North America

Antique rare maps of North America

Rare and antique old maps of the North America


1755 - The Seat of War in the Middle British Colonies containing Virginia, Maryland . . . / A General Map of the Middle British Colonies In America, containing Virginia, Maryland, The Delaware Counties,…Corrected from Governor Pownall's Late Map 1776

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The scarce "Holster Atlas" edition of Lewis Evans' highly important map of the Middle British Colonies, at the start of the American Revolution. This edition of the map was prepared specifically for the American Military Pocket Atlas, an atlas...


1762 - Nouvelle Espagne, Nouveau Mexique, Isles Antilles

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Antique Map of Texas, Mexico and the American Southwest, Florida and the Caribbean Scarce map of the Southwest, Caribbean and Gulf Coast, from De Vaugondy's Nouvel Atlas Portatif. Includes a marvelous contemporary cartographic representation of the...


1780 - Le Nouveau Mexique, Avec La Partie Septentrionale De L'Ancien, ou De La Nouvelle Espagne

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Fascinating map, showing excellent detail in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Includes a badly misprojected Baja California, as was normally the case with French maps of the period. Missions and settlements shown in the Texas interior. Indian tribes...


1795 - Mexico or New Spain; in which the Motion of Cortes may by traced . . .

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Nice example of the map of Texas, the Southwest, Upper California and Mexico, from Doctor Robertson's History of America. Extends from the Harbor of Sir Francis Drake (San Francisco) and the Farallones to New Orleans in the North and to Guatimala,...


1798 - [California & The Southwest] La Parte Occidentale Dell'Antico, E Nuovo Messico Con Florida E La Bassa Luigiana…. 1798

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Striking full color example of Cassini's map of California, Arizona, New Mexico, part of Texas, Baja California and Mexico. This is perhaps the only 18th Century map of the region to feature a decorative cartouche and vignette. The Rio Grande extends...


1802 - Nouveau Mexique et Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Par Arrowsmith

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The West at the Time of the Louisiana Purchase Detailed map of Mexico and the American West, published in Paris. The map shows the limits of the United States at the Mississippi River, with Louisiana shown to the west, albeit somewhat vaguely. The...


1811 - Carte Generale du Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne depuis le Parallele de 16o jusqua'au Parallele de 58o (Latitude Nord) Dressee sur des observations . . . commencement de l'annee 1804 . . .

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The Most Important Map of the Mexico From The Early 19th Century, By The Father of Modern Geography Nice example of Alexander von Humboldt's monumental 2-sheet map of New Spain. Humboldt's map of New Spain is the first modern geographical treatment...


1814 - Spanish North America

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Large detailed English language map of Texas and the Southwest, published in Edinburgh by Thomson. The map is largely based upon the explorations of Humboldt and Long in the Rocky Mountains and the West. It includes extensive notes along the lower...


1820 - [Provincia de Texas] A Map of Louisiana and Mexico. Carte de la Louisiane et Mexique . . . 1820

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An Early Appearance of the Provincia de Texas Rare separately issued map of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern California, Southern Arizona, Southern New Mexico and parts adjacent, published in Paris by Tardieu. As noted on the map This...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique Et Historique Du Mexique (Province of Texas Shown)

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Mexico Shortly After Independence From Spain Striking example of Buchon's map of Texas, Upper California and Mexico, from the French edition version Carey & Lea's American Atlas. Both Lake Timpanogos and Teguayo are shown, with still a hint of a...


1826 - Partie Septentrionale de la Province du Mexique contenant 5 Colléges 1 Seminaire et plusieurs Missions

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Rare map of Texas, Upper California and Mexico from Louis Denis' Atlas Universel indiquant les établissemens des Jésuites: avec la manière dont ils divisent la terre, suivi desévénemens remarquables de leur histoire. Denis' atlas illustrates the...


1835 - Confederazione Messicana tratta dalle ultime mappa di Huboldt . . . 1835

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The Reorganization of Mexico Under the Seven Laws & The Republic of Texas A scarce Italian edition of Le Sage's map of Mexico, Upper California and Texas, based largely on Alexandre von Humboldt's map of 1812. The map is richly annotated with...


1836 - The United States of Mexico (Republic of Texas)

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Scarce map of Texas, Upper California, Mexico, etc. from the first edition of David Burr's Universal Atlas. While the map bears the copyright date of 1832, this example is published in 1836. One of the earliest American maps to show Texas in its...


1836 - Mexico & Guatemala [Showing pre-Republic of Texas (Coahuila and Texas)]

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Detailed map of Mexico and the Southwest, featuring Texas and Coahuila, on the eve of Texas Independence. The Austins Colony appears prominently in Texas, along with Austin's Grant, Washington, Houston, Goliad and a number of other early settlements....


1838 - Mexico & Guatimala, with the Republic of Texas.

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"Republic of Texas" in the Title of the Map Scarce map of Texas, Mexico, Upper California and contigous parts of the Southeastern US, naming the Republic of Texas. The present map is one of the only obtainable printed maps to name the "Republic of...


1839 - The Coasts of Guatimala and Mexico from Panama to Cape Mendocino with the Principal Harbours in California 1839.

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Rare early map of Mexico and Upper California, focusing on the harbors along the California Coast. Includes some of the earliest harbor plans for: Santa Barbara San Gabriel or San Pedro San Diego San Francisco Monterrey Bodega Bay Rumsey...