North America

Antique rare maps of North America

Rare and antique old maps of the North America


1646 - Carta particolare del' mare Occeano dal'Isole d'Asores di Flores, e Coruo Sin alla terra nuova in America

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Robert Dudley's Rare Sea Chart of The North Atlantic -- Newfoundland to the Azores Second state of Robert Dudley's fine early sea chart of the North Atlantic, extending from the Grand Banks and Newfoundland to the western Azores, first published in...


1655 - Pascaerte van Brazil en Nieu Nederlandt van Cuorvo en Flores tot de Barbados nu eerst uyt gegeven door Arnold Colom tot

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An important and very rare early Dutch Sea Chart, focusing on Canada, New England, the Eastern Caribbean, Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. This attractive sea chart assumes the perspective of the westward direction facing upwards and embraces the Western...


1704 - A Map of Groenland

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Scarce map centered on Greeland and focusing on the passage in the North Atlantic from Europe to Hudson's Bay. The map shows the location of where Henry (Jens) Munk wintered in 1619-20. Jens Munk was a Danish explorer. On May 9 1619, he undertook a...


1707 - Les Cotes de la Virginie, les Detroits de Forbisher et de Hudson (Shows discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard)

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Detailed map of Northeastern America and the Atlantic, illustrating the route from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, published to illustrate the voyage of Bartholemew Gosnold, who is generally credited with the discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's...


1728 - A New and Correct Chart of the Atlantick Ocean Reduced describing part of the Coasts of Europe Africa and America with their adjacent Islands

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Rare Chart of the Atlantic from an Influential Atlas Scarce early eighteenth-century English sea chart of the East Coast of North America, the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Ocean. The coasts of Europe and North Africa are also shown. The chart is...


1775 - A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia. (Northern Sheets)

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One of the Most Detailed and Important Map of the Americas made by a Scandalous Geographer This is a nice example of the northernmost sheets of 1775 edition of this important six sheet chart of North and South America, originally compiled by John...


1776 - Carte Reduite Des Mers Du Nord Comprise entre le 48e et 72e Degré de Latitude Sept. . . . Par Mr de Verdunn de la Crenne, le Ch. de Borda et Pingré, Divisé et Gravé au burin par Petit. . . 1776

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Late 18th Century Scientific Expedition In the North Atlantic Important mid-18th Century sea chart of the North Atlantic, published by the French Depot de la Marine. Centered on Iceland, the map extends from Labrador, Newfoundland, and Baffin Island...


1794 - Gronland so weit es bekant is mit der Inseln Faeroer

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Scarce map of Greenland, with an inset map of the Faroes. The map is quite detailed, and shows several settlements and a number of coastal features.


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 19 & 20 [Partie du Groenland and Groenland Orientale]

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Highly detailed pair of charts showing the coastal and inland features of Greenland on a highly detailed scale. Vandermaelens' atlas is a landmark in the history of cartography, being the first atlas of the world published on a uniform scale, with the...


1680 - A Map of the North-Pole and the parts Adioining . . . MDCLXXX

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Remarkable Early English Map of the North Polar Regions Fine example of Moses Pitt's original map of the North Pole and surrounding lands. Moses Pitt initially set out to produce an expanded edition of Jansson's Atlas Maior with his partner Jacob Van...


1680 - A map of the north pole and the parts adioining mdclxx pitt

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Remarkable Early English Map of the North Polar Regions Fine example of Moses Pitt's original map of the North Pole and surrounding lands. Moses Pitt initially set out to produce an expanded edition of Jansson's Atlas Maior with his partner Jacob Van...


1660 - Pascaerte van Nova Hispania Peru en Chili . . .

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Rare Golden Age Dutch Sea Chart of the Island of California and Western Pacific Rare Johannes Van Loon sea chart of the Western Pacific. The map appeared in the first edition of Van Loon's Zee Atlas. It derives from Doncker's map of the Western...


1656 - Le Canada ou Nouvelle France &c. Ce qui set les plus advance vers le Septenrion est tier de dives Relations des Anglois, Danois &c. . . . 1656

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The First Map to Name Lake Erie—A Landmark Map for the Cartography of the Great Lakes and Canada Fine example of Sanson’s seminal map of Canada and the Great Lakes, one of the most important maps of North America from the period of French...


1690 - Partie Occidentale du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France ou sont les Nations des Ilinois, de Tracy, les Iroquois, et Plusieurs autres Peuples; avec la Louisiane Nouvellement Decouverte etc. . . .

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The First Printed Map Devoted to The Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Region Nice example of Jean-Baptiste Nolin's landmark map of the Midwest, presenting for the first time on a printed map the evidence of the robust and multi-faceted exploration of...


1705 - Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, La Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline, Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvelle Yorck, l'Isle de Terre Neuve, la Louisiane, et le Cours de la Riviere de Misisipi . . . 1705

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Antique 18th century map of the Eastern United States and Canada, from De Fer's Atlas Curieux. A map which illustrates the extent of French royal control over the North American Continent. Canada, also named Nouvelle France on the map, extends from...


1719 - Carte De La Nouvelle France, ou se voit le cours des Grandes Rivieres de. S. Laurens & de Mississipi . . . Floride . . . Louisiane. . . Virginie . . . Marie-Lande . . . Nouvelle Yorck . . . Nouv. Angleterre . . .

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Fine full color example of Henri Chatelain's map of the inhabited parts of North America, based upon Nicholas De Fer's landmark 4 sheet map published in 1718. At the top left of the map is large scale map of the Mississippi Delta and Mobile Bay, based...