Antique rare maps of Venice


1588 - [Venice]

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Rare 16th Century map of Venice, published in Venice by Leandro Alberti of Bologna, in his Isolario appartenenti alla Italia, published in 1588. A very scarce early map, with a very unique printing style.


1630 - Il Famosa Ponte di Rialto in Venetia

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Rare view of the Rialto Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Venice. The Rialto Bridge is one of the earliest bridges in Venice. The first dry crossing of the Grand Canal was a pontoon bridge built in 1181 by Nicolò Barattieri. It was called the...


1719 - [Venice] Carte Du Gouvernement Militarire De La Republique Du Venise . . .

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Decorative set of views of Venice. The inner views are of the Piazza San Marco, a scene of the Gondoliers and a second scene on the Lagoon and a view of the Ponte de la Rialto on the Grand Canal. A striking and decorative map from Chatelain's Atlas...


1859 - Pianta di Venezia diseg: ed inc:da Guglielmo Seiffert . . . 1850

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Decorative map of Venice, printed on linen by Willem Seiffert. The map was probably printed for the German tourist market. Fine view of the Grande Canale with the Venetian state barge in the foreground. The lower views show the 'Ponte di Rialto',...


1493 - Venecie [Venice]

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Nice example of Hartmann Schedel's incunable view of Venice from the Latin edition of Schedel's Liber Chronicum, perhaps the single most influential secular illustrated book of the 15th Century and one of the landmark printed works of the 15th...


1572 - Venetia

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Striking example of Braun & Hogenberg's view of Venice, one of the most highly sought after 16th Century views of the City. Includes a key with over 150 placenames. Important early view of Venice, from Braun & Hogenberge's Civitatus Orbis...


1648 - Description De L'Opulente et Manifique Ville de Venise

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This a rare view of Venice from the French atlas maker and royal cartographer Jean Boisseau. The stunning view presented shows the city of the Doges in a magnificent bird's eye format, focusing on the main island and surrounding islets, but with the...


1650 - [Venice] Venetia

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Late example of Stefano Scolari's map of Venice, first published in 1597. The map is based upon the Bernardo Salvioni (1597) plan of Venice. This gorgeous bird's-eye view of Venice gives a taste of how this city existed during the seventeenth century....


1660 - Cartusia Inclytae Venetiarum Urbis

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Fine example of this striking view of the island of Vignole and its Monastery, built in 1422. Fine bird's-eye view of the formerly famous monastery with all the gardens and greens, mostly demolished within the last 200 years. The view was engraved by...


1660 - Venetia

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Fine dark example of the left half of this stunning view of Venice and environs, published in Amsterdam by Frederick De Wit. Shows the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Ponte Rialto and other major landmarks.


1677 - Disegno Della Pianta Di Venetia con tutti i Canalli, Rij, Chiese, Ponti, Isolette, division de sestieri. Opera nova et non piu stampata. 1677

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Nice example of one of the most important early plans of Venice. This is the Fourth and final edition of this interesting plan, first published in 1627 by the otherwise unknown publisher Alessandro Badoer. Scolari has retouched the contours and...


1695 - Venise Ville Capitale de la plus Celebre, et Illustre Republique de l'Europe . .

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Fine example of this early edition of Nicolas De Fer's rare separately published plan of Venice, first published in Paris in 1695. The map includes an inset of the Lagoon of Venice near the title, inset vignettes of the Lagoon, two views of the Piazza...


1770 - [Venice] Nuova Pianta Elevata Della Nobile e Cospicua Citta di Venezia

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A Fine Late 18th Century Plan of Venice An exceptional 2-sheet Plan of Venice published by Lodovico Furlanetto, a publisher and dealer of prints in Venice, active between 1763 and 1784. Furlanetto's large plan of the lagoon city of Venice, includes...


1552 - Venetiarum amplissima & maritima urbs, cum multis circumiacentibus insulis

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This is a gorgeous full-color example of Munster's view of Venice, from a Latin edition of Munster's Cosmographia, which was one of the most prolific works of the 16th and 17th centuries. This is one of the earliest obtainable birds-eye views of...