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Antique rare maps of Greece


1660 - Les Conquestes du Roy Demetrius, preneur de Villes

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Antique map of the conquests of Demetrius I "Taker of Cities", published by Pierre Du Val in Paris, circa 1660.


1660 - La Carte des Expeditions Militaires D'Agesilaus Roy de Sparte, Dressee sur Xenophon.

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Antique engraved map of the military expeditions of Agesilaus II, as described by his friend the historian Xenophon. Agesilaus II was king of the Greek city-state of Sparta.


1660 - La Grece selon Herodote, avec le Royaume de Croesus, tire du mesme Autheur

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Antique engraved map of Greece and the Kingdom of Croesus (Lydia), after a description by Herodotus. The map was published in Paris by Pierre Du Val, probably around 1660.


1668 - Ελλάs Graecia Sophiani 1668 . . .

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Rare separately issued map of Greece, Asia Minor and Turkey, published in Paris by Jollain. Jollain's map is based upon the Nikolaus Sophianos' map of Greece, first engraved around 1540, which was published by Johannes Oporinus in Basel in 1545, as an...


1670 - Turcicum Imperium

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Striking map of the Turkish Empire bounded by the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, and Italy in the West and Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea in the east and centered on Turkey and Cyprus. This fine map depicts the Ottoman Empire on the...


1676 - Greece

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Nice example of John Speed's map of Greece. Extends north to include part of the Black Sea. A highly detailed early depiction of Greece, with fascinating English text description on the verso. The first folio sized map of Greece published in England.


1683 - Is. De Lero, Calamo et de Lango

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Decorative map of the islands of Lero, Calamo, and Lango. Also shown are Scogli, Lepida, Capra, Caprone, Zechigni and Iali. A number of place names appear on the larger islands. A number of sailing vessels shown in the foreground, etc. From Mallet's...


1683 - Isle De Scarpanto (also Fanari, Zafra, Divoni etc.)

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Decorative map of the Greek Islands of Scarpanto and smaller neighboring islands, from Mallet's Description de L'Univers, first published in Paris in 1683.


1686 - La Grece, ou Partie Meridionale de L'Empire De Turcs en Europe, avec La Table Alphabetique . . . 1686

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Rare map of the Greek Islands by Pierre Du Val, published in Paris. Du Val's map focuses on the Aegean and the various trade routes through the region and beyond, tracking the routes of ancient and modern Mariners from the Dardenelles, Gallipoli and...


1686 - Is. De Pelagnisi Dromi

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Decorative map of the Greek Islands of Pelagnisi, Saraquino, Prosonissi, Lidrome, Scoglieto, Dromo and contiguous islands, from Mallet's Description de L'Univers, first published in Paris in 1683.


1687 - Greciae Novae Descriptio

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Rare English map of Greece and contiguous islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. This map first appeared in Modern's rare Atlas Terestris, first published in 1687.


1687 - (Kiev) Kiovia

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Morosini's Sacking of Koroni in 1685 Scarce map of the coastal region near Kalamata, extending from Methoni and Koroni to Kardamyli and Stoupa. The map illustrates an expedition of Captain General Francesco Morosini against the Ottoman Turks....


1688 - Golfo Della Prevesa . . .

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Celebrating the Ventian Conquest of Preveza Fine early map of Preveza Bay on the west coast of Greece, published in Venice by Coronelli. The map was likely published to commemorate the conquest of Preveza and environs by the Venetians from the...


1695 - De Beschryvingh Van de Reysen Pauli en Van de Andere Apostelen Met des Selss Landen en Koenignrijke daer Sy het Evangelium . . .

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Nice example of Stoopendahl's map of the Eastern Mediterranean, showing the Travels of the Apostels. The map illustrates the travels of Paul in the Mediterranean, and includes 8 biblical scenes from Paul's travels.


1696 - Estats de L'Empire des Turqs en Europe, ou sont les Beglerbeglicz our Gouvernements . . .

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Scarce large format map of the Turkish Empire in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, published by Jaillot, based upon the earlier maps of Nicolas Sanson .


1696 - La Moree Et les Isles de Zante, Cefalonie, Ste. Maure, Cerigo, &c

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Striking large and highly detailed map of Morea and surrounding islands by Jaillot. Includes smaller plans of 12 other islands.