Northern Italy

Antique rare maps of Northern Italy


1640 - Territorio di Verona

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Nice old color example of Jansson''s map of the Territory of Verona, centered on Verona and Lago di Garda. Decorative title cartouche and scale of miles.


1640 - Mantua Ducatus

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Nice old color example of Jansson's map of the Duchy of Mantua. Includes a decorative cartouche.


1655 - Riviera di Genova di Levante

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Decorative map of the Italian Riviera, including the Cinque Terre. Scarce Jan Jansson of the Italian Riviera, from Genoa to the Gulf of Spezia. Includes a decorative cartouche and coat of armes supported by Cherubs.


1680 - Reipublicae Genuensis et Ducatus Mediolanensis Parmensis et Montsferrati Novissima Descriptio

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Decorative map of the Republic of Genoa, and Dutchies of Milan, Parma and Montisferrati and contiguous regions. Includes an elaborate cartouche, incliuding 4 coat of arms.


1682 - Ivrea

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Fine example of Blaeu's view of Ivrea, from the Theatrum Statuum Regiae Celsitudinis Sabaudiae Ducis, Pedemontii Principis, published in 1682. The view was engraved by Johannes de Ram. Ivrea is a town in the modern Turin Province, in northwest Italy.


1695 - Stato Di Milano Parte Occidentale [and] Stato Di Milano Parte Orientale

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Fine example of this detailed 2 sheet map of the Stato Di Milano, from Vincenzo Maria Coronelli's Corso Geographico, published in Venice. The map provides a fantastic image of the topography of the region, naming mountains, rivers, lakes, towns,...


1695 - Citta Di Venetia Con L'Isole che la circondano

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Finely engraved map of the area around Venice, focusing on the rivers and Canals, published by Coronelli. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli was among the most important and influential map makers of the late 17th Century. After starting his career in Venice,...


1695 - Tavola Idrografica Deall Citta, E Contori Di Venetia . . .

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Finely engraved map of the area around Venice, focusing on the rivers and canals, published by Coronelli. Includes a decorative coat of arms and table locating 35 places in the area. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli was among the most important and...


1700 - Status Mediolanensis nec non Ducatum Mantuae, Modenae, Parmae ut et Genuensis Reipublicae; suis cum finitimis Dominiis Accuratissima delineatio . . .

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Striking old color example of Valk's scarce map of Northern Italy. The map is in fine old color and printed on double thick paper, from a composite atlas of the period.


1700 - Status et Ducatus Mediolanensis et Parmensis; quin Etiam Venet Dominii Ac Ducatus Manuani Partes Occidentaliores Adhibitis Genuae Reipublicae . . .

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Striking regional map of Northwestern Italy, from the Lake Districts and the Coast of Liguria to Mantua and Modean, centered on Milan and Lago di Como. Includes 2 striking cartouches. Shows roads, rivers, mountains, lakes and many other details.


1700 - Mortara . . .

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Detailed view and plan of the fortifications of the town of Mortara (southwest of Milan), published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Novara . . .

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Detailed view and plan of the fortifications of the City of Novara, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Piacenza

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Detailed plan of the fortifications of the town of Piacenza, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Venet. Reip. Dominium Nec Non Pontificii Iuris Ditionum Pars Maxima et Nobilissima in Quibus Exercituum Caesarianorum Gallorumque Itinera et Castrametationes, nec non Praeliorum Loca Exquisite Deomonstrantur . . .

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Scarce map of Northeatern Italy, published in Amsterdam by Peter Schenk. The map extends from the Venice area in the east to Belluno and Trento in the north, Reggio and Verona in the west and the northern part of Tuscany.


1702 - Carte Particuliere Du Seraglio et Des Environs De Mantoue Depuis Goito jusques a Gouvernolo ou sont Marquees les Camps. de Rivalta et de Madone de la gratie Commandee par Son Altesse Monseigneur de Vandome en 1702

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Rare map of the area around Mantua, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. The map would seem to relate to the Battle of Luzzara, a battle of the War of the Spanish Succession, which was fought on August 15, 1702 near Luzzara, Italy. In the summer of...


1702 - Le Duche de Mantoue Avec Ses Environs Tire D'Antoni Magini Park J.B. Liebaux . . . 1702

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Extremely rare separately issued map of the Duche of Mantua, published in Paris by Liebaux. Includes exceptional detail and fine full original wash coloring.