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Antique rare maps of Greece


1698 - [Rhodes and Stanchio, Greece] Rhodus / Stanchio

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Striking view of Rhodes and Stanchio, from De Bruyn's Reizen van Cornelis de Bruyn . . . . The Dutch painter and traveler, Cornelius de Bruyn, traveled to Constantinople and the empire between 1677 and 1684. All the spires, minarets, mosques and...


1698 - [Rhodes] Rhodus

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Striking view of the island of Rhodes, from De Bruyn's Reizen van Cornelis de Bruyn . . . . Finely engraved view of the Greek island of Rhodes, depicting the Old Town with fortifications beside a row of windmills. Numerous ships and boats sail the...


1699 - La Grece Ancienne et Moderne Dediee Ason Altesse Royale . . . Divisee en ses Royaumes Republiques Provindes et Pays . . . 1699

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Fine example of Nolin's map of Greece, first published in 1699. The map is divided into kingdoms, republics and provinces and includes a coat of arms and elaborate title cartouche.


1700 - M. Heberers Ongelukkige Voyagie gedaan in Verscheyde gedeeltens van Asia en Africa

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Decorative map of the Mediterranean and contiguous lands. The map was used to illustrate the Dutch translation of the travel narrative of German explorer, Michiel Heberer. Heberer (1560-1623/33?) has been called der pfälzishe Robinson, or Robinson...


1700 - A New Map of the Islands of the Aegaean Sea, Together with the Island of Crete And the Adjoyning Isles. Dedicated to his Highess William Duke of Glocester

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Decorative map of the Aegean Islands. This decorative map was part of a set of 22 maps dedicated to William, Duke of Glouchester, who was then an 11 year old student at Oxford.


1700 - A New Map of the Western Parts of Asia Minor Largely taken: Shewing their Antient Divisions. . . Dedicated to His Highness William Duke of Gloucester

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Striking map of Asia Minor and and neighboring Islands. This decorative map was part of a set of 22 maps dedicated to William, Duke of Glouchester, who was then an 11 year old student at Oxford.


1705 - Peloponeses aujourd'huy La Moree Et les Isles de Zante, Cefalonie, Ste. Maure, Cerigo &c. . . . 1705

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Scarce map of Peloponese and part of Greece and the Greek Isles, published by De Fer. Highly detailed map, which includes 12 inset plans of fortified towns and harbors for places within the bounds of the map. The dedication note that the map was...


1705 - Grece Moderne ou Partie Meridionale de la Turquie en Europe. Divisee en Beglerbeglics our Grands Gouvernements

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Detailed map of the Southern Part of Greece and contiguous Islands. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux.


1706 - L. Rouwolfs Reys-Togten, door de Levant, of Oosterse Landschappen der Middellandse Zee [shows Cyprus]

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Interesting map of the Mediterranean region, showing Leendert Rouwolf's route from France to Tripoli. Includes decorative cartouche.


1719 - Carte Historique, Cronologique Et Geographique De L'Empire Grec Avce Des Remarques Sur Les Conquestes D'Alexandre Le Grand…

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Mapping the Conquests of Alexander the Great. Interesting historical map of the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Sea regions under Greek Rule. The map has excellent toponymic detail throughout, including extensive notes, trade routes, etc. The...


1721 - A Map of Greece with part of Anatolia . . . 1720 (view of Constantinople)

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Decorative map of Greece and part of Turkey, including a decorative view of Constantinople, from John Senex's General Atlas. Includes decorative cartouches, compass rose and other embellishments.


1728 - The Severn or Channel of Bristol [with a chart of the Irish Sea.]

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Fine Charts of British and Irish Waterways Scarce pair of sea charts printed on a single sheet, comprising a chart of the Severn estuary and another of the eastern Irish Sea. The former includes Bristol, while the latter features the Isle of Man. The...


1730 - The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa, Dividid into all its Governments, together with the other Territories that are Tributary to it, as also the Dominions of the Emperor of Marocco . . .

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Dynamic Map of the Ottoman Empire with Rich Imagery of Jerusalem Striking large-format map of the Ottoman Empire by Herman Moll, one of England's leading map makers at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The map shows the sprawling Ottoman...


1746 - Carte de l'Archipel Aussi Corrigee par F. Olivier Pilote Vice-Admiral au Departement de Toulon en 1746.

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Fine example of this rare map of the Greek Islands, published by Francois Olivier in Toulon in 1746. The title is set within a fine title cartouche depicting sea monsters. Below are Dutch, English and French scale bars. The chart itself is finely...