Antique rare maps of Canada


1775 - A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island with the adjacent parts of New England and Canada, Compiled from a great number of actual Surveys; and other materials Regulated by many new Astronomical Observations of the Longitude as well as Latitude; .

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Highly detailed map of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and contiguous regions, published in London by Thomas Jefferys in his landmark work, The American Atlas. Jefferys American Atlas, first published in 1775, would become the definitive reference...


1776 - A General Map of the Northern British Colonies in America. Which comprehends the province of Quebec, the government of Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, New-England and New-York. . . 1776

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A scarce "Holster Atlas" edition of Sayer and Bennett's highly important map of New England and eastern Canada at the start of the American Revolution. This edition of the map was prepared specifically for the American Military Pocket Atlas, an atlas...


1776 - The Provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania and the Province of Quebec. Drawn By Major Holland, Surveyor General, of the Northern District of America. Corrected and Improved, from the Original Materials, By Govern. Pownall, Member

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Rare Final State of Samuel Holland's Map of New York, Vermont, New Jersey, etc. Nice example of this important colonial map of the Hudson River and its tributaries, including the Mohawk, and also with New Jersey and the upper course of the St....


1777 - A Map of the Coast of New England from Staten Island to the Island of Breton, as it was actually Surveyed by Captain Cyprian Southack

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Navigating The Northeastern Seaboard Detailed coastal chart of the Northeastern part of the United States and part of Canada, reduced from Cyprian Southack's seminal 8 sheet chart that made up The New England Coasting Pilot, one of New England's...


1777 - A Map of the Provinces of New-York and New-Jersey, with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province of Québec . . . 1777

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German edition of Sauthier's important map of the Provinces of New York and New Jersey, published at the outset of the American Revolution. A highly detailed extending from Delaware Bay, New Jersey in the South to New York-Canada border, and including...


1781 - (French & Indian War Theater Map) Carte des Frontieres Francoises, et Angloises dens le Canda depuis Montreal jusques au Fort du Quesne.

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Rare French & Indian War era map of the region between Montreal and Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh), including all of New York and New Jersey, and most of Pennsylvania. It exhibits a portion of the Theater of War, from Pierre Pouchot's Memoires sur le...


1785 - Kaart Van Het Eiland Terre-Neuve, Van Nieuw Schotland, het Eiland S. Jan en het Oostelyhk Gedeelte van Kanada.

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Rare map of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, northeastern Canada and New England, published by Bachiene in Amsterdam. The map appeared in Bachiene's rare Atlas tot Opheldering der Hedendaagsche Historie ....


1785 - A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain, with the Adjacent Parts of New England and Canada, From The Latest Authorities

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Scarce map of New England and Nova Scotia, published in London. The map is centered on the Provinces of Maine and provides a fine detailed treatment of the region at the conclusion of the American Revolution. The treatment of Lake Champlain is quite...


1789 - Plan Du Fort Carillon . . . 1758 [French & Indian War Battle Plan--Fort Carillon/Ticonderoga]

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Rare French & Indian War Battle Plan, showing the fortifications and battles fought at Fort Carillon between Lake Champlain and Lake George. The map shows the English Assault on Fort Carillon under the direction of General James Abercromby. The...


1794 - A Chart of the Coast of America From Wood Island to Good Harbour From Holland's Survey

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Important 2 sheet map of the coast of Maine, the second large format map of the region published in America. The map is exceptionally detailed for the period, with a wonderful primitive engraving style indicative of 18th Century American printing....


1794 - A New and Correct Map of the British Colonies in North America Comprehending Eastern Canada with the Adjacent States of New England, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey . . . 1794

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18th Century British Map of the Northern United States A nice example of Laurie & Whittle's map of Canada and the Northeastern United States, extending from Hudson and James Bays to Newfoundland and the Grand Bank, and to Delaware Bay, the Upper...


1798 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale Des Etats Unis, comprenant Le Canada, La Nouvelle Ecosse, New Hampshire, Massachuset's Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, avec partie de Pensilvanie et New-Jersey

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Finely detailed map of the Northeast extending from Philadelphia up the coast to Ile d'Anticosti and the mouth of the St. Laurence, published in Paris, shortly after the French Revolution. Extends inland to show part of Lake Ontario with fine detail...


1807 - A New Geographical and Nautical Chart of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence with considerable improvements comprehending the Provinces of Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Part of Nova Scotia the Islands of Prince Edward, Cape Breton the Magdalenes, Anticosti &c.

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The Best Printed Survey of the St. Lawrence River To Date. Only Two Other Examples Traced, With None in Canada. Rare wall-map of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the River St. Lawrence, in six sheets, drawn by famed British Colonial Surveyor, Astronomer...


1816 - Northern Section of the United States including Canada &c. by John Melish 1816

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Rare map of the Northeastern United States, which first appeared in John Melish's Traveller's Directory… published in Philadelphia. This Northern Sheet, previously titled Map of the Seat of War…extends from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, New...


1838 - Extract from a Map of the British and French Dominions in North America by Jno. Mitchell.

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Scarce Map of Maine & Contiguous Regions Showing the Boundary Dispute Ultimately Settled By The Webster-Ashburton Treaty of August 9, 1842. A scarce map depicting the Maine-Canada boundary dispute. This fascinating map depicts the Canada-U.S....


1839 - Carta Esferica de las Costas Orientales de la America Setentrional que Comprehende desde Nueva York hasta el Golfo y Rio S. Lorenzo con Parte de la Isla de Terranova Construida en la Direccion Hydrographica . . . 1828

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Scarce coastal chart of the region from Long Island to Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence. Extremely detailed. Spanish Sea Charts of this region in the mid-19th Century are quite scarce on the market.