Northern Italy

Antique rare maps of Northern Italy


1619 - Tuscia (Tuscany)

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Striking map of Tuscany and surrounding regions, from an early edition of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Sive Cosmographia. Drawn from contemporary Italian sources, this map is one of the most up to date modern maps of Tuscany printed in the early 17th...


1619 - Pedemontana regio cum Genuensium territorio & Montiserrati Marchionatu

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Striking regional map of Italy, centered on the Pedemont region of Italy and Genoa, published by Gerard Mercator and later by Hondius in the Atlas Sive Cosmographia. The map extends to the Milan region in the northeast, Cinque Terre in the southeast,...


1619 - Marchia Anconitna cum Spoletano Ducatu

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Finely engraved regional map Italy, published by Gerard Mecator in his Atlas Sive Cosmographia. The map extends from Ancona, Ravenna and San Angelo on the Adriatic Coast to Spoleto, Perugia, Tivoli and Lago di Celano


1635 - Mediolanum Ducatus

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Fine hand-colored example of Blaeu's decorative regional map of Italy, centered on Milan. Decorative cartouches and fine topographical and geographical detail.


1640 - Pedemontana regio cum Genuensium territorio & Montisferrati Marchionatu

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Cinque Terre to Monaco and Milan Fine old color example of Blaeu's map of the Piedmont region of northern Italy, including Genoa, Milano, Crema, etc. The map extends from Monaco on the Riviera Coastline to Cinque Terre. Fine dark impression, with...


1640 - Mantua ducatus

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Decorative regional map of Italy, centered on Mantua.


1640 - Stato Della Chiesa Con la Toscana . . .

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Detailed map of Tuscany and the State of the Church, including a decorative cartouche, two coats of arms and a sailing ship. The present example is very similar to Merian's map, but does not include a signature to the right of the scale of miles and...


1640 - Genovesato Serenissimae Reipublicae Genuensis Ducatus Et Dominii Nova Descriptio

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Nice old color example of Blaeu's map of the Republic of Genoa. Includes a decorative cartouche, compass rose, sailing ships and sea monsters.


1643 - Haute Lombardie et pays circomvoisins... 1648

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Nicolas Sanson's 1643 double-page engraved map of northwestern Italy, from Lake Geneva in the west to the Gulf of Genoa and the Grisons in the east. The mountains are rendered in a pleasing pictorial fashion.


1648 - Basse Lombardie ou sont les estats de Venise... 1648

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Nicolas Sanson's 1648 double-page engraved map of northeastern Italy, showing Istria and the top of the Gulf of Venice to Genoa and the Lake Regions, centered on the Po River and Venice.


1648 - Estats de l'église et de Toscane . . . 1648

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Nicolas Sanson's 1648 double-page engraved map of Tuscany and the Papal States.


1660 - Mantua

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Scarce birdseye view of Mantua, from a rare Dutch Townbook, pubished by De Wit.


1660 - Pisa a La Haye chez R. Alberts

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Finely engraved view of Pisa, originally published by Johannes Blaeu for Blaeu's town books of Italy. Includes a key at the bottom locating 97 places, including of course, the famous leaning tower of Pisa at the top center. The present example was...


1680 - Accuratissima Domini Veneti In Italia Ducatus Parmae, Placentiae, Modena, Regii et Mantuae Episcopatus Tridentini Tabula quae est Lombardia Inferior . . . (Proof State!)

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Rare early proof state of De Wit's map of the Dominion of Venice, extending from Stato di Milano and Genoa to Istria. This is apparently a very rare early proof state. We note at least 4 states of the map, this early state, with the coats of arms...


1681 - Bassa Lombardia et latre appendici . . .1681

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Scarce map of part of lower Lombardia, the Gulf of Venice and Istria, from Rossi's rare Mercurio Geografico. The map is a tremendous example of the fine topographical style of Rossi's maps, elegantly tracing rivers through steep and well defined...


1682 - Pedemontium et reliquae Ditiones Italiae Regia Celsitudini Sabaudicae Subditae Cum Regionibus adjacentibus

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Nice old color example of Johannes Blaeu's map of the Pedemonte region, from Blaeu's Theatrum Sabaudiae, first published in 1680. The map includes 16 coats of arms of various regions depicted on the map. The map was engraved by J. de Broen and is...