Wales and Cornwall to Ipswich and the coast of Europe from Ostende to Nantes. Extensive soundings given,...


1794 - A Chart of the British Channel And The Bay of Biscay, with a Part of the North Sea, and the Entrance of St. George's Channel . . . MCCXCIV

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Striking 2 sheet chart of the English Channel, Bay of Biscaya, etc. The chart includes a number of coastal details, soundings, rhumb lines, etc. In addition, the routes of several historically important voyages are shown.


1817 - The British Channel

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Detailed map of the Channel and the features along the French and British Coastlines. Large detailed map.


1690 - [Course of the Rhine River] Nova Tractus Totius Rheni Oder Neue beschreibung des Rhein-Strom

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David Funck's Edition of the 1621 Wolfgang Kilian Map of the Rhine Fine old color example of David Funke's rare 2 sheet map of the course of the Rhine River, published in Nuremberg. The map extends from Basel at the far left to Dordrecht and the...


1700 - Le Cours de la Riviere du Rhein depuis sa Source jusques a son Emboucheure ou sont distingues Toutes les Estates et Souverainetes . . .

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Detailed map the course of the Rhine River, extending from Switzerland to the North Sea. Fine old color and a decorative cartouche.


1748 - Belli ab obitu Caroli VI Imperatoris usque ad pacem Dresdae d. 25 Dec. CDDCLLV. Factam tam in Germania quam Beglio o successionem Austriacum gesti Theatrum delineatum a L.I. Krausio . . . 1748

  • $14.99

Interesting map of a part of the Theater of War in Europe, celebrating the signing of the Treaty of Dresden, on December 25, 1745. The Treaty of Dresden was signed on December 25, 1745 at the Saxon capital of Dresden between Austria, Saxony and...


1820 - [Napoleon's Battles in France, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany] No. 1 Frontiere du Nord. Mesny 5.

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Finely executed manuscript map of the Theater of War in Northwestern Europe, illustrating various battles, some with dates. The maps are printed on hand made paper with a large elaborate watermark D & C Blauw, the paper of the iconic Blaeu firm,...


1795 - A Map of the Northern Part of France, with The Adjacent Netherlands, and the Course of the Rhine from Upper Alsace to Dusseldorf; to facilitate the Knowledge of the Operations Carried on by The Austrian Armies against The French Conventional Troops

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William Faden's large format map of Northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium and western Germany, showing the Theater of War between the Austrian and French Troops. A number of roads are shown. One of the most detailed English language maps of the region...


1945 - (World War II - The Liberation) Engineers in France | Engineers in Belgium | Engineers on the German Border

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A Series of Albums Commemorating American Engineer's Roles in the Liberation of Europe, Made for a Decorated Colonel This is a truly outstanding work consisting of three booklets, each showcasing the role of the 1120th Engineer Combat Group, attached...