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Antique rare maps of Paris


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh] Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris.


1929 - [Charles Lindbergh / New York to Paris View] Spirit of St. Louis

  • $14.99

Spirit of St. Louis is the name of this printed cotton textile depicting the solo flight of Charles Lindbergh from New York to Paris. At the left, the Lindbergh's plane flies over New York and past the Statue of Liberty. At the right, a view of...


1720 - Parissi | Paris

  • $9.99

Finely engraved view of Paris, based upon a larger view by Jeremiah Wolff. Leopold's view of Paris was one of a rare series of views, published in Augsburg.


1739 - Plan de Paris commencé l'année 1734.

  • $29.99

Turgot's Monumental View of Paris, Stretching to Over 10 Feet When Joined. This expansive engraved view of Paris covers the first eleven arrondissements of modern Paris. With a combined width of over ten feet, the joined plan makes for an arresting...


1843 - Carte Pittoresque Des Environs de Paris de ses Fortifications et forts detaches . . . 1864

  • $14.99

Fine decorative map of Paris and environs, embellished with a number of vignettes showing important landmarks around the City and beyond. Includes a key at the bottom, identifying hundreds of streets and second table locating important places within...


1552 - Lutetia Parisiorum urbs, toto orbe celeberrima notissimaque, caput regni Franciae.

  • $14.99

Paris in the 16th Century. Gorgeous example of Munster's early birdseye view of Paris. Includes a coat of arms and illustrates the town in remarkable detail, including buildings, bridges, the fortified walls of the city and other landmarks within the...


1568 - [Paris Area]

  • $14.99

Finely engraved image of what appears to be Paris in the foreground. The image appeared in the 1568 Venice edition of Ludovico Ariosto's Orlandi Furioso, which first published in 1515, but not completed until 1532. Orlando furioso (the Frenzy of...


1570 - Paris

  • $14.99

Nice example of Munster's second map of Paris, from Munster's Cosmographia. The map includes two coats of arms and a decorative picture frame border. Excellent early city plan, including the fortified walls of the city and place names inside of the...


1657 - [Paris] Lutetia vulgari Nomine Paris, Urbs Galliae Maxima . . .

  • $9.99

Fine example of Jansson' rare town plan of 16th Century Paris, based on Sebastian Munster's map of 1569. Paris began as a small settlement on an island in the Seine, named Lutetia by the Gallii Parisii. This island, seen at the center of the map,...


1675 - Parys

  • $14.99

Rare separately published view of Paris by Clement De Jonge. With poem on the beauty of the town in Latin, Dutch and French by A. Montanus. With legend of main churches, monasteries and buildings. Includes the coats of arms of the City of Paris and...


1694 - Plan de la Ville, Cité, Université et Faubourgs de Paris, Comme Il est Aujourdhuy, Avec ses Nouvelles Ruës, Places, Enceintes et Cazernes. Dressé sur les Lieux, et sur les Mémoires de Mr. Iouvin de Rochefort. A Paris Chez N. de Fer.

  • $21.99

Rare large plan of Paris by Jouvin de Rochefort, published by Nicolas de Fer in 1694. Rochefort's map is of note as the second map to present Paris in a North-South axis, with the Seine being illustrated horizontally. The plan shows the city's five...


1760 - Plan de la Ville et des Faubourgs De Paris Divise en ses Vingt Quartiers . . .

  • $14.99

Nice example of the first state of De Vaugondy's 2 sheet map of Paris. Includes symbols showing the limits of the City at the time of Philippe Auguste, Charles V and Charles VI, and Louis XIII (based upon the map of Gomboust). Inset at the sides...


1772 - Plan General de Paris. En quatre Divisions

  • $14.99

Rare map of Paris, illustrating the expansion of Paris's outer walls over the centuries and its 4 quarters. Paris is divided into four districts: Notre-Dame district (South-East) Saint-Germain-des-Prés district (South-West) Temple or Marais...


1784 - Nouveau Plan Routier de la Ville et Fauxbourgs de Paris . . . 1784

  • $14.99

Paris Five Years Before the French Revolution. A decorative and highly detailed plan of Paris, by the famous Parisian mapmaking duo Esnauts and Rapilly, published in Paris in 1784. The map includes an inset map of "Banlieue de Paris." Shows Paris in...


1800 - Nouveau Plan de Paris avec ses Augmentations . . 1800

  • $14.99

A Rare Republic of France Imprint Dedicated to General Bonaparte Premier Consul de la Republique Francaise Decorative plan of Paris on the eve of the French Revolution, published by Louis Brion de la Tour. The plan is centered on the Seine River and...


1802 - Plan Routier de la Ville et Faubourg de Paris Divise en 12 Municipalities 1802. An. 10

  • $14.99

Napoleon's Paris Fine large plan of Paris, published by Jean. The map was published 2 years after the reorganization of the city by Napoleon into the 12 municipalities. During the French Revolution, Paris briefly had a democratically elected mayor...