Antique rare maps of Switzerland


1645 - Berna | Bern Die Hauptstatt in Nüchtland : ward erbawen durch Berchtoldum den V. Hertzogen zu Zäringen Ao. 1191 und Befreyet von den Keyseren Henrico dem VI. und Friderico dem II. Kam in den Eydgenössichen Bundt Anno 1353

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Fine early view of Bern, Switerlands, on the Aare River, engraved by Joseph Plep for Matthaus Merian the elder. The map shows a detailed treatment of the city, its main bridge and fortified walls at the west end of the town. Decorative cartouche shows...


1648 - Les suisses, les alliés des suisses et leurs sujets... 1648

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Nicolas Sanson's 1648 double-page engraved map of Switzerland. The map extends from Anneci, Aosta, Lago Magiore, Lago Como and Bergamo in the south to Brisgow, Friburg, Lake Constance and Landsburg in the north. Centered on Lucerne.


1667 - Sabaudia Et Burgundiae Comitatus Descriptio

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Striking regional map, centered on Lake Geneva, based upon a map from Abraham Ortelius's Epitome. The map is oriented with East at the top and extends to Basel and Strasbourg in the North, Turin and Grenoble in the south, and Dijon and Lyon in the...


1681 - Helvetia or Swisserland

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Rare map of Switzerland published by Sir Jonas Moore in London. The map appeared in Moore's A New Geography. Many of the plates in the work were engraved by Herman Moll, who had moved to London in 1678 and had not yet begun publishing under his own...


1685 - [Switzerland] Helvetiae Rhaetiae et Valesiae Nova Tabula Geographica M. DC. LXXXV

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Rare map of the Swiss Cantons, published by Johann Caspar Steiner, published in Zug. Steiner was also the author of Germano-Helveto-Sparta, oder, Kurz-deutliche Grund Zeichnung dess alt-teutschen Spartier-Landes, dass ist Schweitzer-Land, published in...


1691 - La Savoye, Dediee au Roy . . .

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An exceptional old color example of this scarce map of the Savoye region, topped by Lake Geneva. The color in this example is truly extraordinary. The map is adorned with a title cartouche decorated with a globe crowned with fleurs de lys and two...


1695 - Stati Di Savoia, Piemonte . . .

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Fine example this striking map of Piemonte and Savoye, from Vincenzo Maria Coronelli's Corso Geographico, published in Venice. The map provides a fantastic image of the topography of the region, naming mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, castles, etc....


1697 - Italiae Gallicae sive Galliae Cispalinae . . .

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Striking and decorative map of Northern Italy and the Alps, embellished by a decorative cartouche.


1700 - Freyburg im Uchtland

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Scarce detailed town plan of Freiburg, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Novissima et Accuratissima Helvetiae, Rhaetiae, Valesiae et Partis Sabaudiae Tabula . . .

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Decorative map of Switzerland, the Lake Geneva area and the areas around Lago Magiore, Lugano and Lago di Como and Bergamo. Includes a decorative title cartouche.


1700 - S: Gallen

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Scarce detailed town plan of St. Gallen and vicinity, published by Bodenehr. Bodenehr did a second view of the City, which is more focused on the town within its fortified walls: /gallery/enlarge/30360


1700 - St. Gallen ist im obern Turgown Zwischen

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Scarce detailed town plan of St. Gallen, published by Bodenehr. Bodenehr did a second view of the City, which shows a broader area: /gallery/detail/30360


1700 - Das-Landt Underwalden

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Decorative map showing the region along the southern part of Lake Lucerne, from Stansstad to Kerns and Sarnen, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - St. Maria Magdalena im Fryburger Gebiet . . . | St. Marie Madeleine au Canto de Frybourg . . .

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Scarce detailed map of St. Mary Madaline's Convent near Freybourg, published by Bodenehr.