Antique rare maps of Canada


1908 - Birdseye View of Puget Sound Country and Vicinity

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A Puget Sound Navigation Company Promotional View Detailed antique bird's eye view of Puget Sound, the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island, including the major cities of the region, such as Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Olympia,...


1920 - Thomas Bros. Map of Vancouver Washington

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Detailed early map of Vancouver. Nice plan of the city including streets, major buildings, railroad lines, etc. Highway map of the state of Washington on the verso.


1925 - Victoria and Island Touring Map

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Rare promotional map, showing the roads and cruise ship lines in and around the Vancouver Island area. Promotional advertising on the verso.


1752 - Carte Des Nouvelles Decouvertes Au Nord de la Mer de Sud, Tant a l'Est de la Siberie et du Kamtchatcka, Qu'a l'Ouest de la Nouvelle France, Dressee sur les Memoires . . . 1750

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A Cartographic Landmark - The Most Complete Map of the North Pacific to Date and the Beginning of the Scientific Debate of the Sea of the West and Northwest Passage This is a fine example of a first edition of the landmark De L'Isle-Buache map of the...


1765 - A New Map of the North East Coast of Asia, and North West Coast of America, with the late Russian Discoveries.

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Interesting map of the Northern Pacific, showing the tracks of Captains Behring and Tschirkows Voyages of Exploration on the St. Peter and St. Paul, from Kamtschatka to the NW Coast of America and into the North East Passage, from 1728 to 1741. Vitus...


1766 - Carte Reduite De L'Ocean Septentrional compris entre l'Asie et l'Amerique Suivant les Decouvertes qui ont ete faites par les Russes . . . 1766

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An Important Early Navigational Chart Which Shows Alaska This is a foundational chart of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the northeastern coast of Asia, published in Paris. The Port of San Francisco is named, three years before the supposed...


1770 - A Map of the Icy Sea in which the several Communications with the Land Waters and other new Discoveries are exhibited [Sea of the West]

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An interesting map on a north hemispheric projection, showing the regions then actively explored by the Russian, French and English. Includes notes on Dutch, Portuguese and English discoveries near the North Pole. The projection is based upon Phillipe...


1770 - A Map of the Icy Sea in which the several Communications with the Land Waters and other new Discoveries are exhibited [Sea of the West]

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An interesting map on a north hemispheric projection, showing the regions then being actively explored by the Russians, French and English. The projection is based upon Phillipe Buache's work from the prior decade and illustrates one view of the...


1772 - Carte Generale Des Decouvertes De L'Amiral De Fonte et autres Navigateurs Espagnols Anglois et Russes pour le recherche du Passage a la Mer du Sud par M. De l'Isle . . . 1752

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A fascinating map of the Northwest Coast, showing De L'Isle's conjectural northwest coast, based upon De Font and Russian Discoverers, including the Bay of the West. The map is part of the great mid-18th Century debate, spurred by the reports of...


1772 - Carte des parties nord et ouest de L'Amerique dressee de apres les relations les plus authentiques . . . 1764. Nouvelle edition . . . en 1772

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A fascinating map of North America, based upon a map by Thomas Engel. Engel's map of North America was issued in his Memoires Observations Geographiques in 1765, and provides a fascinating look at the watercourses across North America, with no less...


1774 - Nouveau Systeme Geographique par lequel on concilie les anciennes connoissances sur les Pays nord-ouest de l'Amerique avec les nouvelles decouvertes des Russes au nord de la Mer du sud. Par Mr. de Vaugondy. 1774.

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Rare Dutch Edition of Didier Robert De Vaugondy's Comparative Cartographic Gem -- The Final De Vaugondy Map In The Greatest Cartographic Debate of the 18th Century Didier Robert De Vaugondy's Nouveau System Geographique . . . represents the final...


1774 - Essai D'Une Carte Polaire Arctique Construite d'apres toutes les connoissances les plus nouvelles pour servir aux Navigations et aux Decourvertes a faire dans la mer Glaciale . . . 1774

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A Cartographic Landmark -- De Vaugondy's Presentation to the French Royal Academy on the Most Practicable Sailing Routes to the Pacific via the North Polar Regions Extremely rare polar map produced to illustrate a presentation made by Didier Robert...


1775 - The Russian Discoveries, from the Map Published by the Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg . . . 1775

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Fine English edition of Muller's map of the Northwest Coast of America and Northeast Coast of Asia, based upon reports from J.N. De L'Isle in St. Petersburg and others. Includes a massive conjectural land mass approximating the Alaskan Archipelago and...


1784 - Chart of the N.W. Coast of America and the N.E. Coast of Asia Explored in the Years 1778 and 1779. Prepared by Lieut. Heny. Roberts under the immediate Inspection of Capt Cook . . . 1784 (The Legendary Lost Chart of Captain James Cook)

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Fine, Famed Map of the North Pacific from Cook’s Third Voyage—First Edition! Rare, first edition of the so-called “lost” chart of Captain James Cook, published in 1784 by William Faden. The map illustrates in great detail the known and...


1784 - Chart of the NW Coast of America and the NE Coast of Asia explored in the Years 1778 & 1779 . . .

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Striking Map of the North Pacific From Cook’s Third Voyage Account Fine example of the map of the Northern Pacific and contiguous coasts of America and Asia, from the official account of Captain James Cook’s third voyage, published in London in...


1788 - Karte von den N.W. Amerikanischen und N.Oe. Asiatischen Kusten, nach den Untersuchungen des Kapit: Cook in…1778 und 1779 entworfen von Heinrich Roberts Lieut: . . . MDCCLXXVIII

  • $14.99

Fine example of this German edition of Cook's explorations along the northwest coast of America and northeast coast of Asia, based upon the original work by Lieutenant Henry Roberts. Excellent detail in the Behring Straits, including extensive notes...