Antique rare maps of Europe


1774 - Essai D'Une Carte Polaire Arctique Construite d'apres toutes les connoissances les plus nouvelles pour servir aux Navigations et aux Decourvertes a faire dans la mer Glaciale . . . 1774

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A Cartographic Landmark -- De Vaugondy's Presentation to the French Royal Academy on the Most Practicable Sailing Routes to the Pacific via the North Polar Regions Extremely rare polar map produced to illustrate a presentation made by Didier Robert...


1792 - [Eastern Siberia and Alaska]. ‘Vostochnaya Chast Irtkutskoi Gubernii s prilezhashhimi ostrovami i zapadnom beregom Ameriki’ (‘The Eastern Part of the Irkutsk Province with the adjacent islands and the West Coast of America’).

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Fine example of this rare Russian map of the northwest coast of America and northeastern parts of Russia, published by Wilbrecht in his rare 1792 atlas entitled Ross'iiskoi Atlas iz soroka chetyrekh kart sostaiashch'ii I na sorok na dva...


1839 - Russland zur Uebersicht dieses Staates von Julius Loewenberg

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Interesting map of Russia, including Russian America, published in Freiburg in 1839. Includes historical text below the map, covering the history of Russia.


1645 - Regiones Sub Polo Arctico . . . (Heightened in Gold Leaf)

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Nice example of the second edition of Blaeu's signature map of the North Polar Regions, with several wonderful cartouches and decorative coat of arms. Blaeu's decorative map of the North Pole, including Arctic North America, Scandinavia, and northern...


1690 - Polo Settentrionale, o Boreale, et Artico

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Rare north polar section of Coronelli's remarkable globe gores, first published in 1690. The present gore section is the upper calotte for Coronelli's large (110cm) globe showing the north pole and surrounding areas. The section includes extensive...


1732 - Carte du Nord Est & du Nord West du Pole

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Fine Eighteenth-Century Map of the Arctic Elegant and finely-wrought map of “Northeast and Northwest of the Pole,” published by Amsterdam-based French scholar and mapmaker Jean Frédéric Bernard. The map encompasses the polar region from Tartary...


1730 - Portugalliae et Algarbiae… [with large Regnum Brasiliae…inset]

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Portugal and Her Brazilian Colony Decorative map of Portugal with a large inset of Brazil, showing its 12 captaincies. The map is elaborately embellished, with several naval battles, a highly ornate cartouche and other details.


1601 - Romani Imperii Imago

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Old color map of the Roman Empire from Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. Several decorative cartouches, 2 portraits, sailing ship and a historical tree showing details.


1639 - Germaniae Nova acaccurata descriptio . . . 1639

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Rare edition of Cloppenburg's map of the Holy Roman Empire.


1651 - A New Mappe Of The Romane Empire . . . 1626

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First Edition of Speed's Map of the Roman Empire Striking example of Speed's map of the Roman Empire. The map focuses on the Mediterranean and the regions dominated by Rome at the height of its empire. Includes views of Rome, Venice, Genua,...


1660 - Tabula Geographica Locorum ubi habita sunt concilia tam Generalia quam Provincialia, Synodi, &c. . . . 1660

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Finely colored example of Du Val's map of Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Du Val's religious-historical map of Europe extends to include northern Africa and a portion of the Middle East. Locations of general and provincial councils and...


1669 - Romani Imperii Qua Occidens est Descriptio Auth.Michaele Antonio Baudrand . . . 1669

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Rare map of the Roman Empire and contiguous regions. This map was originally designed by Michel Antoine Baudrand (1633-1700), a French Historian and Geographer, who served as secretary to Cardinal Francesco Barberini (then Dean of the College of...


1700 - Europae Orbis Christiani Domina 1699

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Decorative map Europe, Iceland and part of Greenland, with sea monsters and land creatures in the sea and on land. Large decorative cartouche and characters. Scherer's Atlas Novus was a 7 volume compendium which demonstrated his unique style and...


1705 - Tooneel Des Oorlogs in't Zuider Deel van Europa . . . | Theatre de la Guerre dans L'Europe Meridionale . . .

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Striking Map of Europe at the Bellicose Beginning of the Eighteenth Century Rare map of the theater of war in Europe, published by Carol Allard in Amsterdam. It shows southern Europe as it looked during the War of Spanish Succession. The wide map...


1723 - Clarissimo Domino Frederico Ern. Fabrice uni e camerarys Regis magniae Britaniae submisse inscribit hanc tabulam A. De la Motraye

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Rare Map of the Western Mediterranean Finely executed map of the western Mediterranean and environs, published to illustrate the work of French traveler and writer Aubry de la Motraye. As a result of the religious persecution that struck the...


1794 - A Map Exhibiting the Dark Shadow of the Moon over England and Other Parts of Europe, In the Five Great Solar Eclipes, Of the Years, 1715, 1724, 1737, 1748 and 1764 . . .

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Unusual Eighteenth-Century Map of Solar Eclipses over Europe Rare, separately-issued map showing the solar eclipses of 1715, 1724, 1737, 1748 and 1764, including the famous 1715 Halley’s Eclipse, named for the pioneer of eclipse mapping, astronomer...