Antique rare maps of Belgium


1890 - Cercle du Quartier du Boulevard de la Senne . . . fonde en 1888, Fete du 21 Juillet 1890 . . .

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Decorative certificate, apparently an award to Mr. Van Grunderbeck, for his work in decorating and illuminating a facade for the celebration in July 1890. Based upon my limited research, there was apparently an organized effort to revive this quarter...


1794 - A Chart of the British Channel And The Bay of Biscay, with a Part of the North Sea, and the Entrance of St. George's Channel . . . MCCXCIV

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Striking 2 sheet chart of the English Channel, Bay of Biscaya, etc. The chart includes a number of coastal details, soundings, rhumb lines, etc. In addition, the routes of several historically important voyages are shown.


1558 - Brabantiae Belgarum Provinciae Recens Exactaque Desriptio . . . M D LV III

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Extremely rare example of the first Lafreri School edition of Jacob van Deventer's groundbreaking survey of Brabant, the earliest surviving example of a map based upon a modern trigonometric survey. The present map represents the synergy of fine art...


1689 - The United Provinces of the Netherlands with their Conquests in Flanders, Brabant, Limbourg, and Liege, And the Places they Possessed upon the Rhine; In the Dutchy of Cleve, and in the Arch-Bishoprick and Elector of Colen . . .

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Nice example of William Berry's map of Low Countries, published in London. The map is drawn from Adrien Hubert Jaillot's map of 1674, which has been "corrected and amended" by Berry.


1690 - [Course of the Rhine River] Nova Tractus Totius Rheni Oder Neue beschreibung des Rhein-Strom

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David Funck's Edition of the 1621 Wolfgang Kilian Map of the Rhine Fine old color example of David Funke's rare 2 sheet map of the course of the Rhine River, published in Nuremberg. The map extends from Basel at the far left to Dordrecht and the...


1820 - [Napoleon's Battles in France, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany] No. 1 Frontiere du Nord. Mesny 5.

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Finely executed manuscript map of the Theater of War in Northwestern Europe, illustrating various battles, some with dates. The maps are printed on hand made paper with a large elaborate watermark D & C Blauw, the paper of the iconic Blaeu firm,...


1559 - Exactissima Flandriae Descriptio . . . MDLVIIII

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Rare Lafreri School Map of Flanders By Domenico Zenoi One of the earliest obtainable maps of the Flanders region, first published In Venice in 1559. The map is based upon Gerard Mercator's 4 sheet map of Flanders, first published in 1540. Zenoi...


1572 - (Tienen) Tiena, Brabantiae Opp: ad amnem Geta, unde casei, qui inde nomen habent, magnus proventus, Estque hic templum S. Germani, Canonicorum Collegio, ornatum

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Decorative early views of Tienen in Flemish Brabant. From Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th century.


1572 - [Brugge] Brugae, Flandricarum Urbium Ornamenta

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Fine early birdseye view of the City of Brugge in Belgium. From Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th Century.


1575 - (Philippeville, Mariembourg, Chimay, and Walcourt)

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Fine set of 4 views of the towns of Philippeville, Mariembourg, Chimay, and Walcourt, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum.


1583 - Dess Durchleuchttichsten Ertzhertzogen Mattheis Q. von den Niderlanden außzug.

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Antique engraving of the departure of Archduke Matthew from the Netherlands, 29 October 1581; Archduke Matthew and entourage are depicted embarking on their ships. This is the 1605 edition, with the plate trimmed at the bottom to remove the text,...


1584 - Namurcum Comitatus

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Fine old color example of Ortelius' map of Namur, with compass rose and two cartouches. From Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern Atlas.


1593 - Brabantiae Belgarum provinciae recens exactque descriptio . . .

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Nice example of this scarce map of the Province of Brabant, oriented with west at the top, published in Cologne. The present map was produced by two of the primary Cologne School mapmakers, Johann Bussemacher and Matthias Quad. The Cologne School of...


1604 - [Siege of Oostende] Ostende Wie es itziger zeit gelegen, daeraus zu sehen wie weit die Ertzherzog hinan und hinein geruckt . . .

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Rare map of the Siege of Oostende, Belgium, created in the final year of the Siege of Ostend, published at the conclusion of the Spanish siege of the Ostend. Between 1601 and 1604, the Spanish besieged Ostend. The Dutch, losing 20,000 men during the...


1638 - Antverpia

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A detailed town plan of Antwerp, showing fortified walls, city gates, the inner ring of the city, important public buildings, squares, and more. A key names thirty-two important places in the city. The coat of arms in the upper left shows the symbol of...


1668 - Le Duche de Luxembourg, et Le Comte de Namur . . . 1668

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Scarce map of the Duchy Luxembourg and County of Namur, published in Paris by Pierre Du Val. Includes early manuscript annotation above Thionville, referencing Katenong (Cattenom) and Hunsingen?