Eastern Canada

Antique rare maps of Eastern Canada


1836 - Lower Canada

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Interesting map of Lower Canada by David Burr, from his New Universal Atlas. The map is centered on the St. Lawrence River. The internal districts are named and colored individually.


1836 - Newfoundland Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

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Detailed map of Northeastern Canada, published by David Burr.


1875 - City of Toronto Reduced by permission from Wadsworth & Unwin's Large Map . . . 1875

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Detailed map of Toronto, colored by Wards, from Tackabury's Atlas of the Dominion. Locates a number wharfs, buildings, railroad lines and other details. Toronto was originally named York, changing its name in 1834. The map shows Toronto during a...


1876 - City of Montreal and Suburbs

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Scarce lithographed map of Montreal, probably from Tackabury's Atlas of the Dominion of Canada (1876). Hand-colored by wards. Many important public buildings are outlined and labeled. The topography of Mount Royal is rendered with hachuring.


1899 - North-Western Part of Ontario

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Detailed railroad map, showing counties, railroad lines, towns, rivers, township surveys, lakes, mountains, creeks, waterfalls, and a host of other information. Focuses on the northern Great Lakes, specifically Lake Superior, and shows Ontario north...