Antique rare maps of Scotland


1815 - (Danish North Sea Atlas) Samling af Efterretninger for de Söefarende, henhörende til det voxende Kaart over Nord-Söen, straekkende sig fra 50o - 55' til 58o 5' Norder Brede, indeholdende Beskrivelsen over Kysterne, Fyhrene, og Söemaerkene, samt bankerne,

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A Dane Eyes the East Coast of Britain. First edition of this very rare Danish atlas of the North Sea. Paul de Löwenörn (1751-1826) was a Danish mariner, later Adjutant-General, Captain-Lieutenant, and Director of the Royal Danish Marine Archives,...


1610 - The Kingdome of Scotland

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Nicely hand-colored example of Speed's map of Scotland, from his Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, first published in 1611. Speed's map is widely regarded as the most decorative early map of Scotland. The present example is the first state, with...


1575 - Ingilterra et Scotia

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One of the Earliest Modern Maps of England, Wales & Scotland Nice example of Camocio's finely engraved map of England, Wales & Scotland, published in Venice. The map is derived from George Lily. Lily's map is generally considered to be the...


1944 - [Two Sheet Detailed Agricultural Map] Great Britain

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A fascinating map of Great Britain compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in June 1939 and printed by the Ordnance Survey in 1944. The map shows the types of agriculture which dominate in each region of the United Kingdom. Approximately...


1580 - Edenburg -- Edenburgum Scotiae Metropolis

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Finely colored example of the earliest obtainable views of Edinburgh, published by Braun & Hogenberg. Includes Edinburgh's major 16th Century buildings shown in profile, with no consideration for perspective. Published for the Civitates Orbis...


1598 - Scotiae Tabula

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Scarce 16th Century map of Scotland, pubilshed by Bussemacher in Cologne, and oriented with west at the top. Engraved by Henricus Nagel. Published in Cologne.


1610 - Scotiae Regnum

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Striking full color example of Mercator's 2-sheet map of Scotland. Includes a decorative cartouche and fine early detail. One of the earliest obtainable maps of Scotland.


1640 - The Kingdome of Scotland

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Rare separately published map of Scotland, attributed to Thomas Jenner. The map is known to have appeared in Jenner's catalog in 1662, however the few surviving examples of the map are bound into composite atlases from the early 1640s. A later...


1653 - Scotia Antiqua, qualis pricis temporibus Romanis praesertim, Cognita suit quam in lucem eruere conabatur R Gordonius a Straloch M DC LIII (Heightened with Gold Leaf)

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Robert Gordon's Map of Ancient Scotland Fine old example of Blaeu's map of Ancient Scotland, which appeared in the Atlas Maior, heightened in Gold Leaf. Includes a second map of Orcades and Shetlands, with 2 highly decorative cartouches. The map...


1670 - A Mapp of the Kingdome of Scotland by Ric Blome by his Matys. Command

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Finely executed map of Scotland, published by Richard Blome. This important early map of Scotland appeared in the first edition Blome's of 'Britannia', his series of county maps. The map includes an elaborate cartouche, coat of arms, and a dedication...


1690 - [Scotland] Scotia Parte Settentrionale . . . [and] Scotia Partie Meridionale . . .

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Nice example of Coronelli's 2 sheet map of Scotland, including 4 large cartouches and table of counties, towns, etc. Showns towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, bays, churches and other features. One of the most decorative large format 17th...


1690 - Scotia Regnum divisum in Partem Septentrionalem et Meridionalem Subdivisas in Comitatus, Vicecomitatus, Provincias Praefecturas Dominia et Insulas . . .

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Fine old color example of De Wit's scarce map of Scotland. The map is hand colored by counties, vice counties and other small political subdivisions, and includes tremendous detail. Decorative cartouche and coat of arms.


1710 - Magnae Britanniae Pars Septentrionalis qua Regnum Scotiae . . .

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Striking Early 18th Century Map of the Kingdom of Scotland Fine dark impression of Johann Baptiste Homann's decorative map of Scotland, with 2 large format cartouches, coats of arms and other decorations. Credit is given to Nicholas Visscher as the...


1710 - Regnum Scotia, seu pars Septent: Magnae Britanniae, divisa in Scotiam Septent: et Astralem, porro autem in Comit: Rossiam Moraviam, Argatheliam, et Gallovidiam,; Vicencomit: Banfam et Marriam; Praefect: Laudoniam, Renfroviam et Anadiam; una cum Insulis

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Scarce and highly detailed map of Scotland, published by Gerard and Leonard Valk. The map locates towns, roads, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. The map has an inset of the Orkney Islands in the upper-right corner.


1714 - The Plan of Edenburgh Exactly done From the Original of ye famous D: Wit

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Rare Decorative Plan and View of Edinburgh Dedicated to George Lockhart esq. Rare town plan, bird's-eye view and prospect of Edinburgh, engraved by the Scots mapmaker Andrew Johnston, and first published in 1714. The map first appeared in the...


1743 - Scozia

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A nice example of Albrizzi's scarce map of Scotland, with 2 decorative cartouches. The map is remarkably detailed, showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc.