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1620 - Globus Terrestris a Jodoco hondio de Integro Reuisus & Emendatus Amsterdam.

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One of Two Known Examples. Shows the Lost First Captain John Smith Mapping of Virginia. Exceptionally rare engraved globe gores prepared by Jodocus Hondius II, sometime shortly after the discovery of the Le Maire Strait in 1618. These gores correspond...


1648 - [Terrestial & Celestial Globes] Nobilissimis, Amplissimis, Consultissimis, Prudentissimisq[ue], viris D. Dominis Societatis Indiarum Occidentalium Curatoribus suos hosce Coelestem Terrestremeque Globos Joannes Janssonius Humillimus Cliens L.M.Q. dat, di

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Fantastic Matching Set of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Globes, Including Captain John Smith's Lost Earliest Mapping of Virginia. Exceptional matching pair of 17-inch (44 cm) globes by the famed mapmakers Johannes Janssonius and Jodocus Hondius II,...