Antique rare maps of Quebec


1761 - Partie du Cours du Fleuve de Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'au Cap aux Oyes [on sheet with] Carte du Cours du Fleuve Saint Laurent depuis Quebec jusqu'a la Mer en Deux Feuilles ... 1761

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French Sea Chart of the Saint Lawrence, published during the French and Indian War. Jacques Nicolas Bellin's 1761 double-page engraved map of the Saint Lawrence east of Isle d'Orleans. The top map is a more focused version of the map on the bottom,...


1776 - Plan of the City and Environs of Quebec with its Siege and Blockade by The Americans from the 8th of December 1775 to the 13th of May 1776

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Fine, Detailed, Separately-Issued Plan of the Siege of Quebec (1775-6) Rare, separately-published plan of the Siege of Quebec, published by William Faden in London. The plan shows a pivotal early moment in the American Revolution and highlights the...


1810 - Quebec and its Environs, with the Operation of the Siege, Drawn from the Survey made by Order of Admiral Saunders

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Detailed plan of the Siege of Quebec, illustrating action during the early days of the Seven Years War (French & Indian War). This fascinating map embraces the environs of Quebec City and illustrates the British victory on the Plains of Abraham in...


1857 - Quebec (and) Montreal

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A rare map of Quebec and Montreal, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. The map shows the layout of the two cities including streets, neighborhoods, and other major features. Both cities are mapped on a large scale, showing towns...


1932 - The City of Quebec with Historical Notes

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Decorative historical map of Quebec, richly adorned by coats of arms and historical facts.


1763 - Piano della Citta di Quebec

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Finely colored plan of the town and fortifications of Quebec. The map illustrates the fortifications, as they existed during the French & Indian War.