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Antique rare maps of Denmark


1651 - Grundtriss der Stadt Undt des Schlosses Ripen Anno 1651

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Detailed town plan of Ribe (Ripen) in Denmark, by Johannes Mejer, published in Husum. Ribe is Denmark's oldest city. Established in the early 8th Century AD, the earliest surviving documents naming the city date to 854. When Ansgar the Archbishop of...


1660 - Lalandia, Falstria et Mona Insulae . . . (Heightened with gold)

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Scarce map of the Danish islands of Lolland, Falste and Mon, which first appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Maior. Also included are the southern portion of Zealand (Sjaelland), as well as the numerous adjacent smaller islands. The cities of Praesto,...


1662 - Iutia, olim Cimbrica Chersonesus

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Fine example of Blaeu's map of Jutland, which was issued only in the Atlas Maior.


1680 - Iutiae Tabula in quae sunt Dioeceses Alburgensis, Wiburgensis, Ripensis et Arhusiensis quae et Sunt Divisae In Omina Dominia (Gold Heightened)

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Fine map of Jutland, engraved by De Wit, with deluxe old color and gold leaf highlights. This beautifully engraved map covers the northern and western portions Denmark. The map is filled with minute detail of fortresses, cities, towns and tiny...


1680 - Nova et accurata descriptio totius Fionae vulgo Funen

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Detailed map of the Island of Funen and surrounding islands, from the scarce Mose Pitt Atlas.


1680 - Copenhague Ville Capitale du Royaume de Danemarck est située en Zeelande qui est une des Isles de la Mer BALTIQUE

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Rare large decorative view of Copenhagen, with an elaborate engraved border. The view shows an elaborate waterfront image, with wharves, windmills, shipbuilding, etc. 7 major sites are identified in the key below the view. The view is rare, with...


1681 - Danemark vizt Iutland, Zeland, Selswick Holstein

  • $14.99

Rare Miniature English Map of Denmark Rare map of Denmark, published by Sir Jonas Moore in London, based upon the rare Thornton & Greene map of the region. The map appeared in Moore's A New Geography. Many of the plates in the work were engraved...


1687 - Denmark

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Rare early English map of Denmark and contiguous parts of the Baltic and Sweden. This map appeared in Modern's rare Atlas Terestris, first published in 1687.


1690 - Jutia Septentrionalis in qua Dioceses Alburgensis et Viburgensis

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Nice example of Schenk and Valk's map of the northern part of Jutland. Major cities include Viborg and Aalborg.


1690 - Ducatus Slesvicensis Pars Septentrionalis . . .

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Detailed map of the southernmost part of Denmark, published in Amsterdam by Valk & Schenk.


1697 - Repraesentatio Op et Expugnationis nuper exltructi Oppidi et Munimenti Fridericiudde abs Locumtenen te Regio Illust et Exell dn Comiti Carolo Gustavo Wrangelio

  • $9.99

Highly detailed view of the Swedish invasion of Fredericia, by King Carl X Gustav, in August, 1657. After the devastation caused by the Thirty Years' War in a largely unfortified Jutland, King Christian IV realized the necessity of building a strong...


1719 - Les Royaume de Danemark Subdivsee en ses quatre Dioceses Avec les Isles Adjacentes Le Duche De Slewick &c. . . 1719

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Fine example of Chiquet's map of Denmark, from his Le Nouveau et Curieux… Includes a finely engraved cartouche.


1730 - Denmark Agreeable to Modern History . . .

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Detailed map of Denmark, published in London by Herman Moll.


1740 - Copenhagen

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Striking large format view of Copenhagen by Wolff, published in Augsburg. Includes a key locating 26 places on the view. A fine early view of Copenhagen.


1740 - Coppenhagen die Konigl. Danische Haupt und Residentz Stadt in Grund Riss heraus gegebn u. verlegt . . .

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Fine large plan of Coppenhagen, with a city view below. Oriented with southeast at the top, the map focuses on the town's fortifications. Includes 2 large coats of arms.


1746 - Royaume De Danemarck . . .1746

  • $14.99

Decrorative map of Denmark, with cartouche and coat of arms.