Northern Italy

Antique rare maps of Northern Italy


1700 - A New Map of Gallia Cisalpina & Graecia Magna. Shewing their Chief Divisions, People, Cities, Towns &c. Dedicated to his Highness William Duke of Glocester

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Decorative map of parts of France and Northern Italy and a second map of Southern Italy, with a decorative cartouche. From a special geographical text prepared for William, Duke of Glouchester, during his time at Oxford.


1720 - Dominii Veneti Cum vicinis Parmae Mutinae Mantuae et Mirandolae Statibus Nova Descriptio , , ,

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Nice full color example of this decorative map of the Dominions of Venice, published by Homann in Nuremberg. Includes a large decorative cartouche.


1720 - Ducatus Mediolani una cum Confinus accurata Tabula…

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Detailed regional map of the Duchy of Milan, centered on Milan, published by JB Homann in Nurmberg. The map includes Lago Maggiore, Lago Como and Lago Garda. Other major cities include Genova, Mantova, Modena, Verona, Trient, Cremona, Parma,...


1720 - Mantoue

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Engraved birdseye view of Mantua, a northern Italian city surrounded by lakes. The view pictures an early Mantua before the southern lakes were drained. Several streets and neighborhoods are named throughout this view, as well as the various bridges...


1730 - Ducatus Mantuani quam castigatissima Delineatio per Dom. I.I. v. Baumeister, Legionis Harrachianae Subcenturionem . . .

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Fine full color example of this scarce decorative map, with Mantua at the center. Includes a decorative allegorical cartouche showing the history of the region, coat of arms and compass rose.


1731 - Genua

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Beautiful large format engraved view of Genoa, Italy, showing the city and its harbor from the ocean. The view was published in Augsburg by the heirs of Jeremias Wolff in 1731. The Coat of Arms of Genoa can be seen in the upper-right corner. There is...


1733 - Plan de Picighitone (Pizzighettone & Gera)

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Rare plan of Pizzighettone and Gera, showing the fortifications of these two towns on the Abba River. The plan of the fortifications was likely printed at or about the time of the Siege of Pizzighettone, the first major military engagement of the...


1734 - Partie de la Ville de Milan capital du milanois avec les Chateau quie a ete attaque la nuit du 15 au 16 xbre 1733 sous les ordres du Maal de Villars . . . (manuscript)

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Siege and Surrender of Milan October 1733 to January 1734 Detailed map of the area around Milan, showing the entrenchments of the French soldiers around the Chateau of Milan in October 1733. The map shows Milan at the time is was occupied by Charles...


1745 - Patrimonio Di S. Pietro, con le sue piu cospicue Strade Antiche e Moderne, e principali casali e Teunute di esso . . . 1696

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Decorative regional map of Tuscany and the northern part of Lazio, centered on Lago Bolseno and including a massive decorative cartouche. The map is based upon Giovanni Giacomo Rossi's 4-sheet map of the region, published in 1696.


1745 - Plan du Chateau D'Asti et de ses attaques de la nuit du 9 au 10 novembre avec les dispositions des postes pour emecher que la Garrison ne sevadat

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Manuscript Plan of The Defense of Asti in November 1745 -- War of Austrian Succession Finely executed area around Asti in the Piedmont region of Italy, drawn during the War of Spanish Succession. Asti was invaded a number of times by the French in...


1745 - Carte du cours de la Grana et des differens chemins qui conduisent a la Citadelle D'alexandrie Decembre 1745

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The Italian Campaign -- War of Austrian Succession Fine manuscript map of the area between Allesandria, Asti, Valenza and the Val de Grana, illustrating the theater of war during the War of Austrian Succession. The map illustrates the theater of war...


1745 - [Savona Province and Environs]

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Detailed manuscript map of the Savona Province of Italy, drawn during the War of Spanish Succession. The map was drawn during the period when the region and all of the Republic of Genoa was overrun by Charles Emmanuel III. Italian Campaigns - War of...


1748 - Status Ecclesiastici nec non Magni Ducatus Toscanae Nova Tabula Geographica . . . 1748

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Nice example of Homann's second map of Central Italy, from Ferrara, Parma and Cremona to Territorium Romanum, centered on Florence and Sienna and showing Rome. Includes 2 coats of arms and other details.