Northern Italy

Antique rare maps of Northern Italy


1624 - Italia Gallica, Sive Gallia Cisalpina, Ex conatibus Geographicis Abrah. Ortelij….

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Decorative example of this fine map of Northern Italy and contiguous regions, extending from Venice on the Adriatic, to Pisa and Nice on the Mediterranean, to Lake Geneva in the west, and the Alps in the North, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,...


1667 - Sabaudia Et Burgundiae Comitatus Descriptio

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Striking regional map, centered on Lake Geneva, based upon a map from Abraham Ortelius's Epitome. The map is oriented with East at the top and extends to Basel and Strasbourg in the North, Turin and Grenoble in the south, and Dijon and Lyon in the...


1691 - La Savoye, Dediee au Roy . . .

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An exceptional old color example of this scarce map of the Savoye region, topped by Lake Geneva. The color in this example is truly extraordinary. The map is adorned with a title cartouche decorated with a globe crowned with fleurs de lys and two...


1695 - Stati Di Savoia, Piemonte . . .

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Fine example this striking map of Piemonte and Savoye, from Vincenzo Maria Coronelli's Corso Geographico, published in Venice. The map provides a fantastic image of the topography of the region, naming mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, castles, etc....


1697 - Italiae Gallicae sive Galliae Cispalinae . . .

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Striking and decorative map of Northern Italy and the Alps, embellished by a decorative cartouche.


1700 - Novissima et Accuratissima Helvetiae, Rhaetiae, Valesiae et Partis Sabaudiae Tabula . . .

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Decorative map of Switzerland, the Lake Geneva area and the areas around Lago Magiore, Lugano and Lago di Como and Bergamo. Includes a decorative title cartouche.


1720 - Regia Celsitudinis Sabaudicae Status in quo Ducatus Sabaudiae Principat. Pedemontium ut et Ducatus Montisferrati . . .

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Striking example of Homann's decorative map of the Savoy and Piedmont regions, centered on Torino. The map coverage extends from Grenoble, Geneva, Die and Romans, to Genoa and Milan. Highly detailed, with excellent graphical representation of the...


1746 - La Savoye . . . 1743

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Detailed map showing the Savoy region of Italy and Switzerland.


1757 - Partie Occidentale De La Lombardie et Pays circonvoisins ou sont les Etats de Savoye, Piemont, Milan, Genes, Plaisance &c. . . . 1750

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Highly detailed map of Northern Italy, Nice region and part of Switzerland, from DeVaugondy's Atlas Universel. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes and a host of other details. Decorative cartouche. De Vaugondy's atlas was one of the most...


1740 - Carta Geografica del Ducato di Savoja

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Striking map of the Duchy of Savoye, based upon De L'Ise's map. Includes a decorative cartouche and excellent geographical detail. Includes Lake Geneva. Albrizzi's maps are scarce and beautifully engraved.


1802 - Carte Choroghique des 6 départemens du piémont formant la 29ime. division militaire territoriale. Ou Se trouve repartie la 28ime. Légion de gendarmerie nationale composée de 3[?] cadrons, 6 compagnies 18. Lieutenance[?] et 126 Brigades dont 63 apied, et 6

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Manuscript Administrative Map At The End of the Subalpine Repubic Prepared For General de Moncey A superlative Napoleonic military map of northwestern Italy, showing the former territory of the Subalpine Republic after it was folded into the French...


1697 - Vindeliciae et Norici Conterminarum op terrarum antiqua descriptio

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Decorative 18th Century Map of the region north of the Adriatic, from Cluver's Introductionis en Universum Geographicus…., one of the most prolific 17th and 18th Century Geography books.