Antique rare maps of London


1723 - An Exact Surveigh of the Streets, Lanes, and Churches, Commrehend.d. Within The Ruins of the City of London, First Described In Six Plats 10 Decemr. Ao. Domi: 1666 By The Order & Directions of the Right Honorable The Lord Mayor Aldermen, & Common Councell

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George Vertue's Edition of a London Rarity Nice example of George Vertue's magnificent engraving on two sheets of the destruction in London after the Great Fire of 1666. The map extends from Fetter Lane to Tower Dock, focusing on the damage caused by...


1735 - [New and Exact Plan of the City’s of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark And the Additional New Buildings Churches &c to the present Year 1735.] (Western sheet]

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Detailed map of the western half of London, published by Thomas Jefferys in 1735. The map is the western half of Jefferys New and Exact Plan of the City’s of London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark And the Additional New Buildings...


1749 - A Plan For Rebuilding The City of London After The Great Fire in 1666; Design'd By That Great Architect Sr. Christopher Wren; and Approv'd of By King and Parliament, But Unhappily Defeated By Faction.

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One of the Rarest of Christopher Wren's Proposed Plans for Rebuilding London. Fine reduced example of Christopher Wren's plan for rebuilding London after the fire, by John Gwynn, engraved by Edward Rooker and published by the Proprietors at Palladios...


1755 - [London] Redriffe and Part of St. Mary Magdalens Parish Southwark Taken from ye Latest Survey with Corrections

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Decorative map of the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey sections of what is now greater London. Fine example of this map of a portion of London, from John Strype's re-issue of John Stow's Survey of London, originally, was published in 1598. Strype expanded...


1760 - London

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Striking panoramic view of London, published in Augsburg by the Probst family. Highly detailed 18th century post-fire panorama of London as seen from the south bank of the Thames River, looking toward the St. Paul’s Cathedral, engraved by Friedrich...


1760 - Plan of Baynards Castle Ward & Faringdon Ward, Within. Divided into Parishes, from a New Survey [with] Plan of Candlewick and Langborn Wards. Divided into Parishes, from a New Survey

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Interesting pair of ward maps of London, published in 1760. Landmark locations include St. Paul's Cathedral and Blackfriar's Bridge.


1775 - The London Guide or Packet Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster, & Borough of Southwark, with the New Buildings, & c. to the Present Year 1775.

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Unrecorded? 1775 Edition of This Map of London. Antique engraved map of in the late-18th century, published by Carrington Bowles in 1775. The map includes great detail of streets and built-up sections of the city; most streets and squares are named....


1787 - London, Westminster and Southwark, Accurately delineated from the latest Surveys, to which is now first added a Correct List of upwards of 350 Hackney Coach Fares laid down from actual Measurement, and the prices regulated agreeable to the late act of Par

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Detailed early plan of London, published in 1787. The map extends from Islington to Newington Butts and from east to west from Stepney to Hyde Park. Includes a list of important buildings with references at the top left and right and an extensive...


1791 - A Plan of the Cities of London, Westminster and Borough of Southwark, with the New Buildings to the Year 1791.

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A detailed antique engraved plan of London published in London 1791. The map appeared in Kearsleys’ Stranger’s Guide, or Companion through London and Westminster, and the Country Round: Containing a Description of the Situation, Antiquity, and...


1795 - A New and Exact Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster and the Borough of Southwark,

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Rare two-sheet (joined as one) map of London at the end of the 18th century, published by Bowles & Carver in London in 1795. The map shows London as it was about to burst into the countryside and takeover the surrounding farmland. The whole map is...


1816 - Map of London and its Environs 1816.

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Fine large format map of London, originally published in 1813. The map stretches from Hyde Park in the west to the East India Docks. Parks are shown in green with the urban areas in red.


1817 - The Strangers Guide to London and Westminster Exhibiting all the various Alterations & Improvements complete to the Present Time.

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Unrecorded Early Edition of Mogg's Map of London. Antique map of London issued by Edward Mogg in London in 1817. Detailed plan of Georgian London, which at the time extended from Hyde Park to just east of the Tower of London. The City of London is...


1836 - London (Rare First Edition)

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Rare first edition of this detailed map of London, centered on the Thames and extending from Greenwich Reach and Bromley, to Kensington Gardens and St. Marleybone. The first edition can be recognized by the inclusion of 2 vignettes: Tower of London...


1890 - The City Road, Finsbury Circus To The Angel Islington.

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Antique wood-engraved view of London pointing north from Finsbury Circus towards Islington. The view was apparently drawn by Thomas Sulman (1834-1900) while flying in a balloon above London. The wood-engraving was done by George William Ruffle...


1893 - Metropolitan Conference | Map of Collection & Delivery Boundaries for Goods Traffic July 1985.

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An expansive and detailed map of London, produced for the transportation of goods at the turn of the century. Detail on the map is very extensive, with thousands of streets, parks, railways, buildings, and more all labeled. The map accompanies a...


1905 - Marleybone Station -- Parish of St. Marleybone (with Lord's Crickett Grounds)

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An Early Map of the Marylebone Station, with Lord's Cricket Ground and Public Bar! Rare large format map of the Marlyebone Train Station and surrounding part of St. Marylebone Parish, immediately west of Regent's Park in London. The map locates...