Eastern Canada

Antique rare maps of Eastern Canada


1755 - Carte Reduite des Cotes de l'Acadie de l'Isle Royale et de la Partie Meridionale de l'Isle de Terre Neuve ... 1751

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Large engraved mapsheet, comprising six inset maps related to the coast of Acadia and Ile Royale, published by Depot de la Marine in the mid-1750s. The maps are all credited to Mr. le Marquis de Chambert Capitaine des Vaisseaux.


1757 - Carte Du Cours Du Fleuve De St. Laurent Depuis son Embouchere jusqu'au dessus de Quebec. . . 1757

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Detailed regional map of Canada, extending from Anticosti Island to just west of Quebec, centered on the St. Laurence River. Includes a decorative title cartouche.


1758 - Grund Riss der Americanischen Insuln Cape Breton, St. Jean und Anticosti im Flusse S. Laurencii.

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French & Indian War Map of NE Canada Detailed map of Northeastern Canada, including the eastern part of Nova Scotia, namely Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands, published by Raspe in Nuremberg. The map includes an inset map of Anticosti Island...


1763 - Carte De L'Isle Saint Pierre Dressee au Depost des Cartes et Plans de la Marine . . . Par Ordre de M. Le Duc de Choiseul . . . M DCCLXIII

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Detailed sea chart of Saint Pierre, one of the small islands in the Grand Banks retained by France under the Treaty of 1783. The chart was produced by the Depot de la Marine toward the end of the Seven Years War (French & Indian War) . Following...


1763 - Carte Des Isles De Saint Pierre et Miquelon Levee par Ordre de M. Le Duc de Choiseul . . . 1763

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Detailed sea chart of the islands retained by France under the Treaty of 1783. The chart was produced by the Depot de la Marine toward the end of the Seven Years War (French & Indian War). Following the conclusion of the Seven Years' War, the...


1764 - Plan des Hafens und Festung Louisbourg auf der Insul Cap Breton

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Scarce French & Indian War Plan of the area around Louisbourg, from Raspe's Schauplatz des Gegenwaertigen Kriegs . . . Shows fortifications, batteries, Cannon, and other details. A rare French and Indian War Battle plan.


1775 - ( Prince Edward Island ) A Map of the Island of St. John In the Gulf of St. Laurence Divided Into Counties & Parishes And the Lots as granted by Government, to which is added The Soundings round the Coast & Harbours Improved from the late Survey of Capta

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Important early map of St. Johns Island, published by Thomas Jefferys in the American Atlas. The map provides a finely detailed treatment of the island and environs, including a list of 67 lots and the proprietors of each lot, including Samuel Holland...


1775 - A Chart of the Banks of Newfoundland Drawn from a Great Number of Hydrographical Surveys, Chiefly from those of Chabert, Cook and Fleurieu, Corrected and Ascertained Astronomical Observations. . . 1775

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Detailed map of Newfoundland the Grand Banks, published in Jeffery's American Atlas. The map includes three ship illustrations representing the voyages of Chabert, Cook and Fleurieu, inset of astronomical observations on which the chart is based, as...


1775 - A Chart of the Gulf of St. Laurence, Composed From A Great Number of Actual Surveys and other Materials, Regulated by Astronomical Observations

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Fine example of Sayer and Bennett's chart of the Gulf of St. Laurence, based on the surveys by James Cook and Michael Lane. At the conclusion of the French and Indian War, the British needed accurate charts of the territories that had been awarded to...


1778 - La Baja D'Hudson Terra Di Labrador e Groenlandia Con Le Isole Adiacenti . . . 1778

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Striking map of Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, part of Greenland, Labrador and Northern Canada. Marvelous detail on the islands and coastlines, known and unknown. Issued as part of Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, one of the last great decorative atlases.


1778 - Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton . . . 1778

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Gorgeous separate map of Newfoundland and Cape Breton Island, along with neighboring Islands, including St. Pierre Michelon. Antonio Zatta was a leading European cartographer and publisher, and his Atlante Novissimo was one of the most beautifully...


1779 - Plan de la Ville et du Port de Louisbourg Leve en 1756 Suivant l'Original conserve au Depot General des Cartes Plans et Journeaux de la Marine. . . 1779

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Plan of Louisbourg in 1779 Detailed plan of the town and port of Louisbourg, oriented with west at the top, made by order of the French Depot de la Marine, during the American Revolution. The plan was originally made 2 years prior to the Siege of...


1789 - Plan De Louisbourg... [French & Indian War Battle Plan--Louisbourg]

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Rare French & Indian War Battle Plan, showing the fortifications and battles fought at Louisbourg. The key at the bottom of the battle plan explains the various places on the plan. The plans were issued in Les plans de la guerre de sept ans...


1794 - The River St. Lawrence, accurately drawn from D'Anville's Map Published under the patronage of The Duke of Orleans.

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A rare English map of the St. Lawrence River, extending from Lake Ontario and Thousand Islands to just north of Quebec and Orleans Island. The chart shows channels, islands, shoals, waterfalls, rocks, and rapids in the river. Also shows towns, forts...


1797 - British Colonies in North America

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Includes a Reference to New Denmark. This map purports to show the extent of British colonial power in North America, which at present was limited to eastern Canada. The map extends from "New Greenland" to the upper Mississippi. Curious details and...


1800 - Charte der neuen Niedelassungen in Ober Canada nach der Smythschen Charte reduvirt van I.C.M.R. 1800

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Rare Weimar edition of David William Smyth's map of Ontario. David William Smyth was the province's surveyor general of Canada, who produced A Map of the Province of Upper Canada, describing all the new settlements, townships &c. (London: William...