Antique rare maps of Switzerland


1719 - Carte Ancienne de la Suisse avec des Remarques Abregees sur les Divers Evenemens et Revolutions qui y sont Arrivees, et particulierement celles qui ont donne lieu a leur liberte.

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Attractive double-page engraved map of Switzerland by Henri Chatelain, in his typical style, with the map image in the center and descriptive historical text and imagery surrounding it. Shows the Old Swiss Confederacy, which lasted roughly from the...


1720 - Le Pais de Toggenbourg, desine par Monsr. Jean Jacques Scheurchzer . . .

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Detailed regional map of Toggenbourg in the Kanton of St. Gallen, with two coat of arms and a striking mountain image. Fantastic topographical image.


1720 - Svitia Schweitz

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Detailed antique engraved view of Schwyz, Switzerland, probably published in Bodenehr's Curioses Staats und Kriegs Theatrum. The view faces north over Vierwaldstattersee, with Gersau on the left and Schwyz on the right. The coat of arms of Schwyz is...


1720 - Regia Celsitudinis Sabaudicae Status in quo Ducatus Sabaudiae Principat. Pedemontium ut et Ducatus Montisferrati . . .

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Striking example of Homann's decorative map of the Savoy and Piedmont regions, centered on Torino. The map coverage extends from Grenoble, Geneva, Die and Romans, to Genoa and Milan. Highly detailed, with excellent graphical representation of the...


1721 - A New Map of Savoy and Piedmont From the latest Observations . . .

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Nice example of John Senex's map of Piedmont & Savoy, from his New General Atlas. The map includes an inset plan of Turin and a view of Verrua. Fine dark impression of this scarce map, with an ornate title cartouche. John Senex John Senex...


1730 - Ditionis pagi Scaphusiani, qui confoederatae Helvetiorum reipublicae pars est . . .

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Nice example of Seutter's map of the area around Schffhausen on the Rhein River. One of a series of finely engraved regional maps of Switzerland produced by Seutter. Includes fine details, including towns, roads, rivers, mountains, castles, forests,...


1730 - Nova Totius Helvetiae cum Suis Subditis Ac Sociis . . .

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Striking and highly detailed map of Switzerland, with 8 elaborate vignettes and title cartouche. The vignettes show scenes of various mountains and rivers and other scenes, most notably a flying dragon. Includes the coats of arms of each of the...


1746 - La Savoye . . . 1743

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Detailed map showing the Savoy region of Italy and Switzerland.


1750 - Mappa Geographica illustris Helvetiorum Reipublicae Bernensis cum adjacentibus pagorum et dynastarium confiniis accurate delineata

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Decorative map of the Kanton of Bern and environs, extending to Geneva, Lucerne and Basel. Includes a decorative cartouche and a number of coat of arms within the map.


1750 - [Untitled Map of Part of Switzerland in the area of Canton Berne and Terre de Saint Claude]

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One sheet of a larger map of part of Switzerland, probably covering the region south of the Canton of Berne. The map is centered on Terre De Saint Claude and shows the Bailliages' of Pontarlier, Salins, Quingey, Poligny, Arbois, Gex, Bugy, Saunier and...


1757 - Partie Occidentale De La Lombardie et Pays circonvoisins ou sont les Etats de Savoye, Piemont, Milan, Genes, Plaisance &c. . . . 1750

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Highly detailed map of Northern Italy, Nice region and part of Switzerland, from DeVaugondy's Atlas Universel. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes and a host of other details. Decorative cartouche. De Vaugondy's atlas was one of the most...


1760 - Pagus Helvetia Abbatiscellanus cum Comunitatibus Interioribus et exterioribus ac adjacente Valle Rhenana accurate delineatus per Gabrielem Walserum . . .

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Scarce regional map of Switzerland showing the Cantons south of the Boden See. Includes St. Gallen, Appenzell, Altstatten, Hohen and Hochst on the Rhine River.


1782 - Nouveau Plan de Geneve Avec ses Nouvelles rues el augementations Dedie aux tres Honores tres Magnifiques Seigneurs Le Conseil et Sindic de La Republique . . . .

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Beautifully engraved plan of Geneva, Switzerland, published in 1782 in Paris. The map is exceptionally detailed, with emphasis on the fortification of Geneva, including extensive military information along the river. Insets include: "Plan of...


1794 - Switzerland Divided into Thirteen Cantons With Their Subjects & Their Allies by Samuel Dunn

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Detailed double-page engraved map of Switzerland, divided into Cantons, etc.


1799 - Nouvelle Carte de la Suisse dans laquelle sont Exactement Distingues les Treize Cantons ... Londre Chez W. Faden Charing Cross 1799

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Scarce large format map of Switzerland and Northern Italy. The map is a remarkable depiction of the topography of the region, reminiscent of the work of Cantelli and Rossi at the end of the 17th Century. The map reflects the art of map printing at...