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Antique rare maps of Sweden


1640 - De Custen van Schoonen en Swede van Valsterboen tot Christianopolis Bornholm en de Custen van Pomeren van't Eylant Rugen tot Rygs-hooft

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Rare early Dutch sea chart, pubished in Amsterdam by Jacob Colom. The map covers the coastlines of western Poland, Pomerania and part of southern Sweden. The chart appeared in one of the earliest Dutch Sea Atlases. The only example of the map we...


1720 - Regni Daniae in quo sund Ducatus Holsatia et Slesvicum Insulae, Danicae, Provinciae, Iustia, Scania Blekingia Nova Tabula

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Fine dark impression of Homann's map of Denmark, Slesvig-Holstein and contiguous parts of Germany. Striking large cartouche includes elaborate coat of arms.


1790 - A Correct Chart of the Cattegat and Sound From The Scaw to the Island of Rugen, including particular plans of the Sound, Gothenberg, Marstrand and Malo; taken from the Danish and Swedish Surveys by John Hamilton Moore, Hydrographer to His Royal Highness,

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Signed By the Captain of the USS Congress Rare English Sea chart, published in London by John Hamilton Moore. The chart shows the region between Sweden and Denmark, extending to Rugen and the German coastline. John Hamilton Moore (1738-1807) was a...


1654 - Oost Zee door Arnold Colom . . . [Heightened with Gold!]

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Fine example of this rare sea chart of the Baltic Sea (Oost Zee), by Arnold Colom, from Colom's Zee Atlas Ofte Water-Wereldt. Colom's detailed sea chart of the Baltic Sea from Rügen and Denmark extending towards eastern Finland and Livland, is one of...


1700 - Nieuwe Paskaart voor een Gedeelte vande Oost-Zee | The New Sea Map of the Second of the East-Sea | Nouvelle Carte Hydrographique d'Une Partie de la Mer Baltique

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Scarce Dutch sea chart of the Baltic Sea, published by the Van Keulen firm, the leading Dutch sea chart publishers of the 18th century. The map covers much of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish coast around Stockholm, the Gulf of Riga and West Estonian...


1710 - Sueciae Magnae, Totius Orbis Regni Antiquissimi, Hodierna In Sex Principales Suas Partes, Gothiam Nempe, Sueciam Propriam, Sive Stricte Sumptam, Nordlandiam, Finniam, Ingriam, Livoniam . . .

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Fine map of Scandinavia and the Baltic, published in Amsterdam by Valk. Shows Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. It depicts a significantly contracted Swedish Empire having suffered defeats against both Norway and Russia over the previous...


1593 - Septentrionalium Regionum Suetiae Gothiae Norvegia Daniae

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Nice example of this scarce map of Scandinavia, published in Cologne. The map is oriented with east at the top. The present map was produced by one of the primary Cologne School mapmakers, Johann Bussemacher. The Cologne School of cartography was...


1667 - Le Danemark Suede et Gotie

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Scarce map of Denmark and Southern Scandinavia, from Briet's Theatre geographique de l'Europe, contenant la division de ses royaumes et provinces.


1720 - A New Map of Denmark and Sweden. According to ye Newest & most Exact Observations...To His Excellency Lord Bishop of Bristol Ld. Privy Seal & Her Majestys Plenipotentiary…

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Nice example of Herman Moll's map of Scandinavia, with a large inset map and 5 wonderful vignettes, including a very early example of skiing. A very interesting note on the Laplanders below the vignettes and other notes throughout. This example of...


1801 - Charta ofver Sundet och Droogden 1801.

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Scarce sea chart the region around Copenhagen, Lund and Malmo.


1836 - [Map of Sweden and Norway] Карта Швеціи и Норвегіи

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of Scandinavia, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. Rarity The map is very scarce. We have been unable to find any other examples in sales databases, libraries and archives, nor in general online...


1638 - Stockholm

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Decorative birdseye view of Stockholm from across the harbor, from Merian's Neuwe Archontologica Cosmica, published in 1638. Shows buildings, churches, bridges, ships, docks, fortified walls of the city, and the surrounding area. The coat of arms of...


1660 - Caarte van Sweden Van Oelandt tot aen Stocholm

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Dark impression of Goos' regional sea chart of Sweden, based upon an earlier chart by Jacobsz. The chart covers the coast of Sweden from Schenckenes and Oeland towards Stockholm, along with the island of Gotland. The chart includes the names of towns...


1660 - Sedes Belli Dano. Suecici

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Interesting map of Scandinavia, illustrating the theater of the Second Northern War. In 1657, during the Second Northern War, Denmark launched a war of revenge against Sweden (then distracted in Poland), which turned into a complete disaster....


1677 - Regno di Danimarca Diviso nelle Sue due Iutlandiae Cioe Settentrionale in quattro Diocesi et Australe, e il Ducatgo di Sleswick Il Ducato di Holsatia In quattro Contadi Con l'Isole die Zeeland, Fionia et Altre Adiacenti . . . 1677

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Striking map of Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden, published in Rome by Giovanni Giacomo Rossi. The map is finely engraved, with an elaborate cartouche.


1680 - Gothia

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Decorative map of Gothia, published by Valk & Schenk. The map is richly decorated with a large figurative cartouche, scale of miles and sailing ships. Shows the area including Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Lund, Helsingborg, Kristianstad,...