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Antique rare maps of Denmark


1624 - De Zeecusten van Holsterlandt, Mekelenborch, en de Eijlanden Laland, Flaster en Meun

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Fine example of this rare sea chart of part of the coastlines of Germany and Denmark, published by Blaeu in his Zeespiegel, first published in 1623. The present chart is oriented with South at the top and includes Lubeck, Wismer and Rostock, along the...


1644 - Daniae Nova Descriptio - Description du Royme. de Danemarck et des costes de la mer Baltiq. . . . 1644

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Rare separately issued map of Scandinavia and the Baltic Regions, published by Jean Boisseau. The map would later be issued by Langlois in Paris, circa 1660, with name "Mare Balticum" revised to "Mer Balticque." Not in Pastereau or Nordenskiold. We...


1700 - Iutia Meridionalis, et Fionia . . .

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Rare map of the southern part of Jutland and the island of Fionia, published by Covens & Mortier. The map was originally issued by Hugo Allard, circa 1690. All editions are very rare on the market.


1720 - Regni Daniae in quo sund Ducatus Holsatia et Slesvicum Insulae, Danicae, Provinciae, Iustia, Scania Blekingia Nova Tabula

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Fine dark impression of Homann's map of Denmark, Slesvig-Holstein and contiguous parts of Germany. Striking large cartouche includes elaborate coat of arms.


1790 - A Correct Chart of the Cattegat and Sound From The Scaw to the Island of Rugen, including particular plans of the Sound, Gothenberg, Marstrand and Malo; taken from the Danish and Swedish Surveys by John Hamilton Moore, Hydrographer to His Royal Highness,

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Signed By the Captain of the USS Congress Rare English Sea chart, published in London by John Hamilton Moore. The chart shows the region between Sweden and Denmark, extending to Rugen and the German coastline. John Hamilton Moore (1738-1807) was a...


1588 - Mappa fluminis dicti vulgo Beldt, cum omnibus Littoralibus oris, Limitibus, Situque terrarum vulgo dicatrum Lalandiae, usque ad Stephani Caput / Caerte vanden Beldt, met alle Sijn Zee Custen,Streckinge en gele gentherijt va lande, va Lalandt tot Situens

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Old Color, gold heightened example of Waghenaer's sea chart showing a significant part of the coastline of Denmark. The chart includes the modern cities of Randers, Kalundborg, Korsor, Aarhus, Horsens, Vejle, Kolin, Haderslev, Sonderborg, Nordborg,...


1623 - Caarte der Schoonse en Zeelandsche Kust tusschen Kol en Valsterbon . . .

  • $9.99

First edition of Blaeu's chart of part of Denmark and Norway, from Blaeu's Zeespiegel, Inhoudende Een Karte Onderwijsinghe in de Konst de Zeevaert, en Eene beschrijvinghe der Seekusten van de Oostersche, Noordsche, en Westersche Schipvaert. The map is...


1650 - Pars Occientalis Praefecturae Hadersleben cum adjacentibus Ripen et Lohmcloster Praefecturis.

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Detailed map of western Denmark, extending from Fano Island in the north, to Sylt Island in the south, showing what was then the western part of the Prefecture of Haderslev. The map includes an elaborate dedication cartouche.


1666 - Pascaarte vant Schager-Rack vande Pater-nosters aen Kol. als mede de Sondt: oock hoe dese landen van Schagen gelegen

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Rare variant of this striking sea chart of the strait between Sweden and Denmark, published by Goos. This east-oriented sea chart shows the waterway between Sweden and Denmark leading to the Baltic Sea. Skagerrak, Kattegat and Oere-Sund with...


1667 - Le Danemark Suede et Gotie

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Scarce map of Denmark and Southern Scandinavia, from Briet's Theatre geographique de l'Europe, contenant la division de ses royaumes et provinces.


1713 - Le Royaume de Danemark, Avec une Partie de la Suede, Pomeranie, des Duchez de Meklenbourg, Lunebourg, et Breme . . .

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Detailed map of Denmark and southwestern Sweden, published by Vander Aa, in his Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde . . . .


1720 - A New Map of Denmark and Sweden. According to ye Newest & most Exact Observations...To His Excellency Lord Bishop of Bristol Ld. Privy Seal & Her Majestys Plenipotentiary…

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Nice example of Herman Moll's map of Scandinavia, with a large inset map and 5 wonderful vignettes, including a very early example of skiing. A very interesting note on the Laplanders below the vignettes and other notes throughout. This example of...


1767 - Royaume De Danemarck . . . 1767

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Decorative map of the Kingdom of Denmark, including contiguous parts of modern Sweden.


1801 - Charta ofver Sundet och Droogden 1801.

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Scarce sea chart the region around Copenhagen, Lund and Malmo.


1864 - Denmark [with inset of Iceland]

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A striking map of Denmark, published by John Arrowsmith. This map shows the Jutland Peninsula, Zealand [Sieland] Islands, and Iceland, as well as parts of adjacent regions including Sweden, Hanover, and Mecklenberg. Several enclaves of German...