Antique rare maps of Turkey


1497 - [Facsimile - 15th Century Portolan Sea Chart] Portolan des Iehuda ben Zara

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Impressive modern facsimile of the Iehuda Ben Zara portolan of the Mediterranean from 1497. The beautiful chart extends from the British Isles in the northwest to the Red Sea in the southeast and depicts all of the Mediterranean with the exception of...


1651 - A New Mappe Of The Romane Empire . . . 1626

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First Edition of Speed's Map of the Roman Empire Striking example of Speed's map of the Roman Empire. The map focuses on the Mediterranean and the regions dominated by Rome at the height of its empire. Includes views of Rome, Venice, Genua,...


1660 - Tabula Geographica Locorum ubi habita sunt concilia tam Generalia quam Provincialia, Synodi, &c. . . . 1660

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Finely colored example of Du Val's map of Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Du Val's religious-historical map of Europe extends to include northern Africa and a portion of the Middle East. Locations of general and provincial councils and...


1746 - Nouvelle Carte de la Mer Mediterranee Juscques au Cap S. Vincent et Cap Cantin

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Rare 2 sheet chart of the Mediterranean, published by Francois Olivier in Toulon in 1746. One of the most advanced sea charts of the period, which was produced as a working chart and for which there are very few surviving examples. To the upper right...


1769 - Theatre de la Guerre entre les Russes, Les Turcs, et Les Polonois. Tire du Cabinet de M. le Marquis de Paulmy Ministre d'Etat. Dedie, Presente au Roi . . . 1769

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Fine old color example of this rare map illustrating the Theater of Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774). The map emphasizes the territories located on the north and west coasts of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea and Crimea, namely Bulgaria, Romania,...


1775 - Carte de la Mer noire & de la Mer d'Azow Levée pendant la dernière guerre en 1773 par Mr. De * * * & dediée a La Majeste Catherine II Imperatrice...

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Imposing French Sea Chart of the Crimea Commemorating the Decisive Russian Victory over the Ottoman Empire. Two-sheet, separately issued engraved sea chart of Crimea, featuring insets of two naval battles during the Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774)....


1795 - European Dominions of the Ottomans or Turkey in Europe . . . 1795

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Large detailed Faden map of the region bounded by Greece and the Ionian Sea, the Ukraine, the Gulf of Venice, Asia Minor and the northern coast of Cyprus. Extremely detailed. The map shows the Ottoman Empire, circa 1720 and includes an ornate...


1828 - Russian Empire [with] Chart of the Communication Between The Archipelago And Black Sea

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Unusual pair of maps of Russia and the water route from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, published in Edinburgh by Thomson. Striking regional map, showing all of Russia, the Arctic Ocean, Northeast Passage, and Chinese Tartary, along with Japan,...


1829 - [Black Sea Map in Russian] Карта Чернаго Моря Составленная и Гравированная въ Гидрографическомъ Депо 1829 Годa. [Map of the Black Sea Compiled and Engraved in the Hydrographic Depot 1829.

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Rare Russian-language chart of the Black Sea, issued by the Hydrographic Depot in St. Petersburg in 1829. The map was published in 1829, in which year the Russians took control of the most of the eastern edge of the Black Sea and the mouth of the...


1538 - Typus Graeciae (with Turkey, Cyprus & Black Sea))

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Rare early modern map Greece, Turkey, the Black Sea and Cyprus, from Solinus' Polyhistor, rerum toto orbe memorabilium thesaurus locupletissimus. Huic ob argumenti similitudinem Pomponii Melae de situ orbis libros tres adiunximus. This fine early map...


1694 - Carte Nouvelle De La Mer Mediterranee ou sont Exactement Remarques tous les Ports, Golfes, Rochers, Banks, de Sable &c . . .

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The Most Lavishly Illustrated Map of the Mediterranean of the 17th Century Covens & Mortier edition of Romeyn De Hooghe map of the Mediterranean, embellished with 38 inset maps and views of the major ports and harbors of the Mediterranean. Fine...


1853 - Teatro de la Guerre Presente Entre Rusos y Turcos. 1828

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Rare separately issued map illustrating the Theater of War between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire, dated 1828 and issued by the Fermin, with a later imprint for the Direccion Hidrographia. Includes a large inset plan of Istanbul.


1862 - Johnson's Austria Turkey in Europe and Greece

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Marvelous map showing Greece, Turkey and a very large Austrian Empire, including all of Hungary, Transylvania, Galitzia, Bohemia, Moravia, etc. Excellent delineation of the Balkans states, at a time when they all had their current names. Plus, a few...


1729 - The North Part of Turky in Europe Slavonia &c.

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Interesting early 18th Century map of Balkans region, at a time when the region was still controlled by Turkey. The map extends from the Black Sea to Slovenia, Croatia and Dalmatia. The map was published by one of London's leading mapmakers, Herman Moll.


1780 - Turquie D'Europe . . . (Large Cyprus)

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Scarce regional map centered on Greece, Turkey, The Balkans and the Black Sea, published in Venice by Francois Santini. One of the most detailed maps of the region published in the mid-18th century.


1814 - Turkey in Europe

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An excellent detailed regional map of the Balkans, Turkey and Greece, showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other items of interest. Hand colored by regions.