Antique rare maps of Luxembourg


1578 - Inferioris Germaniae pars / Tractus Rheni Tertia Tabula

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Flawless example of the first edition of De Jode's highly desirable map Germania Inferioris, from the first edition of De Jode's Speculum Orbis Terrarum. In the second, the title outside to top border was deleted. Covers the whole of the Northern...


1601 - Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris

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Old color example of the Low Countries set in an ornate decorative border, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. Two cherubs hold an ornate banner cartouche aloft, with sailing ships and a sea monster. Koeman...


1608 - Inferioris Germaniae Provinciarum Nova Descriptio

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Fine example of Jan Baptiste Vrients map of the Low Countries and environs, which first appeared in the 1608 edition of Abraham Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map is based upon a wall map of Philip Galle,...


1676 - A New Mape of ye XVII Provinces of Low Germanie, Mended a New in Manie Places. Anno 1626.

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A fine example of John Speed's highly decorative map of the Low Countries. This attractive map embraces all of the 17 traditional provinces of the Netherlands, including the modern nations of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. At the time, the...


1700 - Les Campemens des Armées du Roy de France & Des alliez aux Pays-Bas.

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Published by Chez Pierre Mortier in Amsterdam, circa 1700, this "Theatre de la Guerre" (Theater of War) map showcases the intense battles raging in the Netherlands region between the time of the Franco-Dutch War (1672-1678) and the Spanish War of...


1700 - Les Dix-Sept Provinces Des Pays-Bas distinguees suivant qu'elles sont possedees a present, par Les Roys De France, et D'Espagne, et Les Estats Generaux des Provinces Unies.

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Map of the Seventeen Provinces of the Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg), published in Paris, circa 1700. Includes two additional sheets with an alphabetical index of town names and villages and a Table of the Seventeen Provinces of...


1700 - Les Provinces Des Pays-Bas Catholiques distinguees suiuant qu'elles sont presentement partagees entre Le Roy De France, Le Roy D'Espagne, et les Estats Generaux des Provinces-Vnies.

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A finely detailed map of the Cathlolic Low Countries, published in Amsterdam, circa 1700. The map illustrates the main provinces of the Catholic Low Countries, including Brabant, Limburg, Luxembourg, Gueldre, Flandres, Artois, Hainaut, Namur,...


1748 - Les XVII Provinces des Pays Bas. . .

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Detailed map of the Low Countries, from Le Rouge's scarce Atlas Nouveau Portatif, published in Paris in 1748.


1820 - [Napoleon's Battles in France, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany] No. 1 Frontiere du Nord. Mesny 5.

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Finely executed manuscript map of the Theater of War in Northwestern Europe, illustrating various battles, some with dates. The maps are printed on hand made paper with a large elaborate watermark D & C Blauw, the paper of the iconic Blaeu firm,...


1860 - Nouvelle Carte Illustree des Royaumes de Hollande et de Belgique . . . (Decorative Vignettes)

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Scarce decorative large format map of the Low Countries, including 21 decorative side panel vignettes showing indigenous scenes. Finely engraved by Gerin and illustrated by A. Testard.


1668 - Le Duche de Luxembourg, et Le Comte de Namur . . . 1668

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Scarce map of the Duchy Luxembourg and County of Namur, published in Paris by Pierre Du Val. Includes early manuscript annotation above Thionville, referencing Katenong (Cattenom) and Hunsingen?


1795 - A Map of the Northern Part of France, with The Adjacent Netherlands, and the Course of the Rhine from Upper Alsace to Dusseldorf; to facilitate the Knowledge of the Operations Carried on by The Austrian Armies against The French Conventional Troops

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William Faden's large format map of Northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium and western Germany, showing the Theater of War between the Austrian and French Troops. A number of roads are shown. One of the most detailed English language maps of the region...


1580 - Luxembourg - Lutzenburgum, Ducatus eiusdem Nominis, Vetus et Primaria Urbs ...

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Old hand-color example of this early plan of Luxembourg, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the first major atlas of City Plans and Views, based upon the work of Jacob Van Deventer. The cartouche translates as follows: Luxembourg,...


1592 - Lutzenburgensis Montuosissimi ac Saltuosissimi Ducatus vera et compendiosa descriptio nunquam antehac visa . . . 1589

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Nice example of this scarce map of Luxembourg. The present map was produced by two of the primary Cologne School mapmakers, Johann Bussemacher and Matthias Quad. The Cologne School of cartography, was perhaps the only group of mapmakers competing with...


1601 - Lutzenburgensis Ducatus Veriss Descript.

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Fine old color example of this early map of Luxembourg from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. Large cartouche, smaller cartouche and scale of miles.


1617 - Lutzenburgensis Ducatus Veriss. Descript.

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A fine early map of Luxembourg which appeared in Petrus Kaerius's (Peter Van der Keere) Germaniae Inferior id est, XVII Provinciarum ejus novae et exactae Tabulae Geographicae, first published in Amsterdam in 1617. The map includes a view of the City...