Antique rare maps of Luxembourg


1619 - Trier & Lutzenburg

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Nice old color example of Mercator's detailed map of Trier and Luxembourg.


1730 - Luxembourg, une Fortresse tres-celebre de la Duche de Cette Nom dans Pais-bas . . .

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Fine old color example of Seutter's decorative and highly detailed plan of Luxemburg, with a striking view of the City below. The view below the map shows the city and two military views to the left and right of the main prospect of the City.


1936 - Plan Monumental de la Ville de Luxembourg Édité par Feller Frères Impr. d'Art Luxbg.

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Superb color-printed view of Luxembourg City, with the monuments and landmarks of the city rendered pictorially. The map differentiates between parks, rivers, and built areas with green, orange, and blue, and the visual effect is quite pleasing. This...