Antique rare maps of Germany


1608 - Germaniae Typus

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Striking map of the German Empire, including the Low Countries, Switzerland, Austria, and part of the Balkans prepared by Johan Baptiste Vrients for the very late editions of Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The...


1635 - Territorium Abbatiæ Heresfeldensis, 't Stift Hirszfeldt

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Decorative map of the region around Hirschfelt, along the Fuld River and environs. Nice full color.


1730 - Delineatio Geographica Ditionis Martisburgensis.…

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Decorative regional map of eastern Germany. Major cities include Leipzig and Halle.


1730 - Poliometria Germaniae Ac Finitimorum Quorundmam Locurum Europa

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This is an unusual thematic chart shows the traveling distances from various European cities in a style that is still used today. Several similar charts were made during this time, but this one gives a very large number of combinations, some nearly...


1740 - [Hand Drawn Prussian Military Encampment at Opole, Poland] Special Grund-Riss Des Kaeyserl Feldl Lagers bey Oppeln in Ober Schlesien

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Rare Manuscript Plan of a Prussian Military Encampment Mid-eighteenth-century plan of a Prussian military camp located near Opole, made at a time when the Prussian army was one of the strongest in the world. This document is a rare survival and...


1749 - Perspectivische Vorstellung des Beruhmten Blocken oder Bloks-bergs mid der jenigen Gegen, so weit solche von dem, der auf der Spitze des Berges stehet, gesehen werden kan. Gezeichnet Ao. 1732 . . . 1749

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The Legendary Home of Witches and Devils This is a rare and very unusual map of Blocksberg mountain, the highest of Germany's Harz Mountains. The chart illustrates the Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht) celebration. Walpurgisnacht is an ancient...


1939 - Flying visit of Truth to Berlin in the form of an R.A.F. leaflet raid here fancifully depicted ~ but not forgetting a great many hard facts ` by Rex Whistler

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Flying visit of Truth to Berlin Rare satirical cartoon map of illustrating the British Royal Air Force propaganda raid on Berlin in September 1939, published by Rex Whistler. The image shows a winged goddess Britannia, with a trident and shield,...


1639 - Germaniae Nova acaccurata descriptio . . . 1639

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Rare edition of Cloppenburg's map of the Holy Roman Empire.


1856 - Eisen:Bahn:Karte von Deutschland und den angrenzenden Landern; zugleich als Ubersicht aller wichtigsten Land= und Wasserverbindungen, bearbeitet von Dr. Frhr. F.W. von REden und E. von Sydow

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Rare railroad map of Western Europe, centered on Germany, noting the major railroads, roads and other means of commercial transit radiating out from Germany at the center of the map. The map illustrates railroad lines completed (red), under...


1961 - [August 1961: The Berlin Crisis and Foreshadowing Construction of the Berlin Wall]

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The Berlin Wall in Popular Media Fine large format news map issued in August 1961 by Newsweek, illustrating the Berlin Crisis and foreshadowing the construction of the Berlin Wall. The larger map illustrates the division between the Russian and...


1507 - Tabula Moderna Prussie, Livonie, Norvegie et Gottie

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Rare Early Map of Northern Europe Important early map of Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the British Isles, which first appeared in the 1507-1508 Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography, Claudii Ptholomei Alexandrini. Cosmographia..., created under the...


1728 - A Draught of the Northern Navigation according to Mercators Projection.

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Fine Chart of the Far North Atlantic from an Influential Atlas Scarce sea chart of the north Atlantic covering the British Isles, North Sea, Scandinavia, Iceland (here "Iseland"), the German coast, and the Baltic. This chart is on a Mercator...


1813 - The North Sea with The Kattegat from the Chart of Messrs. De Verdun, Borda and Pingre made Publice in 1777, By order of Louis XVI . . . 1796

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Striking and highly detailed sea chart of the North Sea from the Straits of Dover to the Shetlands and North Bergen in Norway, and east through the Kattegat to Copenhagen. Highly detailed sea chart, with extensive tables and annotations. Shows...


1558 - Accipe Candide lector absolutissimam Septentrionalium Suetiae Gotiae, Norvegiae, Prussiae, Pomeraniae, Ducatus Megapolensis, Frisiae, Geldriae, Altae Marchiae, Lusatiae, adiacentiumque regionum descriptionem . . . Anno M.D. LXII

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"Beyond all comparison the best map of the Southern Baltic and the North Sea." (A.E. Nordenskold) Extraordinary old color example of this rare Lafreri School Map of Scandinavia, the Baltic and contiguous parts of Poland, Germany, the Low Countries...


1558 - Septemtrionalium Regionum Suetiae Gothiae Norvegiae Daniae et Terrarum adiacentium recens exactq descriptio . . . MD LVIII

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The most important modern map of Scandinavia and the Baltic Regions published in the mid-16th century. Rare and highly important early map of Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea by Michael Tramezini, based upon Cornelis Anthoniszoon's lost...


1573 - Germania

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Fine old example of Ortelius' map of the German Empire, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map extends from The English Channel to the Baltic, the Vistula and Poland in the northeast, Budapest, Venice and the...