Western Canada

Antique rare maps of Western Canada


1898 - To The Klondike and Alaska Gold Fields

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Rare promotional pamphlet showing the routes to the Klondike, published by the Alaska Commercial Company. Three maps includes: General Map of Alaska Showing Routes of Alaska Commercial Company's Ocean Steamers Klondike River and Surrounding Gold...


1901 - Map of Klondike District and Vicinity. . . .

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Detailed map of the Klondike Gold Region, centered on Dawson's and the Klondike River.


1824 - Chart of the Northern Shore of Hudson's Strait, with the Route of His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, in search of a North West Passage under the Command of Captn. W.E. Parry in the Year 1821 . . .

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A nice example of Parry's map of Hudson's Strait, showing a portion of his expedtiion in search for the Northwest Passage. Shows Parry's tracts in marvelous detail, including a day by day account of his route and a number of annotations. After...


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 16. Partie De La Nouvelle Bretagne (Hudson Bay and parts west)

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Large format map of the region the Esquimaux and Chippeway Lands of Canada. Highly detailed, with many rivers, lakes, place names, Indian Tribes, forts, etc. From Vandermaelen's remarkable 6 volume atlas, which if combined as globe gores forms an...


1880 - Engelsche Noordpool-Expeditie 1875-1876

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Detailed map illustrating the British Arctic Expedition of 1875-1876. The British Arctic Expedition of 1875-1876, led by Sir George Strong Nares, was sent by the British Admiralty to attempt to reach the North Pole via Smith Sound. Two ships, HMS...


1882 - Map of Manitoba, Kewaydin, British Columbia and North West Territory. Shewing the Country to be Traversed by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Impressive Canadian Railroad Map Showing the Proposed - But Never Realized - Province of Kewaydin. Color-lithographed antique folding map of Canada west of Ontario, published in Montreal in 1882 by the Dawson Brothers. The map features the Province...


1895 - Map of British Columbia and Part of Western Canada, Showing the Lines of Canadian Pacific Railway

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Rare map of the Canadian Pacific Railway, tracking the route of the lines between Medicine Hat and Dunimore to New Westminster and Vancouver. The map shows the region from Vancouver Island East to the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. Also includes some of...


1897 - Map of Rossland and its Mines Compiled From Surveys and Latest Information By C.H. Ellagottat Provincial Land Surveyor Corrected to March 1st 1897

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Rare early map of Rossland, British Columbia, in the Kootenay District, in the year of the great Rossland Gold Rush. The present map shows Rossland at the beginning of its boom period, during which time it would become one of the largest cities in...


1907 - Map Showing Blocks Included in British Columbia Southern Railway Land Grant and portion of Columbia and Kootenay Railway Land Grant British Columbia . . . 1907

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A very rare map with great importance to the historical development of the Kootenay Region of British Columbia. This map embraces the southeastern portion of British Columbia as far westward as Kootenay Lake, and charts the route of the British...


1929 - [Route of the 1938 Westward Northwest Passage Cover] Map of the Northwest Territories 1929

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Illustrating Canadian Postal History -- A Cover's Travel Through the Northwest Passage in 1939 Fine large format map of the Northwest Territories of Canada, published by the Department of the Interior. The map identifies: Royal Canadian Mounted...


1933 - Northwest Territories Sheet No. 2

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Detailed map of a portion of the Northwest Territories, published by the Department of the Interior in 1932. The map illustrates: Main, Wagon and Winter Roads Falls and Rapids Ranger Cabins Royal Candian Mounted PoliceStations Sea Plane...


1940 - Map of the City of Edmonton Compiled & For Sale By Mundy Map Co. / New Map of the City of Edmonton, Showing Paved and Gravelled Roads and how to find your way

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"Edmonton Possesses The Finest Site of any City in the British Empire" -- Sir John Foster Frazer Fine early plan of Edmonton, published in Edmonton by the Mundy Map Company. The center of town is dominated by a large area noted as "Hudson Bay...


1802 - Carte de la Route d'Alexdre. Mackenzie, du Fort Chipiouyan a la Mer Glaciale, en 1789.

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Exploring the River Which Would Bear His Name Nice example of the French edition of Alexander Mackenzie's route map between Lake Athabasca to the Arctic Sea in 1789. Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to cross the North American continent...


1860 - Karte Von J. Palliser's Expedition zur Erforschung der Rocky Mountains In Britisch-Nord-Amerika, 1858. . . .

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Detailed map of Western Canada illustrating the western part of Captain John Palliser's explorations in Western Canada, based upon Palliser's virtually unobtainable map published about three years earlier. The map shows the disputed boundary claim...


1865 - South Side of Vancouver I. -- Esperanza to Clayoquot Including Nootka Sound Surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards, R.N. . . . 1862 . . .

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Finely detailed sea chart of a portion of the Western Coast of Vancouver Island, published by the British Admiralty. The chart is centered on Nootka Sound and extends north to Atluck Lake and the Fair Harbor area, and south to Vargas Island and...


1878 - Map of British Columbia Compiled from the Map of the Province Recently Prepared under the direction of Hon. J.W. Trutch Lieut. Govr. Of the Province with Additions from the Maps of the Post Office Department

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A historically important map of British Columbia after the province entered the Confederation which shows the proposed routes for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Following the establishment of the Canadian Confederation in 1867, Trutch worked to...