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Southern Europe

Antique rare maps of Southern Europe


1862 - Johnson's Austria Turkey in Europe and Greece

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Marvelous map showing Greece, Turkey and a very large Austrian Empire, including all of Hungary, Transylvania, Galitzia, Bohemia, Moravia, etc. Excellent delineation of the Balkans states, at a time when they all had their current names. Plus, a few...


1535 - (Balkans, Romania, Greece) (Tabula IX Europae - Title on Verso)

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Rare Early Regional Map of Romania, Greece, etc. Nice example of the 1525 edition of Lorenz Fries map of the Balkans, Romania and northern Greece First published in Strasbourg by Johannes Gruninger in 1522, Fries map is based upon Waldseemuller's map...


1780 - Turquie D'Europe . . . (Large Cyprus)

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Scarce regional map centered on Greece, Turkey, The Balkans and the Black Sea, published in Venice by Francois Santini. One of the most detailed maps of the region published in the mid-18th century.


1814 - Turkey in Europe

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An excellent detailed regional map of the Balkans, Turkey and Greece, showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other items of interest. Hand colored by regions.


1920 - Les Balkans

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Large colorful map of the Balkans, published in Brussels.


1542 - Tabula Europae IX [Greece & Turkey]

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Interesting map covering the region west of the Black Sea and north of the Aegean and Adriatic Seas, including the Straits of Bosphorus, from the 1542 edition of Munster's Geographia. The map is unchanged from the 1540 edition. Munster's Geographia...


1548 - Tabula Europae IX [Greece & Turkey]

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Interesting map of the region including Greece and Turkey, along with part of Dalmatia, extending east to Istanbul and the Bosphorus, from the 1548 edition of Ptolemy's Geographia. Gastaldi's maps are considered important early maps for regional...


1600 - Graeciae Universae Secundum Hodiernum Situm Neoterica Descriptio . . .

  • $9.99

Detailed map of Greece and neighboring regions, based upon Giacomo Gastaldi's map. The map appeared in Quad's Geographische Handtbuch . . . .


1610 - Turcici Imperii Imago [shows Cyprus]

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Fine Map of the Ottoman Empire from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Striking example of this map of the Ottoman Empire, showing their territories in the Balkans, Anatolia, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa. It was published by Henricus...


1619 - Macedonia Epirus et Achaia

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Nice old color example of Hondius's detailed regional map of Macedonia, with a decorative cartouche.


1645 - Graecia

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Fine old color example of Blaeu's map Greece, which appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Major. Includes large decorative cartouche and coat of arms.


1686 - I. De Tasso et Montesanto

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Decorative map of the Macedonian Coastline and contiguous islands, from Mallet's Description de L'Univers, first published in Paris in 1683.


1700 - A New Map of Turky in Europe, And Parts of adjoyning Shewing their Principal Divisions and Cheife Cities, Towns, Rivers, Mountains, &c.

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Decorative map of Turkey and the Balkans, colored by regions. This decorative map was part of a set of 22 maps dedicated to William, Duke of Glouchester, who was then an 11 year old student at Oxford.


1716 - Pas-Caart van de Weder zytsche Zee-kusten soo van Italia als Dalmatia en Griecken inde Golff van Venetien , , , 1716 [Large inset of Corfu]

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Striking full color example of Van Keulen's chart of the Gulf of Venice, from his De Nieuwe Groote Lichtende Zee-Fackel, part III. Includes an ornate cartouche and other embellishments, with large insets of Corfu, the mouth of the Po River and Paxoi...


1790 - Carte De la Turque D'Europe

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Detailed map of the Balkans regions and Greece, toward the end of the Ottoman Empire.


1794 - A New Map of Turkey in Europe Divided into All Its Provinces; With the Adjacent Countries of Europe and Asia . . . 1794 [shows Cyprus]

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Striking map of the eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey & Cyprus, bounded by Cyprus and the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Adriatic and Crete, centered on Greece and Turkey. Laurie & Whittle credit as sources maps published by the...