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Southern Europe

Antique rare maps of Southern Europe


1584 - Beschrijvinghe der Zee Custen vant Landt va Argarbe En ee deel vande Condado, Soe hem tlandt aldaer verthoonten in ghendaente en mesen is -- Algarbae orae maritimae, et partis Coridadae accurata descriptio, ac facies navigantibus apparens

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Striking full color example of Wagenhaer's map of the Algarve coastline, extending from just north of Sines in Portugal and the Lagos area to the Rio de Piedras area in Spain. Wagenhaer was a Dutch pilot who produced the first set of effective...


1584 - Regni Hispaniae Post Omnium Editiones Locumplessima Descriptio

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Ortelius’ Detailed Map of the Iberian Peninsula from the World’s First Modern Atlas Striking example of Abraham Ortelius' map of the Iberian Peninsula, from his influential Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map is...


1584 - Hispalensis Conventus Delineatio [Andalusia]

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Gorgeous map of Andalusia, extending from Las Sierras de Ronda to Corduba and Sierra Morena to El Cerro and Aroche to Castromarin and Lepe, centered on Sevilla, with the Bay of Cadiz at the lower center. Three cartouches and a naval battle are shown,...


1590 - Die Zee Custen van Galissien, van Capo Daviles off tot Ortegal . . .

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Decorative example of Wagenhaer's map of the northwestern coast of Spain, from Ortiguera to Cape Aviles. The chart is one of Waghenaer's most decorative productions, with 3 sea monsters, 2 sailing ships, a compass rose, and 2 decorative cartouches,...


1590 - Regni Hispaniae post omium editiones loccipletissima descriptio

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Scarce 16th century map of Spain, pubilshed by Bussemacher in Cologne. One of the earliest obtainable modern maps of Spain.


1600 - Gades Ab Occiduis Insulae Partibus

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Columbus's Point of Departure Important early view of Cadiz, focused on the chapel of San Sebastian in the foreground with the city in the background. The plate shows Cadiz seen across the narrow peninsula from the Atlantic. In the foreground stands...


1603 - Hanc Insulam Perlustrabat . . .[Bay of Cadiz] [with] Carpetaniae . . . 1584 [Toledo] [with] Guipuscoae Regionis Typus. . .

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Finely colored example of Ortelius' striking regional map of Spain, showing the Island and Bay of Cadiz, the departure point for Columbus and many other important voyages to the New World during the great age of Spanish exploration. The primary map...


1608 - [Algarve to Marbella] Afbeeldinghe der Zeecusten, tusschen de C. de S. Vincente en de Strate van Gibraltar: als een deel van Algarve, de groote Condaet, en de custen van Andalusien, vertoonende de rechte gelegentheijt aller Rivieren, Havenen, en Reeden

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Early Sailing Chart of The Southern Spanish Coastline -- Algarve to Cadiz and Marbella Rare sea chart showing the southern Spanish Coastline. The chart appeared in J Blaeu's Het Licht der Zee-vaert , first published in 1608. The charts for this...


1609 - Valentiae Regni olim Contestanorum Si Ptolemaeo, Edentanorum Si Plinio Credimus Typus

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Old color example of this very rare edition of Ortelius' map of Valencia, which appeared only in the 1584 edition and in a very few examples of the 1592 edition, The map extends from Murcia and Orihuella to the Cenia River and extending inland to...


1619 - Hispaniae Nova Describtio, De Integro Multis In Locis, Secundum Hydrographicas Desc. Emendata

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Striking example of the Kaerius-Hondius map of Spain and Portugal. The map includes a striking coat of arms, 2 compass roses, sailing ships and sea monsters, along with Hondius' unique style for engraving the ocean. A gorgeous dark impression of this...


1619 - Gallaecia Regnum

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Old Color example of Mercator's map of Gallica. Beautiful map of the northwestern coast of Spain, extending from the Asturias de Oviedo region and Aviles in the northeast to Bayona and the Portuguese border on the south, centered on Santiago di...


1619 - Regni Valentiae Typus

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Fine old color example of Hondius' map of the Valencia, from his Atlas Sive Cosmographia. . . . Includes a decorative cartouche, scale of miles, sailing ship and sea monster.


1620 - Castiliae Veteris et Novae Descriptio. 1606

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Fine example of Jodocus Hondius' map of Castille, first published in Amsterdam in 1606. The map provides a fine view of early 17th Century Castille, centered on Madrid and Toledo. The map is illustrated with decorative catouches and a coat of arms.


1620 - Arragonia et Catalonia

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Nice old color example of the Mercator-Hondius map of Catalonia and Aragon. Includes a sea monster, sailing ship, and two decorative cartouches.


1627 - Hispania Nova et Exacta Descriptio

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Scarce map of Spain & Portugal, published in Frankfurt by David Custodis (Custos). The map is scarce on the market. This is the first example we have offered in more than 20 years.


1631 - Typus Hispaniae ab Hesselo Gerardo dilieata . . . M.DC.XXXI

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Nice example of Hondius' map of Spain, first issued in 1631. This map replaced the prior Mercator-Hondius map, which was first issued about 1606. The map includes 4 sailing ships, a compass rose, decorative cartouche and ornate coat of arms.