British Columbia

Antique rare maps of British Columbia


1863 - (Nothern Half) [Bancroft's Map of the Pacific States]

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Previously Unkown 1863-64 Second State. "Bancroft's, in scope, was probably the most important map yet produced by a publisher of the Pacific coast." - Streeter (TMW 1061) Two northern sheets of an engraved proof of the previously-unknown 1863 second...


1867 - (Notherneastern Sheet) [Bancroft's Map of the Pacific States]

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Engraved Proof Sheet. "Bancroft's, in scope, was probably the most important map yet produced by a publisher of the Pacific coast." - Streeter (TMW 1061) Engraved proof of the 1867 edition of H.H. Bancroft's Map of the Pacific States. The detail in...


1882 - Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia Surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards, H.M.S. Plumper, 1858-9... additions to 1899

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Excellent British Admiralty chart of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, focusing on the San Juan Islands, and also showing Victoria and Vancouver B.C. The chart was originally published in 1882 and was updated numerous times to 1924. Despite the fact that...


1920 - Thomas Bros. Map of Vancouver Washington

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Detailed early map of Vancouver. Nice plan of the city including streets, major buildings, railroad lines, etc. Highway map of the state of Washington on the verso.


1925 - Victoria and Island Touring Map

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Rare promotional map, showing the roads and cruise ship lines in and around the Vancouver Island area. Promotional advertising on the verso.


1799 - [Prince Frederick Sound, Ketchickan, Queen Charlotte's Island & Stitka] Cote Nord-Ouest De L'Amerique Reconnue par Cape. Vancouver IVe. Partie . . .

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Highly detailed regional map of Alaska showing the region from Prince Frederick Sound in the North to Queen Charlotte's Island and the contiguous Pacific Coast of Canada in the south, and including Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, etc. The chart is one of...


1897 - Map of the West Division of Kootenay District and a portion of Lillooet, Yale & East Kootenay, B. C. Compiled by Direction of The Honourable G.B. Martin Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works . . . 1897 (with) Map of the Klondyke, Cassiar, Omineca and Ca

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British Columbia's Progress Illustrated Graphically (and a Great Map of the West Kootenay District) Fine large Canadian government publication, illustrating the West Kootenay Mining District on the front side of the map and the Klondyke, Cassiar,...


1897 - Map of the Gold Fields of Western Canada Shewing Lines of Travel & Hudson's Bay Company's Posts en route . . .

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Hudson's Bay Company Guide & Map To The Klondike Gold Fields -- Rare Winnipeg Imprint Rare Hudson's Bay Trading Company map of the the Klondike and Yukon Gold Regions, illustrating the Canadian Routes to the Gold regions from Winnipeg and...


1898 - To The Klondike and Alaska Gold Fields

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Rare promotional pamphlet showing the routes to the Klondike, published by the Alaska Commercial Company. Three maps includes: General Map of Alaska Showing Routes of Alaska Commercial Company's Ocean Steamers Klondike River and Surrounding Gold...


1865 - South Side of Vancouver I. Constance Cove (Esquimault Harbour) Surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards and the Officers of the H.M.S. Plumper 1858 . . .

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Surveyed For The New Headquarters of the British Navy's Pacific Fleet Rare British Admiralty Chart of Constance Cove, Esquimalt Harbour, home to the British Royal Navy's Pacific Fleet beginning in 1865 and thereafter the Canadian Royal Navy. This is...


1868 - [Vancouver] Fraser River and Burrard Inlet

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Attractive Chart Showing a Nascent City of Vancouver This is a navigational chart of the area around the Burrard Inlet on the Salish sea. The map extends inland along the Fraser River inland to Pitt Lake. Navigational detail on the map is extensive,...


1883 - British Columbia

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Highly detailed large format map of British Columbia from an early edition of Rand McNally's Indexed Atlas of the World. Exceptional detail. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, elevations, points, inlets, bays and many other details.


1906 - Map of the South-Western Part of British Columbia Compiled and Drawn By Direction of the Honorable R.F. Green, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works Victoria, B.C. 1906

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With Annotations By An Early Logging Concern? Important early Map of Southwestern British Columbia, published by the Department of Lands and Works. The map which depicts the relative locations of various Land Districts and Divisions in south-west...


1907 - Map Showing Blocks Included in British Columbia Southern Railway Land Grant and portion of Columbia and Kootenay Railway Land Grant British Columbia . . . 1907

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A very rare map with great importance to the historical development of the Kootenay Region of British Columbia. This map embraces the southeastern portion of British Columbia as far westward as Kootenay Lake, and charts the route of the British...


1915 - Sketch Map Northwest Cariboo District British Columbia. August 24, 1915.

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Detailed map of the Northwest Cariboo District, in British Columbia, drawn on a scale of 3 Miles = 1 inch. The legend shows main roads, old and second class roads and trails. The map focuses on the region between the Fraser River to the west and...


1923 - British Columbia . . . 1923

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With an Index of Post Offices for British Columbia Highly detailed map of British Columbia, published by the Department of Lands, Land Records Division. An elaborate set of distance tables are shown at the left, noting distances along the coast,...