Polar Maps

Antique rare maps of Polar Maps


1600 - [Eastern Hemisphere Globe Gores] (Nova et integra universi Orbis descriptio)

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Extremely rare set of 6 globe gores, comprising the Eastern Hemisphere of Johann Oterschaden's rare work. The gores depict the world based upon the cartographic details prevailing in about 1540 to 1550. Among the more noteworthy features of the gores...


1790 - Planisphere Representant Toute L'Etendue Du Monde Dans L'Ordre Qu'on A Suivi Dans Ce Livre

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Fine example of this decorative map of the World on a Cassini projection, published by Jan Elwe. This is the second edition of the map, which was first published by Louis Renard circa 1715. The second edition can be identified by the removal of the...


1596 - Delineatio Omnium Orarum Totius Australis Partis Americae, Dictae Peruvianae, a R. de la Plata, Brasiliam, Pariam, & Castellam . . .

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Rare Contemporary-Colored Example of Linschoten's Map of South America Striking example of this spectacular map of South America, the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf Coast, along with a marvelous treatment of the unknown southern continent. Engraved...


1603 - Maris Pacifici quod vulgo Mar del Zud

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The First Printed Map of the Pacific Ocean Old color example of Ortelius' Maris Pacifici . . . , the first printed map of the Pacific Ocean. Ortelius's Maris Pacifici map was first issued in 1590. The map is based upon Mercator's world map of 1569,...


1606 - [English Edition!] Maris Pacifici quod vulgo Mar del Zud

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Rare English Edition of The First Map of the Pacific Ocean from the First Modern Atlas Fine example of the English Edition of Ortelius' “Maris Pacifici”, the first stand-alone map of the Pacific ever printed. It was featured in Theatrum Orbis...


1785 - Emisfero Australe

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Rare map of the south polar regions, published in Italian, The map shows the Southern Hemisphere prior to the first discoveries in Antarctica, but shortly after the Voyages of Captain James Cook established a more accurately known coastline for New...


1960 - The American Radio Relay League Amateur Radio Map of the World

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Finely executed map of the world, centered on the polar areas on a modified equidistant Azimuthal projection. Shows capital cities and major cities of the world, government radio districts and prefix areas, I.A.R.U. continental sub-divisions, I.T.U....


1628 - (Northern Hemisphere) Alterum Schema Orbis Plano Depingendi

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Unusual Seventeenth-Century Projection of the Northern Hemisphere Highly unusual gore map of the Northern Hemisphere by German minister, mapmaker, and surveyor Daniel Angelocrator, employing a projection apparently of his own invention or adaptation....


1679 - Novissima Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Auctore Nicolao Visscher

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Gorgeous example of Nicholas Visscher's World map, which appeared in his Atlas Minor after 1679. The map is similar to Visscher's World map of 1659 (Shirley 406), only with the Straits of Anian being reduced to cover only 10 degrees. The surrounding...


1679 - Les deux poles arctique ou septentrional, et Antarctique ou meridional, ou description des terres arctiques et antarctiques, et des pays circomvoisins jusques aux 45 degres de latitude . . . 1679

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Sanson's Map of the Poles, the First Dual Polar Projection Fine old color example of this fascinating map of the Polar Regions, extending from the poles to 45 degrees latitude, first published by Sanson in 1657. Sanson is widely considered as the...


1713 - Planisphere Terrestre Suivant les nouvelle Observations des Astronomes Dressee et presente Roy Tres Chretien par Mr. Cassini le Fils . . .

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Fine example of Vander Aa's map of the World, utilizing Casini's important north polar projection. The map is a close copy of the extremely rare Cassini-Nolin map issued in 1696 which was one of the most carefully prepared and scientifically accurate...


1756 - Planisphere Physique ou l'on voit du Pole Septentrional ce que l'on connoit de Terres et de Mers Avec les Grandges Chaines de Montagnes . . . [Bay or Sea of the West]

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Scarce Buache Map of the World's Watersheds, One of the First Thematic Maps Fine example of Buache's watershed map of the world, on a North Polar projection. The map shows how mountain chains affect the flow of water into the various oceans. The map...


1787 - A Map of the World in Three Sections; Describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics In which are traced the Tracts of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook Towards the North and South Poles and the Torrid Zone or Tropical Regions with the New Discoveries in the So

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Three-Part World Map From Hervey's Geography, Showing the Voyages of Cook and Phipps to the Poles This tri-partite world map featured in Hervey's Geography. It shows the world divided in three: the North and South Pole on Polar projections, with a...


1787 - A Map of the World in Three Sections describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics with all the Tracks of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook towards the North and South Poles and the Torrid Zone or Tropical Regions with the New Discoveries in the South Sea.

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Three-Part World Map Showing the Voyages of Cook and Phipps to the Poles The map shows the world divided in three: the North and South Pole on Polar projections, with a cylindrical projection of the tropics at the bottom. The South Pole...


1835 - Northern Hemisphere / Southern Hemisphere

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Interesting early American twin-hemispheric map on a polar projection, published in Boston. Still no part of the Antarctic landmass shown.


1708 - Haemisphaerii Borealis Coeli et Terrae Sphaeri Cascenographia

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Nice example of this finely executed map of the Northern Sky, illustrating the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere superimposed over the Pacific Ocean, first published by Andreas Cellarius in 1660. The map provides a fantastic image of the...