Other Italian Cities

Antique rare maps of Other Italian Cities


1682 - Ivrea

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Fine example of Blaeu's view of Ivrea, from the Theatrum Statuum Regiae Celsitudinis Sabaudiae Ducis, Pedemontii Principis, published in 1682. The view was engraved by Johannes de Ram. Ivrea is a town in the modern Turin Province, in northwest Italy.


1688 - Beneventane Urbis Graphidem Terremotu A: 1688 solo aequate Nicolaus Xaverius Abbas Albinus Patritius Nuntiature . . . .

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The First Printed Map of Benevento Rare view of Benevento, Italy, published in Benevento and engraved by XXXX.


1700 - Mantova

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Detailed view and plan of the fortifications of the town of Mantova, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Mortara . . .

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Detailed view and plan of the fortifications of the town of Mortara (southwest of Milan), published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Novara . . .

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Detailed view and plan of the fortifications of the City of Novara, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Piacenza

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Detailed plan of the fortifications of the town of Piacenza, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1700 - Cagliari oder Calaris die Haupt und Residentz Statt des Vice Konigs in Sardinien

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Detailed view and plan the town, harbor and fortifications of Cagliari, one of the capital cities of Sardinia, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1705 - Messinae. Residence Ordinaire du Viceroy de Sicile . . . 1705

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Detailed view of Messina, the residence of the Viceroy of Sicily. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux.


1710 - Plan de la Ville et Citadelle De Mantou Capitale du Duche du Meme nom situe au millieu d'un Lac forme par la Riviere de Mencio . . .

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Rare plan of Mantua, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. The map shows the internal fortifications of the island city of Mantua, with bridges, roads, etc. The map is quite scarce, with no appearance on the market in the past 25 years.


1725 - Plan von Picigthone und Gera mit denen Neuesten Fortificatrionen verschen Ao. 1722, 23, und 24.

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Detailed plan showing two towns in the Duchy of Milan on the River Add, published by Gabriel Bodenehr.


1730 - Milano, la Citta Principale et Fortezza Reale del Ducato medsino in Italia . . .

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Fine old color example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Milan, with a striking view of the City below. The view below the map shows the city atop a hill, with the fortifications in the foreground.


1735 - Plan du Chateau de Milan

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Rare plan of the fortifications at Chateau de Milan, published by Gaspar Bailleul in Paris. Very rare plan showing the fortifications of the Sforza Castle in Milan, in about 1735.


1772 - Icon Crateris Neapolitani . . . 1772

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Rare map of the Gulf of Naples, which includes a spectacular view of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, but Filippo Morghen, Antonio Cardon & Giuseppe Bracci. Extremely rare and highly detailed map of the Gulf of Naples, by Filippo Morghen. The map...


1772 - Descrizione del contro Dissegno di parte delli territorij di S. iovano, S. Steffano al Como, e Regna del Corno Givine

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Fascinating map showing Piacenza on the Po River, with a number of canals, roads, public buildings, churches and other places of interest. The map is apparently oriented with south at the top. We have not learned much about the map--it is probably...


1564 - La Descrittione della Campagna di Roma, detta Dagli Antichi Latium . . . L'Anno M.D.LXIIII

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Rare Johannes Orlandi edition of Claudio Duchetti's map of the area around Rome. Duchetti's map of the area around Rome is based upon the map of Euphrosynus Ulpius. Duchetti's first edition was issued in 1564, with later edition issued by Henrik Van...


1660 - Mantua

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Scarce birdseye view of Mantua, from a rare Dutch Townbook, pubished by De Wit.