Antique rare maps of Ireland


1676 - The Invasions of England and Ireland with al their Civill Wars Since the Conquest

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A striking example of Speed's map depicting the invasions of England and Ireland. A highly decorative detailed map, superbly engraved by Cornelius Danckerts, who copied a prototype map by Speed issued as a separate publication between 1601-03. The map...


1857 - An Improved Chart of the English Channel, with the Bristol Channel and the South Coast of Ireland, Including the Edge of the Bank of Soundings; Drawn from the latest Surveys . . . 1857

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Rare working navigational sea chart, published in London by J.S. Hobbs. The map covers the English Channel, Bristol Channel and contiguous coasts of Southern Ireland, Southern England and a portion of the coast of France. Includes a number of profile...


1862 - Johnson's Ireland [with] Johnson's Scotland

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Detailed maps of Scotland and Ireland, each hand colored by counties, with decorative borders. Shows towns, rivers, lakes, islands, roads, railroads, etc.


1871 - Ireland in Provinces and Counties [with] County Map of Scotland

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A decorative map with Ireland and Scotland side by side, colored by counties. Includes a decorative border. Nice detail in both maps, including early roads, towns, railroads, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. Inset of the Shetland Islands. Mitchell makes...


1595 - Irlandiae Regnum

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Old color example of Mercator's map of Ireland, which first appeared in the 1595 edition of Mercator's Atlas. A striking old color example.


1607 - Hiberniae Ireland Anglis Yverdon Britannis Erin incolis Ierna . . .

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of Ireland, published in London. Oriented with West at the top.


1619 - Irlandiae Regnum

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A beautifully detailed 2 sheet map of Ireland from an early edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Sive Cosmographia. Fine dark image with a sea monster and sailing ship.


1670 - Comitatus Lageniae -- The Countie of Leinster

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Striking old color example of Jansson's map of the County of Leinster. This example appeared in a composite atlas, issued in the late 17th Century and has no text on the verso.


1690 - Le Royaume D'Irlande Divise en Provinces subivisees en Compte et en Baronies selon les Memoires du Sr. Petty . . .

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Scarce map of Ireland, published by Nolin. The map is colored by counties and includes an ornate cartouche, dedication to the Queen and a box of explanatory text not present in all editions. Nolin's maps are among the most accurate and well engraved...


1701 - Hyberniae Regni in Provincias Ultoniam, Connachiam, Lageniam, Momoniamq divisi Tabula Accuratisima editore Covens et Mortier Amstelo-Batavio

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A spectacularly detailed map of Ireland, fabulously embellished with cartouches and scenes of the Spanish Armada surrounding the Island. Includes two of the largest and dramatic cartouches.


1712 - Hiberniae Regnum tam in praecipuas Ultoniae, Connaciae, Lageniae, et Momoniae. . .

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Fine early 18th Century map of Ireland, colored by regions and showing the towns, roads, counties, rivers, lakes, castles, etc. Includes two marvelous cartouches, coats of arms and allegorical details.


1712 - Hiberniae Regnum tam in praecipuas Ultoniæ, Connaciæ, Lageniæ, et Momoniæ…

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Finely colored early 18th Century map of Ireland, colored by regions and showing the towns, roads, counties, rivers, lakes, castles, etc. Includes two marvelous cartouches, coats of arms and allegorical details.


1740 - A New Map of Ireland Divided into its Provinces, Counties and Baronies, wherein are Distinguished the Bishopricks, Borroughs, Barracks, Bogs, Passes, Bridges, &c., with the Principal Roads, and Common Reputed Miles

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Decorative large map of Ireland, published by Herman Moll. Includes a number of insets including plans of Galloway, Waterford, Limerick, Dublin, and Corke. The map also includes an interesting depiction of the Giants Causeway, with the note "These...


1743 - Irlanda

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A nice example of Albrizzi's scarce map of Ireland, with decorative cartouche. The map is remarkably detailed, showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc.


1744 - A Correct Chart of St. George's Channel and the Irish Sea....

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A handsome mid-18th century map of Ireland and the St. George Channel or Irish Sea.


1748 - L'Irlande

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Beautiful small map of Ireland showing mountain ranges, cities, towns and sea ports. The map appeared in Le Rouge's Nouvelle Atlas Portatif.