Eastern Canada

Antique rare maps of Eastern Canada


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 36 Partie Du Bas Canada [Gulf of St. Lawrence, Isle de Anticosti, District De Gaspe]

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Remarkably detailed map of the mouth of the St. Lawrence, District of Gaspe, Gulf of St. Lawrence Isle de Anticosti and west coast of Newfoundland. Includes coastal soundings. An amazing work and a must for regional collectors. Perhaps the most...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique Des Possessions Anglaises

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Scarce map of Canada, from JA. Buchon's fine American Atlas, published in Paris. Includes detailed descriptive text surrounding the map.


1838 - A Map of the Province of Upper Canada, describing all the New Settlements, Townships, &c. with the Countries Adjacent, From Quebec to Lake Huron. Compiled from the Original Documents in the Surveyor Genera's Office . . . 1838.

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Highly detailed map of the Province of Upper Canada, originally published by David William Smyth and periodically revised over time. Fine map of Upper Canada, showing detailed information on the counties, districts, townships, transportation systems,...


1839 - The Presentation of a Newly Elected Chief of the Huron Tribe, Canada

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One of the Best Canadian Lithographs. Separately issued hand-colored lithograph of the newly-elected Chief of the Huron Tribe, by H.D. Thielcke. Lithographed by James Henry Lynch, Day & Haghe, Lithographers to the Queen. This superbly composed...


1857 - Quebec (and) Montreal

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A rare map of Quebec and Montreal, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. The map shows the layout of the two cities including streets, neighborhoods, and other major features. Both cities are mapped on a large scale, showing towns...


1857 - Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton & Prince Edward Is.

  • $14.99

A rare antique map of eastern Canada from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States, one of the most attractive American atlases of the 19th century. This atlas was an unusual collaboration between an American, Englishman, and Scot. The map is...


1703 - [Battle of Placentia]

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Lahontan's Account of the Battle of Placentia Nice example of Baron Lahontan's illustration of the Battle of Placentia (September 1692), which was fought between the English and the French at Fort St. Louis (Castle Hill) in Placentia, Newfoundland...


1704 - [Encampment of De La Barre on Lac Frontenac]

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Important Early French Fur Trading Post. Interesting engraving depicting the Encampment of Joseph-Antoine le Fèbvre de La Barre. La Barre (1622-1688) was the Governor of New France from 1682 to 1685. Having replaced the frustrated Comte de...


1749 - (Cape Breton Island) Isle Royale . . . 1749

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Detailed map of Isle Royale (Cape Breton Island) and contiguous regions, from De Vaugondy's Atlas Portatif.


1749 - Isle de Terre-Neuve . . . 1749

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Detailed map of the island of Newfoundland, from De Vaugondy's Atlas Portatif.


1750 - A New and Correct Chart of the North Part of America from New Found Land to Hudson's Bay. Sold By W. & I. Mount & T. Page on Tower Hill London.

  • $14.99

A Fine Mount & Page edition of John Thornton's important sea chart of Hudson's Bay and Eastern Canada. This fascinating sea chart embraces all of eastern Canada, from the southern part of Baffin Island down to include the Canadian Maritimes,...


1750 - A Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of Halifax.

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Popular engraved map of Halifax featuring a remarkable depiction of a porcupine in the lower right of the image. This map, which was published in the Gentleman's Magazine in 1750, has long been sought after by collectors for its curious natural...


1759 - An Authentic Plan of the River St. Laurence from Sillery, to the Falls of Montmorenci, witth the Operations of the Siege of Quebec under the Command of Vice-Adml. Saunders & Major Genl. Wolfe down to the 5 Sepr. 1759 Drawn by a Captain in his Majesties Ar

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Battle Plan of the Siege of Quebec Striking example of the first State of Jefferys' map of the siege of Quebec of 1759, widely considered to be the most important single printed military map in Canadian history. Drawn by an officer of the Royal Navy,...


1791 - The Island of Newfoundland, Laid Down From Surveys Taken By Order of The Right Honorable Lands Commissioners of Admiralty, By Lieut. Michael Lane Principal Surveyor of said Island. 1790.

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Rare separately issued chart of Newfoundland, published in London by William Faden in 1791. Faden's chart covers the entire island of Newfoundland along with a portion of the coast of Labrador bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There is fine detail...


1796 - Map of the City of Quebec

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Rare Revolutionary War battle plan of Quebec City, from Charles Smith's Monthly Military Repository, the first map of Quebec printed in the United States. This rare engraving from Charles Smith's Monthly Military Repository is the first detailed plan...


1836 - Upper Canada

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Interesting map of Upper Canada by David Burr, from his New Universal Atlas. Names Toronto on Lake Ontario, and, in the far west, Detroit. The internal districts are named and colored individually.