Antique rare maps of Switzerland


1700 - Baden in Argow

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Scarce detailed town plan of Baden and vicinity, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Lausanna

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Scarce detailed town plan of Lausanne and vicinity, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Zug

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Scarce detailed town plan and view of Zug and vicinity, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Solothurn

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Scarce detailed town plan of Solothurn and vicinity, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Schafhausen

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Scarce detailed town plan of Schafhausen, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Berna Bern oder Baeren

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Scarce detailed town plan of Bern, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - Genff oder Genev

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Scarce detailed town plan of Geneva, published by Bodenehr.


1700 - La Suisse Divisee en ses Treze Cantons Ses Alliez & Ses Sujets, Par Le Sr. Sanson Geographie du Roy.

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Map of Switzerland with decorative title cartouche at top left. The map is flanked at each side by a total of 24 coats of arms of the Swiss cantons, principal cities, and allies. A panel at the bottom left includes a further nine arms of "Sujets Des...


1700 - Theatre de la Guerre en Savoye et en Piemont -- Le Dauphine, La Bresse Partie du Lionnois et de La Provence

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Rare 6-sheet map of the Savoy and Piemonte region, published by Pierre Mortier in Amsterdam. The map provide a highly detailed treatment of the topography of the region. Lake Geneva at the top center, with Monaco and the Italian Riviera at the bottom...


1704 - Le Cours du Rhin au dessus de Strasbourg et les Pais adjacens . . . 1704

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De L'Isle's map of the Rhine River and neighboring regions, from Strassbourg in the north to the Swiss Alps.


1704 - Glaris

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Antique engraved view of Glarus (Glaris), Switzerland, published by Gabriel Bodenehr in his Europeans Macht und Pracht between 1704 and 1720.


1719 - Carte Des Grisons Et Des Communautez Qui Compsent LeursLigues Les Etats De. St. Gal, Neuchastel, Geneve et Quelques Autres Etats Alliez Des Suisses

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Detailed group of regional maps and town plans of Geneva (ancient and modern), showing battle fortifications. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique, published in 7 volumes.


1719 - Carte Generale Des Differentes Assembles ou Conseils, Des Cantons Suisse, Et L'Order De Leur Gouvernement

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Fascinating series of scenes, illustrating the activities and principal members of the ruling houses of the Swiss Cantons. Remarkable detail. Very decorative. From Chatelain's monumental Atlas Historique.