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Southern Europe

Antique rare maps of Southern Europe


1823 - Madeira Ids. (with inset of Naos and Cavillo)

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Scarce map of the Madeira Islands (with large inset map of Naos and Cavillo on Lanzarote Island) by Fielding Lucas Jr., which appeared in his General Atlas, as well as his A New General Atlas of the West India Islands. Lucas's map is one of the first...


1608 - Erythraei Sive Rubri Maris Periplus, olim ab Arriano descriptus, nunc vero ab Abrah. Orelio ex eodem delineatus

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Fine Ortelius Map of the Indian Ocean Linking Mythical, Ancient, and Contemporary Exploration Striking historical map of the Indian Ocean and contiguous regions of the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia, published by Ortelius in his Parergon. This...


1730 - Portugalliae et Algarbiae… [with large Regnum Brasiliae…inset]

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Portugal and Her Brazilian Colony Decorative map of Portugal with a large inset of Brazil, showing its 12 captaincies. The map is elaborately embellished, with several naval battles, a highly ornate cartouche and other details.


1730 - Nieuwe en Seer nette Caart van de Baay en Stadt Gibraltar, Geteekent door Wel Ede: Hr: H. Leysnslager . . .

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Rare chart of the Bay and Harbor at Gibraltar, based upon a contemporary survey by Captain Hendrik Lynslager, who held the title of Vice-Admiral van Holland en Vest-Friesland. The chart provides a detailed profile of Gibraltar and the surrounding...


1794 - A Chart of the British Channel And The Bay of Biscay, with a Part of the North Sea, and the Entrance of St. George's Channel . . . MCCXCIV

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Striking 2 sheet chart of the English Channel, Bay of Biscaya, etc. The chart includes a number of coastal details, soundings, rhumb lines, etc. In addition, the routes of several historically important voyages are shown.


1730 - [Manuscript Map of Gibraltar]

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Original Early-18th Century Manuscript Map of Gibraltar. Pen, ink, and wash hand-drawn map of Gibraltar, probably done by a French or Spanish mapmaker around the time of the 1727 Spanish siege. The map is unusual in its configuration and does not...


1756 - Carte Topographique des pays et cotes maritimes Qui forment le Detroit de Gibraltar . . .

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Rare scientific sea chart, oriented with south at the top, showing the entrance to the Mediterranean through the Straits of Gibraltar. The chart illustrates in great detail the fortifications on both the Iberian and African coastlines, as well as the...


1670 - Salces en Roussillon. [Salses-le-Château, France].

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A rare view by Sébastien Pontault de Beaulieu, depicting the action around the fortress of Salses-le-Château in Roussillon during the Franco-Spanish War. Salses-le-Château (called Salces in both Spanish and Catalan) was, until the mid-17th Century,...


1700 - De Koninkpy ken van Fez en Marocco in een Elsjarige Slaver nye door den Heer Mouette . . .

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Fascinating map illustrating a voyage from Dieppe to Marseille, via the Straits of Gibralter. Decorative cartouche.


1746 - Nouvelle Carte de la Mer Mediterranee Juscques au Cap S. Vincent et Cap Cantin

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Rare 2 sheet chart of the Mediterranean, published by Francois Olivier in Toulon in 1746. One of the most advanced sea charts of the period, which was produced as a working chart and for which there are very few surviving examples. To the upper right...


1803 - Carta Esferica del Golfo de Gascuña y Canales de la Mancha y Bristol. Construida de Orden del Rey en la Direccion Hidrografica y Presentada a S.M.Exmo. Señor Principe de La Paz Generalisimo de las Armas de Mar y Tierra. Año de 1803

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Rare Official Spanish Blue Backed Sea Chart of the Bay of Biscay (Biscaya) First edition of this fine sea chart, created by Juan Ferrer and engraved by Fernando Selma for the Spanish Hydrographical Department in 1803. The chart extends from the...


1855 - Valetta, the Capital of the Island of Malta [with] Balearic Islands [and] Corsica and Sardinia

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Detailed plan of Valetta, with a map of the Balearic Islands and a map of Sardinia and Corsica.


1785 - [Ottman Empire] Partes confines Trium Magnorum Imperiorum Austriaci Russici et Osmanici Foliis VI compreshensa ex novissimis observationibus, dimensionibus optimisque tabulis geographicus descripta . . . Anno MDCCLXXXV

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Three Empires At War -- Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Fine 6 sheet map published in Berlin in the midst of the Austro-Turkish and Russo-Turkish wars, between the Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Empires. Centered on the Black Sea, the map shows the...


1795 - European Dominions of the Ottomans or Turkey in Europe . . . 1795

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Large detailed Faden map of the region bounded by Greece and the Ionian Sea, the Ukraine, the Gulf of Venice, Asia Minor and the northern coast of Cyprus. Extremely detailed. The map shows the Ottoman Empire, circa 1720 and includes an ornate...


1538 - Typus Graeciae (with Turkey, Cyprus & Black Sea))

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Rare early modern map Greece, Turkey, the Black Sea and Cyprus, from Solinus' Polyhistor, rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus locupletissimus. Huic ob argumenti similitudinem Pomponii Melae de situ orbis libros tres adiunximus. This fine early map...


1694 - Carte Nouvelle De La Mer Mediterranee ou sont Exactement Remarques tous les Ports, Golfes, Rochers, Banks, de Sable &c . . .

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The Most Lavishly Illustrated Map of the Mediterranean of the 17th Century Covens & Mortier edition of Romeyn De Hooghe map of the Mediterranean, embellished with 38 inset maps and views of the major ports and harbors of the Mediterranean. Fine...