Other Italian Cities

Antique rare maps of Other Italian Cities


1660 - Pisa a La Haye chez R. Alberts

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Finely engraved view of Pisa, originally published by Johannes Blaeu for Blaeu's town books of Italy. Includes a key at the bottom locating 97 places, including of course, the famous leaning tower of Pisa at the top center. The present example was...


1731 - Genua

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Beautiful large format engraved view of Genoa, Italy, showing the city and its harbor from the ocean. The view was published in Augsburg by the heirs of Jeremias Wolff in 1731. The Coat of Arms of Genoa can be seen in the upper-right corner. There is...


1733 - Plan de Picighitone (Pizzighettone & Gera)

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Rare plan of Pizzighettone and Gera, showing the fortifications of these two towns on the Abba River. The plan of the fortifications was likely printed at or about the time of the Siege of Pizzighettone, the first major military engagement of the...


1734 - Partie de la Ville de Milan capital du milanois avec les Chateau quie a ete attaque la nuit du 15 au 16 xbre 1733 sous les ordres du Maal de Villars . . . (manuscript)

  • $14.99

Siege and Surrender of Milan October 1733 to January 1734 Detailed map of the area around Milan, showing the entrenchments of the French soldiers around the Chateau of Milan in October 1733. The map shows Milan at the time is was occupied by Charles...


1638 - [Pozzuoli / Bay of Naples]

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Striking map of the area around Pozzuoli and the northwestern part of the Bay of Naples. Includes a key identifying 42 place names.


1790 - Pianta Della Citta' Di Napoli come esiste nel presente Anno MDCCXC

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Nice example of Rizzi Zannoni's fine early Plan of Naples and vicinity, engraved by Giuseppe Guerra and published in Naples in 1790. The map is a marvelous blend of engraving artistry and topographical detail, capturing the rugged topography...


1865 - [Pompei] Nuova Pianta Degli Scavi di Pompei

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This is a fascinating map of the Ruins of Pompeii, published in Naples during an era of important discoveries in the classical age of archeology. The map shows the extent of extensive excavations to the ancient city, covering about four-fifths of what...


1975 - State of The Vatican City

  • $14.99

Fine large format pictorial view of the Vatican, surrounded by religious themed vignettes. We were not able to locate information on the artist, other than credits for other illustrations done in the mid-1970s.


1493 - Pisa

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Fanciful view of the City of Pisa, from the Liber Chronicum (Nuremberg Chronicle), a landmark work of the 15th Century. Hartmann Schedel's Liber Chronicarum: Das Buch der Croniken und Geschichten (loosely translated as World Chronicle, but popularly...


1493 - Mediolanum (Milan)

  • $14.99

Fanciful view of the City of Milan, from the Liber Chronicum (Nuremberg Chronicle), a landmark work of the 15th Century. Hartmann Schedel's Liber Chronicarum: Das Buch der Croniken und Geschichten (loosely translated as World Chronicle, but popularly...


1493 - Florencia

  • $14.99

The Earliest Obtainable View of Florence, Italy Finely colored example of Hartmann Schedel's incunable view of Florence, from Schedel's Liber Chronicum, perhaps the single most influential secular illustrated book of the 15th Century and one of the...


1575 - La Ville De Florence

  • $14.99

Scarce early plan of Florence, published in Paris by De Belleforest. In 1544, the scholar and geographer Sebastian Munster published his Cosmographia, one of the most important an influential works of its type in the16th century In 1575, the Paris...


1579 - [Florence] Florentz

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Detailed view of the City of Florence, set with a decorative engraved title frame. Large coat of arms, held aloft by two angels, with two additional cherubs in the upper left and right corner. Major landmarks (Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, etc.) are plainly...


1581 - Tridentum. Trient

  • $14.99

Fine early birdseye view of the Trento in Italy. From Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th Century. The bird's-eye plan shows Trento on the Adige with its surrounding...


1588 - Sulmo Ovidii Patria (with) Urbino

  • $14.99

Old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's views of Urbino and Sulmona. This view of Urbino has been reduced to two views. The upper view is from the Southwest and shows the Palazzo Ducale built into the slope. Directly behind it appears the tower...


1588 - Antiquae Urbis Romae Imago Accuratiss: Ex Vetustis Monumentis, Ex Vetigiis Videlicet Aedificior Moenium Ruinis Fide Numismatum . . .

  • $14.99

Fine example of the Braun & Hogenberg Plan of Rome, first published in the 1588 edition of the Civitates Orbis Terrarum. Braun & Hogenberg's view is based upon the work of Pirro. However, the title banner and lower key embellishments are...